Garry Kasparov vs Magnus Carlsen! || Champions Showdown: Chess9LX (2020)

Publicerades den 11 sep 2020
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Garry Kasparov vs Magnus Carlsen
Champions Showdown: Chess9LX (2020)
11.9.2020, Round 2
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Garry Kasparov is back in action tonight in the Champions Showdown: Chess 9LX, where he’ll face Magnus Carlsen in their first competitive game since 13-year-old Magnus took on the legend in Reykjavik in 2004. The 10-player round-robin also features Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja and reigning Chess960 World Champion Wesley So. Two days later the St. Louis Rapid & Blitz begins, with Nepo, Grischuk, Harikrishna and Xiong replacing Kasparov, MVL, Caruana and Svidler.
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  • Why are the starting positions different?

  • Hey Agadmator I know this channel isn’t to much for teaching but I was wondering if you could do chess videos of these games for beginner breakdowns, so average players can learn more

  • 11:03 Why wouldn't king capture rook....?

  • Im confused usually when chess starts the bishops are on the opposite side of eachother why are the pieces positioned like that???? Is it a russian thing idk?

  • The time has come

  • “Kasparov played the.. well, the ugly looking knight to e2” LOL

  • Magnus Carlson seems to have this deep infinite well of knowledge It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen b4

  • could Carlsen be going easy on his senpai? just not to embarrass him xD?

  • Interesting to see how they both made mistakes

  • Captures capture capture then captures captures

  • The GOAT still got it.

  • Why are there two bishops right next to each other on the start?

  • Garry kasparov is "old" and retired without access to advanced stockfish of his time. Focused on politics then came back to play chess and can beat top players of today and even draw against the best player right now. Amazing. Kasparov -G.O.A.T greatest of all time

    • @Mario Alvear one game hikaru and magnus admit their game was been played before but magnus forgot the endgame which is why hikaru won. Analysis by gm simon with stockfish Stockfish says hikaru 99% while magnus 97% accuracy. They all use engines to improve their game even puzzles with stockfish. link match with accuracy 99 and 97%

    • @Mario Alvear i know that is why everyday they play. They mess up in the middlegame or endgame cause the opponent moved different. That is why the hosts say, "they are out of their prep already" but still stockfish helps them learn a lot. Just by playing puzzles guided by stockfish on helps a player grow.

    • @mr. k do you have any idea how many combinations does chess have? If they memorize something it has to be about an opening variation that they're planning to do but that's all, if their opponent does something different it's over.

    • @Mario Alvear it will. Grandmasters can memorize lines. Even aronian can. They call it prep.

    • @mr. k at that level it wouldn't make any difference

  • 07:41 That black pawn formation of Magnus reminds me of the pawn line which Elisabeth Harmon used in "The Queen's Gambit" series, when she played against Vasily Borgov in the last episode. Or at least, it looks similar or maybe I'm wrong.

  • I hope you keep that bitcoin, might make you rich some day.

  • When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object .

    • @Jet Stream oh. Thanks for telling, i just thought it's a nice punch line to sum up the match. No wonder, it has been used already.

    • Somebody said the exact same thing 2 months ago.....I just thought you should know

  • What kind of chess is that? Why the position like that?

  • Gary did tutor Magnus; apparently not well enough to lose to him.

  • why arent chess players it-developers`whould save me a lot a time as QA

  • The words cover half the board. Annoyingly

  • the day you posted the video it was my birthday

  • what the hell on the world promoting to a pig looks like ?

  • I'm sorry i'm new to chess but WHAT KIND OF POSITION IS THIS??

  • what happens if they can't agree to draw, does one of them lose on time eventually? (if they don't repeat positions or stalemate)

    • bashful228 but you can lose om time. However guys like that would not lose on time and just make it a draw by 50 moves without taking any

    • bashful228 Lets put it this way. When player 1 has 3min and player 2 has 10min. The game is really far in the endgame. both players can see it would eventually be draw. Player 1 offers a draw, player 2 Will accept because the game would be draw in the end without time. If player 2 thinks there is an opportunity to checkmate hé Will decline the offer. When the position is a draw and you want to win on time, would be bad sportsmanship.

    • @marty7604 thx, Marty. my point was not about so much about making blunders but pushing hard for time to run out on another player. If player 1 is 3 minutes left and player 2 is 21 seconds left surely Player 1 might push Player 2 to flag fall on the clock? Is that where the respect thing comes in? If it was the deciding game?

    • bashful228 guys like that don’t make blunders in the endgame my friend. And the other thing is respect

    • @marty7604 thanks Marty. So if one player only had a a minute or so left, 50 moves without a blunder is going to be hard. Why would a player with more time not force the other played into continuing the game and win on time when the other player ran out of time? Is it some kind of chess etiquette at the higher levels that you don't do that kind of thing? In this case IIRC one player had 5 min and one had 2 min. or something like that when they agreed to a draw.


  • 7:58 why wouldn't he just go bishop to d3? you save your bishop and continue the sequence of trades

  • The cap is still on the water bottle, I don't think Magnus was "sipping" water.

  • 5:55 why mangos didn't took the knight?

  • That's why he's called one of the greatest player of all time.

  • Can they just play a real game straight up, best of 7? is that too much to ask?

