Game that was Promised || Carlsen vs Nakamura || Magnus Carlsen Grand Final (2020)

Publicerades den 16 aug 2020
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Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura
Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals benefiting Kiva (2020),
16.8.2020, GAME 3
English opening (A20)
1. c4 e5 2. g3 Nf6 3. Bg2 d5 4. cxd5 Nxd5 5. Nf3 Nc6 6. O-O Nb6 7. b3 Be6 8. Qc2 Qd7 9. Rd1 O-O-O 10. Nc3 f6 11. d4 exd4 12. Bb2 Bf5 13. Qc1 d3 14. exd3 Bh3 15. Bh1 Bg4 16. d4 Bb4 17. d5 Bxc3 18. Qxc3 Nxd5 19. Qc4 Be6 20. Nd4 Bf7 21. Nxc6 Qxc6 22. Qg4+ Qe6 23. Qxg7 Rhg8 24. Qh6 Qf5 25. Bg2 Kb8 26. Rd4 Rde8 27. Qd2 c6 28. b4 Qh5 29. Re1 Rxe1+ 30. Qxe1 Re8 31. Re4 Rxe4 32. Bxe4 Bg6 33. Bg2 Qf5 34. a3 Qd3 35. h4 Kc7 36. Kh2 Qb1 37. Qd2 Be4 38. Bxf6 Bxg2 39. Kxg2 Kb6 40. Bd4+ Kb5 41. Bxa7 Ka4 42. Bc5 b5 43. Qe2 Kxa3 44. Qe6 Qd3 45. Qxc6 Kb3 46. Qe6 Qc4 47. Qf5 Nxb4 48. Bxb4 Kxb4 49. Qxh7 Qd5+ 50. Kh2 Ka3 51. Qa7+ Kb2 52. Qg7+ Ka2 53. Qg5 Qd3 54. Qc5 Qe2 55. h5 Qb2 56. h6 b4 57. h7 Qf6 58. Kg2 b3 59. Qa7+
The chess24 Legends of Chess is the 4th stage of the $1 million Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour and features Magnus Carlsen and his predecessors as World Champion Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik. It consists of two stages, a 10-player preliminary, where each player plays each other once, followed by a knockout among the top 4. Prelim ties are played as 4-game rapid matches, while knockout ties are the best of 3 such matches. The prize fund is $150,000, with $45,000 for first place, while the winner also qualifies for the $300,000 Grand Final.
The time control is 15 minutes for all moves with a 10-second increment from move 1. The winner of a preliminary tie decided in rapid games gets 3 points. If the score is 2:2 an Armageddon game is played, where White has 5 minutes to Black's 4 but a draw counts as a win for Black. A winner in Armageddon gets 2 match points, while the loser gets 1. The knockout format is the same except before Armageddon there are two 5+3 blitz games. No draw offers are allowed before move 40. Official website:
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  • Why can’t carlsen capture the knight on f4???

  • 8:21 i would go Qxb1 Bxb1, Bxd5 cxd5, Bxf6... Majority on kingside, bishop can protect the queenside pawns, king will take care of the isolated d pawn. Seems winning

  • What if Queen d4 ath min 11:56 ?

  • They are monster chess players

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    • Pontius Pilate to Jesus: “Captures, captures”

  • Thank you so much Tony(hope you don't mind me calling you Tony) for what you do, it brings me so much happiness through your very informative commentary and witty remarks of these games which would otherwise be too boring to watch. Thank you, you are a great person.

  • At start ,cute dog thinking "Hooman again talking alone ..." :)

  • Diabolical!

  • i don't know about the fine.. but this match i was watching Hikaru's stream with gothamchess and Anna Rudolf as the commentators. the way i understood it, Hikaru was having technical issues with his cam, and chess24 asked him to fix. and this was in the middle of the match. Hikaru said he got distracted. and no that wasn't the reason why Hikaru made a forced draw with white. Hikaru won the first game so he thought a draw would be favorable for him, so he drew game 2 as white. then after game 3, that score was tied 1.5 - 1.5. Hikaru thought he had better chances against Magnus if it was a blitz game. so he drew game 4 as well and they proceeded to 2 blitz games. iirc, Anna and Levy asked him afterwards about the draws and Hikaru stood by his decision, saying he still thinks what he did was the correct decision. something like that

  • A citizen is charged a fine for using his own property while online...

