Monster and His Knight || Carlsen vs Tari || Altibox Norway Chess (2020)

Publicerades den 15 okt 2020
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Magnus Carlsen vs Aryan Tari
Altibox Norway Chess (2020)
Ruy Lopez, closed defence (C84)
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Be7 6. d3 b5 7. Bb3 d6 8. a4 Bd7 9. c3 Na5 10. Ba2 c5 11. Bg5 O-O 12. Nbd2 Rb8 13. axb5 axb5 14. Re1 b4 15. Nc4 Nxc4 16. Bxc4 bxc3 17. bxc3 Qc7 18. Qc2 Bb5 19. Bxb5 Rxb5 20. Bxf6 Bxf6 21. Nd2 Qc6 22. Qa4 Rfb8 23. Nc4 Be7 24. G3 Qc8 25. Qd1 G6 26. Kg2 Bf8 27. Qf3 Rb3 28. Rec1 Qe6 29. Ra7 R8b7 30. Rxb7 Rxb7 31 . Ra1 h5 - 32. Ra8 Kg7 33. Ne3 Rc7 34. Nd5 Rc8 35. Ra7 Rb8 37. g4 39. Ra8 f6 f5 Rf7 42. Re8 Qxe8 Kg8 Kh8 45. Nf6
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  • What's up with the wrist watch? Can someone please explain?

  • I watched the end of this game. It was nice to recognize it here...that rook move

  • 8:14 It’s ganna be a Knightmare

  • Bumpin Nords....harder PAPPI!!!!!

  • Lovely game

  • 10:37 why didnt magnus trade the rooks then move queen to f6 even if king went f8 mag could have moved e 7 check.

  • Can someone explain bringing a watch to the game part please... I didn't get it.

  • 14:55 My man, future World Champion

  • 12:17 What about Nf6?

  • 1:20 did he take his watch off because he knew things were about to get sweaty, because he didn't want to ruin his watch?

  • I have to study the Kopec System more

  • 10:05 didnt realize magnus underpromoted his queen to a knight before the game

  • brilliant amd welcome back!!

  • Can someone explain the wristwatch issue which Agad mentions at 1:21 ?

  • Along with the wInter... checkmate is coming!

  • Why not rook to g7 a solution. If anyone could help?

  • (13:42) black: friendly fire.

  • Excellent. He’s a bit good, ain’t he ?

  • #suggestion Magnus Carlsen vs Daniil Dubov, Chessable Masters 2020, Round 4, RAPID. Link to the game: Please like this so agadmator will see! :)

  • Guess who's back Back again Tony is back Tell a friend

  • 4:27 when you like saying captures so much that you just throw in an extra one.

  • Stockfish evaluates Magnus' game as PERFECT! - Magnus Carlsen vs Aryan Tari - Altibox Norway Chess

  • Goat

  • 8:11 "Then the Knight can check you here so its going to be a KNIGHTMARE." the class why i frequent this channel.

  • Rooks are connected, they become bros for life ✊

  • We're gonna enjoy your hello everyone no matter what. Always!

  • Magnus strangled Tari

  • Tari is just a filler

  • Beautiful end game from Carlsen

  • Kn f6 isn't better?

  • Can you not block with rook g7 ? What obvious thing am i missing ?

  • I didn't understand, what does it mean to put your wrist watch on the table?

  • Dunno if he realized the (k)nightmare pun

  • Good to have you back bro! :)

  • 8:13 its gonna be a "knightmare"

  • Brutal ending. Even for chess.

  • 8:14 - " It's going to be a Knight-mare." Ha.

  • 4:48 - " They become Bros for life. " Ha.

  • 4:47 'Bros for life' lol

  • 12:46 you have to move the king. Couldn't you go rook g7?

  • 8.20: its gonna be a Knight-mare 😎

  • puluvura

  • Wow, nice photo, I thought the event is going to be like Grenke where the players will face a shield in the middle.

  • 10:07 that's not check. What if I play Bf8 to block the rook? Seems like black holds pretty well here

  • Has anyone counted the number of times Antonio has changed his couch over the years?

