Checkmate in the Middle... || Ding vs Carlsen || Magnus Carlsen Grand Final (2020)

Publicerades den 13 aug 2020
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Ding Liren vs Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour Finals benefiting Kiva (2020),
11.8.2020, GAME 2,
King's Indian, fianchetto, Uhlmann (Szabo) variation (E62)
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. O-O Nf6 5. d3 d6 6. c3 a6 7. Re1 h6 8. a4 O-O 9. Nbd2 Re8 10. h3 Be6 11. Bxe6 Rxe6 12. b4 Ba7 13. Bb2 Ne7 14. c4 a5 15. bxa5 Nc6 16. Bc3 Nd7 17. Rb1 Nc5 18. Nf1 Rg6 19. Ne3 Ne6 20. Nd5 Rb8 21. Rb2 Ng5 22. Nxg5 Qxg5 23. Qf3 Bd4 24. Reb1 Bxc3 25. Nxc3 Nxa5 26. Nd5 Nc6 27. Ne3 B6 28. Nf5 Ra8 29. H4 Qf4 30. Qxf4 Exf4 31 . d4 Rxa4 32. d5 Ne5 33. Ne7 + Kh7 34. Nxg6 Kxg6 35. c5 bxc5 36. Rb8
The chess24 Legends of Chess is the 4th stage of the $1 million Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour and features Magnus Carlsen and his predecessors as World Champion Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik. It consists of two stages, a 10-player preliminary, where each player plays each other once, followed by a knockout among the top 4. Prelim ties are played as 4-game rapid matches, while knockout ties are the best of 3 such matches. The prize fund is $150,000, with $45,000 for first place, while the winner also qualifies for the $300,000 Grand Final.
The time control is 15 minutes for all moves with a 10-second increment from move 1. The winner of a preliminary tie decided in rapid games gets 3 points. If the score is 2:2 an Armageddon game is played, where White has 5 minutes to Black's 4 but a draw counts as a win for Black. A winner in Armageddon gets 2 match points, while the loser gets 1. The knockout format is the same except before Armageddon there are two 5+3 blitz games. No draw offers are allowed before move 40. Official website:
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  • Can someone explains why not attack the bishop on e4

  • This is some chess surgery by Ding

  • Beautiful Game played by King Ding

  • Ding Liren's first name is Liren, not Ding!

  • Beautyful

  • sounds too lowwwww....

  • "Disgustingly beautiful" It was in this position that agadmator dropped the world's finest oxymoron.

  • Beautiful forced line indeed and a rare checkmate against the world champion!

  • Wow your celebrity status is really growing! Now you even have a celebrity tan-cation (vacation tan)

  • New setup is nice but very quiet

  • recorded volume is to low

  • Ding deserves a Tal head....

  • Omfg

  • Frickin' brutal. Congratulations Mr. Liren!

  • Wow!!!! For students of chess, We can learn more from 1 MC loss than watching 10 of his winning games!

  • And it was in this video that Agad is no longer sorry about that..

  • Poor audio agadmator

  • @9:52, isn't it better to play Qxg7+ instead of Bxg7? You can then play Qxc3 after white King moves. Can't black save the knight after Bxg7 Na4 Bxf8+.. Oh right, black cannot play Rxf8 because it's discovered check and if Kxf8 then Qh8+, winning the rook on a8. I'll leave this for anyone else who was wondering why Bxg7 over Qxg7+. I think both are winning though.

  • Wow, beautiful game, especially against Magnus! Who else can do this to Magnus? Ding is easily Magnus toughest opponent, it's a shame that ding loses many games to Carlsen during time troubles, Magnus is really strong mentally, can control his nerves and always pulls out the win in must win situations. Consistently strong, that's why Magnus is world champion and rated 2860+ for years now, no one is even close to threatening his number 1 rank on fide elo classical rating. Same kind of domination as Kasparov, another world champion and contender for the best chess player of all time. In my mind ifs between Kasparov and Carlsen. Maybe Morphy in terms of gap between them and their rivals but too different to compare romantic era chess with modern era.

  • Morphy head!!

  • Ding is the king slayer

  • Wow, Bh6 beautiful move

  • That bishop move was absolutely incredible for a classical game never mind a rapid game

  • I already warned you damnit! Stop using the D word!

  • This was a brilliancy. A privilege to watch it live.

  • What a gorgeous game!

  • Thanks Boomer!

  • The microphone is still very low. Cant here the best good video!

  • I’m never able to do it...guess I’m just here to enjoy the show 😂

  • At 5:57 would Nxe4 before Qf6 have made a difference?

  • This is the most brilliant attack I've ever seen on agadmator! I wonder what was Magnus reaction live and if he realized at any point after bxh6.