  • This man made chess popular again. He is Eric Rosen’s real life hero.

  • CArlsen is a monstedr!

  • At fucking home at least!!!!!! and hurry up with the earphones! don’t wanna miss the HELLO EVERYONE.... gods!

  • 10:05 I guess only Magnus can check without any piece giving an actual check...

    • Magnus Carlsen jokes? The chess version of Chuck Norris jokes :-) Magnus can castle only with his rook? :-)

  • Respect for committing to your channel mid proposal :,)

  • 10:06 Check

  • What is it that you say when you place your light or dark square bishop on the same diagonal as your rook during the openings? I never understood that part.

  • 10:07 "with check" [Morgan Freeman voiceover] "It was not, in fact, with check, but that didn't matter so much, not this time."

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  • Thanks pawn shaker. Yes, you heard me correct. I already warned you to stop shaking the pawns as well as the other pieces. If you refuse to stop, I'll be forced to take more drastic measures!

  • I don't understand why rook g8 makes capuring the knight impossible? 6:00 Seems to be enough defenders.

  • 10:05 the magic check nobody sees... antonio is just too fucking good

  • 10:06 Who's in check

  • Great game by magnus. Again after a tough start bouncing back. Typical Magnus.


  • We need you to cover all games

  • I think vacation for him means showing more matches to us;))

  • Am I the only one who are using this great channel as a podcast sometimes? I can just sit down and play video games while listening to chess being played and commented, on english, with a russian accent! :D

  • whenever I see carlsen vs Nakamura in the title I know carlsen going to win,which is so boring

  • 2:48 It is possible to play Ne5 ?

  • Idk why I always get excited when I hear “completely new game”

  • Too intense

  • 13:12 - previous videos are now outside of SEnewss. Spooky.

  • "It's super super complicated..." Umm.. ok then I'll just g- "SO LETS JUST DIVE INTO IT!!!"

  • Awesome end game play by Carlsen. Great match. Thank you, Agadmator!

  • Love for chess makes you work even at holidays...

  • Queen to e6 with check? Where's the check 🤔? 10:07

  • agad pls pls pls turn back to the previous setup. Because this sucks, the sound is not coming clear enough.

  • The quality of the sound is much worse. Needs more bass?

  • I thought black pieces were a disadvantage. Now agad says theyre better.

  • 10:06 suspicious check

  • I didn't understand why not to capture the knight there..?

  • "A completely new game", Oh, I had that position a couple days ago!

  • please fix your audio (mic) issue.......TIA......

  • Use the yellow color exclusively for the queening square :)

  • That was a smart move by Nakamura to resign after Qa7+. Because after the black king has to move, Carlsen could just play Qa8, followed by the promotion of the h-pawn. And that would give Magnus carlsen a huge win. I may not be a professional chess player like these two, but if I was playing black and I was in that position as well, I would definitely resign as well.

  • 10:07 queen e6 with check?? What’s the idea here

  • 10:07 queen e6 with check?? What’s the idea here

  • 10:07 queen e6 with check?? What’s the idea here

  • 10:07 queen e6 with check?? What’s the idea here

  • 10:07 queen e6 with check?? What’s the idea here

  • 10:07 queen e6 with check?? What’s the idea here

  • 10:07 queen e6 with check?? What’s the idea here

  • Apparently hikaru's Bf7 move was because at the moment his camera started messing up, and he would have been fined for his camera shutting off during the match.

  • The settings of audio compressor need to be fixed

  • Your sound is really low I had to raise my sound to hear you and normally your sound is so good that I have to lower the sound. This is not a critique, just telling you FYI

  • Lol the dog said "hey man, tune down your intro, I'm sleeping here..."