  • I am trying to teach my son how to play chess and realized all I can do is show him how the pieces move are there any books I can get to help me with actually teaching the game

  • Guys, can i find videos with only the moves and no talking, explaining etc? Like a 2 minute video with only the moves. Is there a channel?

  • Greattt vid thanks

  • I completed both the Magnus challenge and the Garry challenge near the end. As I don't play chess myself, I feel proud. But this also probably means anyone could've figured that stuff out, I guess it's like beginner level chess problems. Anyway, great video, the information in your videos is really incredible!

  • This is bullshit chess

  • Why does the match start off with the bishops next to each other?

  • Only in Chess it is possible to see the greatest against each other even though they are out of different ages of their sport.

  • Me 1000th comment

  • guys, i did not play chess for a while, why 2 bishops are on the same side and the kings not in the middle. They changed the rules?

  • One of the reasons I enjoyed this game is the position is close to normal chess. If that was not the case it is unlikely that we see Kasparov and Magnus play standard chess again.

  • why are the kings of the C file?

  • This Russian player is promising .

  • It's amazing how even at their level they make such endgame mistakes with so few pieces on the board. Really just shows how complicated chess is

  • Why C4 is draw? The King Has got moves

  • Carlsen is beginning to look like a Bond villain.

  • who won

  • the Hell is this???

  • good commentator, thank you. Kasparov is still amazing at this age

  • Hello guys can someone explain to me why the board has the bishops together , never seen such a piece placement. 😂😂

  • Fischer wouldn't have made any of these mistakes in the endgame.

  • What online platform do these matches take place?


  • Despite his posish play Kasparov has incredible dynamics as well :O

  • Nice.

  • 😂”don’t lose the game for Garry”

  • I’m beginning to think that peak Garry might be stronger than Carlson

  • 1:17 Sip of water.

  • agamator's funny moments -

  • Why position king is wrong on start

  • Chess is a mental contest.

  • Not standard chess? Goodby.

  • Horray I'm a true master of the end game.

  • Hate to say it but the kings, the queens and the bishops on both sides are not where they are supposed to be. Everything else is just fine. The queens are both fine but the kings and the bishops are not

  • This channel is so good! 😭🙌

  • 16 years ago a draw was impressive for Carlsen. 16 years later it became impressive for Kasparov. The things that time does to us.

  • Hey, why don't you put up the game coordinates anymore?

  • When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

    • @Abhinav Jain no it was ding

    • @Spencer Fleek I say Magnus is immovable object, since Magnus now has the highest streak without losing (125 games stretched over 2 years!!!), but i might be wrong coz only a few years back it was Tal that held the title

    • @goku but I am saying according to history! Like how carlsen came on scene and swiftly rose to highest rating and how Kasparov stayed on top of ranking and as a world champion for the longest.

    • @M.K.D. from what agadmator said, carlsen is more a positional player, which would more like the immovable object while kasparov is more an offensive player.

    • They agree its a draw


  • this 9LX thing is so retarded its not real chess.....

  • You must yourself be a genius to analyse a game between Magnus and Kasparov!

  • Still Strong :D wtf man

  • Too boring a game after Kasparov allowed queen trade

  • Awesome!

  • #suggestion - please show timings of every move below pictures.

  • What a w@ste of time.

  • I found all the moves what the frick.

  • Why are the bishops on the same side?

  • you can't complain about the randomization ending up not being random enough! :)

  • A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

  • more captures captures

  • captures captures

  • How often does Gary and Magnus play the chess 960? Do they have to practice up, adjust before hand? Is the strategy, to get the board to Norman play or try to control with the 960 position. Surprised Gary Kasparov got to the normal board ASAP. Unless Magnus has the advantage with 960 chess.

  • Excellent joke !

  • *Magnus moves* WE HAVE A5 BY KASPAROV

  • Magnus will always be the Prince of chess because Kasaprov is the king.

  • Kasparov is half of his prime now reminds me of netero

  • There is room for old dogs. Garik...

  • but this game is boring

  • Terrible accent!

  • 1:12 I thought that was a facepalm for a minute

  • 14:53 "Feel free to pause the game and don't lose it for kasparov" Me: sacs all my pieces looking for stalemate

  • Chess 960 or whatever.. waste of time. Normal chess will always be elite.

  • Only the King and Bishop position is interchanged

  • Interesting game. Carlsen had a more harmonious position throughout most of it - his light-squared bishop on c6 was a monster, and after he played Rf8, Carlsen looked to be all but winning. However, after some inaccurate moves, Magnus had an uncharacteristically weak finish, allowing the characteristically pugnacious Kasparov to claw his way back to equality and secure a draw. It was a testament to the former champion's fight and determination

  • Do you know how to play

  • i hate this clickbaity channel so much

  • First time Carlson vs Garry the retired GM in the Fischer random chess, also called 960 gr8 game.

    • Maybe they should play crazy house

  • Why not randomize the 1st 2 moves? Expands on the actual game.

  • I found Rb4!! 😇

  • Not any good game at all. The pieces were in interesting positions but still no rule book to comply too. The queen must still move one parsec if it is to be a chess game. If you open you're queen to the opponent's side of the board, you still have to take the pawn that is put to you. Your game is nothing. there really isn't a true understanding of the nature of a game of tactical strategy. Both are not that good.