  • Yes, meadow

  • The dog looks like a duck!

  • It shows how great player Magnus is, that he allowed the beautiful mate, and did not resign!

  • Wow. Just wow. Well played by ding lol

  • A true brilliancy. All hail Ding 😀🙌🏾 Great game, great video. Agadmator you forgot to give Ding the Morphy head, or Fischer head 😆 If Ding catches Magnus in the world chess championship he will beat Carlsen like this 😏

  • That was the most beautiful calculation I've seen in a min.

  • Good sport, Magnus let ding checkmate him instead of resigning.

  • Where is Morphy head? Really?

  • #suggestion please turn off the squares highlighting, it's really annoying, I mean, when you move a piece

  • Your volume is too weak

  • I love all the adjectives he uses

  • This is not the same pgn file, not the same game? what??

  • 11:22 that's such a Slavic laughter xD

  • so much quality in this game!!

  • Why is the list of moves from another game?

  • #agadmator should do a #saga and cover the greatest games of the greatest CHESS GROUP of all time. .. .. Tal could have his own saga within the saga. .. That would be awesome if he did.

  • Every Viking is a gangsta until an Asian kid shows up!

  • When he says "That's the game, I do really hope you enjoyed it, I'm sure Magnus hasn't" with that smirk on his face I died laughing!

  • @agadmator : What happens if NxBe4 after white captures the h6 pawn with Bxh6? Is it still forced mate moves? White's dark squared bishop hangs and knight on e4 blocks any immediate threats.

  • The dog has attained Nirvana. He/she is at complete peace.

  • Good video. Please do some Karpov videos

  • Thx for the show!!!!

  • Why didn't he cover Knight to e2 check in any variation?

  • There is something wrong, WHy is Magnus having a really bad game. He is the world champion and recently he has been playing slightly less aggressive as he used to in the past

  • What's the context of the fat chocobo hanging out at the corner of the webcam window? I've seen it in multiple videos now, and it seems a little out-of-place for a chess-themed overlay. As such I imagine there's a story behind it, makes me super curious.

  • Your dogs name plzz

  • This is really an incredible game.

  • Sound is too low to be heard😠😠😠

  • Credit to Magnus for letting Ding finish with mate

  • Ding set a mantrap in the deep dark forest. Carlson will study this game long and hard before he tries to use that opening again. Ding deserves a morphy head for this one.

  • audio very inaudible

  • Incredible example on how to employ Ding’s Indian Defence

  • no "sorry for that?" :(

  • You're the best man.

  • I hope you, your girl and Meado are enjoying the Sea. You deserve the vacation. I don’t know if you realize how much joy to bring to a lot of us, especially in this crappy year. Thanks for continuing to make vids even on your holiday. Also, Meado always seems to get on camera. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I’m looking forward to more videos. Thanks again Antonio.

  • Low audio

  • Played like a fiddle?

  • “And then everything is hanging” - well ive done worse so this doesn’t look too bad

  • The sound is quite low, can you put the mic closer next time?

  • such a good boy

  • 11:15 And it was in this position that Medo received a completely new belly scratching.

  • Amazing game..

  • Whenever Carlsen plays Ding, the match has the potential to be unexpectedly awesome.

  • WOW,You have a lot of nosey,judgemental whinny idiots crying about where you are and the sound,i am sure you said a couple days ago you where going on holidays

  • Toying with Magnus is not easy

  • Beautiful Game

  • No #morphyhead?

  • What a game

  • The same quote “deep black forest where 2+2 =5 Agadmator puts the name of Capablanca,Tal and I think Lasker I,m inerested who actually said it.Thank you in advance if somebody knows 😅

  • Ding destroyed Magnus!!! Thanks God for this and that i am able to see this

  • Give him a Tal head!

  • Medo!!!!

  • Wow I have never seen Magnus get checkmated then there was Ding

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  • @agadmator I'm not enjoying this new room Sir. If possible, do try to switch back to the old room.

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  • It's crazy how passionate are you for showing us these wonderful games. Being on a vacation you are posting everyday. Kudos to you Antonio

  • i mean its a great game but agadmator is greater because he still upload videos om his vacation and sir that is something that need appreciaton :)) hello from Indonesia btw!

  • Agmatador says "rook to F1 wins the queen at 9.43 But what if black plays rook to A1 and forces white to play rook takes rook? Then black knight to E2 check and after king moves, black queen takes rook on A1? I think black had the winning position at this point and could save his queen. Anyone care to look please? thanks

  • Hi agadmator! Thanks for making videos even while on vacation!

  • The pieces more sound it's almost silent

  • I don't play chess, but love your analysis of games and have learnt enough to know that that is very impressive! Thanks for that and also hi Medo!