  • At 9:24 , is queen e4 check a good idea? I feel like this move is winning for black but i might be wrong on this, i'm just a beginner. But i does not see how white can answer correctly to this without hanging the bishop

  • 10:07 Queen to e6 with check. Me : Wow, new type of check! Never seen this before!

  • If you are going to beat Magnus your chess needs to be scrupulous. Hikaru's play was a bit spotty. Magnus cleans up.

  • This time it's double... Captures captures captures captures

  • When are the next games

  • Protip: change playback speed to 0.5x so you can actually follow this game.

  • "So once again feel free to-" *Pauses until I find what could be solution* "pause the video" Me: pffft, I already found it, why would I need to pause? It's so obvious.

  • Important moment at 8:47. Stay hydrated bro

  • Captain Agadmator

  • 13:14 Sorry about that

  • At 3:31 the threat was rxd5 then after qxd5, white will take on g4, getting 2 minor pieces for a rook

  • If hikaru was fined 1000 dollars for fixing his camera then Ding Liren must be in debt by now.

    • @Osmotar ᛉ All sporting governing organizations use fines to ensure play is fair. While this specific situation may be a little ridiculous (or not, I don't know the details, perhaps the fine is justified), the point is that it's not horrendous or unusual for a sporting organization to use fines.

    • @Osmotar ᛉ I doubt they actually fine him by the standard definition of fine. They probably take it out of his winnings.

    • I dont understand in the slightest..fined by who..? And why would you commit yourself to such a horrendous entity that throws fines at you like that..?

    • yep

  • you can update the BTC price :)

  • 9:25 KxB Qe4 check isn't winning for black???

  • Why hikaru not capture pawn in d3 with bishop?


  • Where was the check at 10:06?

  • See your videos in the margin ey?

  • 5 min 8 sec...rook d7..qx7..R-d8....n-f4..BXQ...RXR..R-D1 MATE brilliant

  • Nice, vids.

  • Please bring a proper microphone for your holidays in the future 😅

  • Hi there, it seems as the mic sound is coming from the onboard of the laptop rather than the actual mic - can you check your settings?

  • Even on vacation, Meadow is happily keeping Agad company.

    • Chris OLeary *Medo

  • your sound is a little off i know i can make adjustments here but it makes it so much easier if you adjust yours thanx and nice vid btw

  • Medo got "Hello everyone'd" at 0:00

  • The last time I was this early when Carauna was deadly

  • lmao the computer issue is just hikaru making excuses. He made a draw in game 2 and 4. It's definitely his plan to just draw and play blitz.

  • I’m so happy you quenched that thirst with a sip of water

  • 02:40 I think in the commentary by Yasser & Leko + the post-game interview with Magnus, it was said that after 14. ... Bh3 by Naka, Magnus is really in a lot of trouble if Naka went with 15. ... h5 instead of 15. ... Bg4 Magnus said that after 15. ... Bg4, he felt relieved or something along that line...

  • Queen To C2 is actually supposed to a very good and not that "new" move. Evgeny Schtembuliak explained the move on Chess with Sagar Shah.

  • These 15 mts games are giving me gas. It's like eating too much cabbage. I rather watch exciting blitz games or well play classic games. In the middle is mostly garbage.

    • manu 1945 You should rename your YT name to Manure

  • Sips water *nods in approval

  • Thank you for providing high quality videos even from your holidays Antonio. And I just wanted to say that in your holiday videos I noticed a lot more hand gestures than usual - and I like it! It gives you a very lovely touch and the "dry" chess content seems more lively :)

  • I would like to thank "chuuuieebun", " Fbidjndjdifjn".... Thank you guys.

  • so basically this guy only narrates what move they played huh?

  • 0:01 Medo thought that "Hello" was addressed to him :D

  • I miss "Sorry about that"((

  • And it was in this position, that hikaru and nakamura resigned the game

  • 10:05 with check?😂

  • 10:06 "Queen to e6 with check" wow thats totallly a check *claps*

  • Your camera angles were better previously... stick to old style..

  • Can you do a video of the top 5 best chess players in the world right now? Would be really nice to see your opinion on it