  • Instead of moving the Rook to the E8 square. Would Knight to C7 threatening the Queen at C6 been a good move?

  • Love that "hello everyone", when I click one of your video I start saying hello

  • Yes! Classical genius game from magnus OTB chess makes things a lot different

  • Thanks bish.

  • 0:11 haha! bitch! 0:22 Medo is the pitch that I’m used to! Is it a boy!

  • That Magnus dude really is an excellent chess player.

  • I only play against my computer (Chessmaster), and I always love to stake out a knight like this that can't be dislodged unless a rook/queen sacrifices itself.

  • 12:20 Did anyone else spot Ra7 instead? I thought that was the move. If white deflects black rook from the defence of f6 (or pins it), black will have to give his queen for the knight to avoid checkmate.

  • Amazing how this position looked equal until Carlsen decided to god-mode

  • 10:06 this is going to be a check how?

  • it would be a..... knight-mare....

  • Can anyone inform me regarding the wristwatch thing?

  • 8:13 "It's gonna be a (k)nightmare"

  • Magnus doesnt have a beard any more.

  • Great to have you back. Be well.

  • The wrist watch thing.... Are we thinking about the same chess titan?

  • your voice isn't playing the absolute best moves at the moment

  • so your voice is only rated around 1200 at the moment

  • if you ever brought a wristwatch ,your know what means.

  • When will they resume the candidates?

  • I don't understand the wrist watch

  • How these people end with such absurd game ends as if they had planned - and maybe they indeed have - them from the beginning perplexes me.

  • Hey agad, could you show the game 6 of the 5+0 match between Daniel Naroditsky and Tigran L Petrosian? #suggestion

  • You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Hey Antonio, I'm anesthetist and would like to tell you that anesthesia doesn't cause voice change unless there was jugglery during intubation :P

  • Rooks as bro's for life hahaha

  • A monster game by no other than Magnus Carlsen.

  • As a musician I'm saying (IMHO) that your pitch have improved ! :)

  • In this tournament you don't get 2 but 1.5 points for a win in armageddon. The loser still gets 1 point. This means you have to fight to even get half points if you draw.

  • 0:50 I have no more stress with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • 10:05 Qh5 is not check..

  • 8:14 it's gonna be a "Knightmare" 😁

  • Tari played like an idiot

  • How does one score half a point in this format?

  • Qh5 check, the deadliest check is the not-check check 10:07

  • This may be silly, but how is queen to H5 check? 10:08

  • welcome back, we missed you.

  • Why should we believe that it's anaesthesia, what if you are an evil twin 😳? #WhereIsRealAgadmator

  • “The rooks are now connected, they become bros for life” 👍😁

  • 2:05 In this event u actually get 1.5 point for winning armagaedon and 1 for losing it.

  • Good to see you back, but please don't over exert yourself on our account after your surgery. Best wishes.

  • When I heard your "hello everyone", I ran from the room screaming. Just kidding. You are great. Glad to see you back.

  • Agadmator can pronounce anyone's name. That's a superpower.

  • It's funny how I know more about who agadmator is when it comes to chess. Than 99 percent of all the players who have ever played the game. Long time subscriber

  • "The rooks are now connected, they are now bros for life!" Glad to have you back to making videos, keep up the great work. @agadmator

  • 4:47 I love it

  • So you are stoned a little bit, nothing wrong with that! I love being stoned a bit 🤪

  • Can someone explain the wrist watch thing?😔

  • Glad to see that you're doing ok agadmator!

  • I am not one of those who have brought a wrist watch to a chess event, whats the deal?

  • TO anyone asking about the wrist watch thing To prevent cheating through any Electronic Interface ,It is now within the Fide rule . It is quite impossible to go to every player and check whether the watch has any kind of outgoing interface. So they have decided directly that any Watch will lead to forfeiture of the Game

  • Welcome back.

  • Stop answering trolls

  • I never understand why players trade down against one of the best end game player in the World.

  • I used to always take off my wrist watch when I sat down

    • Do you guys see the symbol next to my name? Does anyone know what it means?