This Game Will Make You Cry

Publicerades den 18 nov 2020
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Alexander Alekhine vs Vasic
Simul, 35b (1931) (exhibition), Banja Luka YUG, Jan-10
French Defense: Winawer Variation (C15)
1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. Bd3 Bc3 5. bc3 h6 6. Ba3 Nd7 7. Qe2 de4 8. Be4 Ngf6 9. Bd3 b6 10. Qe6 fe6 11. Bg6
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  • I always lose when I play the French Defense. I've abandoned it completely.

  • I cried

  • I started welling up after e4


  • Oh man this is the first time after pausing the video when prompted that I was able to figure it out. I am so proud of myself right now.

  • Yeah I cried a lot for wasting 8 mins of my life😬😬😬😬😬

  • Figuring out the "motive behind the position" is why I watch this channel. Thank you, Agadmator! I hear your voice in my head when I play.

  • This game was so short that I didn't even finished my sandwiches.

  • I didn't cry :(

  • Please add to wear hoodie in title so that we can wear a hoodie before we start watching 😀

  • What is "respect the hoody " logic ?

  • Top Paid and Rated Chess Players 1970-2020

  • what actually happens when you say...sorry about that?

  • I'm Crying Huhu!

  • I feel that you are the best alternative to a chess book ! Better in fact, for you make it easy, fun, full of anecdotes and humor. You go well with coffee.

  • mr sorry about that 😁

  • QE6 + BG6

  • This game did not make me cry. Unsubbed, unsubscribed, cancelled Onlyfans and I'm calling the police

  • 1. e4 e6 Me: mate in 10

  • Just amazing

  • I did not, in fact, cry. I feel very manly now.

  • This mating pattern is actually my favorite mating pattern, Bowden's mate!

  • Repped my hoodie in honour of this video

  • I cried so hard all my friends at the library told me to stay quiet so I had to move to the bar so I could continue crying

  • To honor the hoodie guy, we need a hoodie that says "The Hoodie Guy"

  • I thought the heating was off.

  • Alekhine is better than Tal

  • French defense is a blunder by itself imo

  • When you see Alekhine you know there will be a great combination.

  • This episode was dogless... 😢



  • i remember that game in my pandolfini's book as a bishop crisscross

  • nice game

  • Beautiful mate 👌

  • Are you sure about your move list? The version I know is with 8 Qxe4 and 9 Qxe6, without ...b6.

  • Very pretty mate

  • Hvala!

  • I don't think I've ever mated this way but I've had tons of games where my bishop cuts off the castling line and 95% of the time the games really enjoyable for me.

  • Agadmator: I hope you guys are wearing a hoodie Me: *pauses video, puts on hoodie to honor hoodie guy*

  • You can see on hoodie guys face. He just doesn’t have vast knowledge.


  • Talking about the Hoodie guy chess moves while wearing a hoodie very nice.

  • My brain cells can't handle this

  • I'll tell this to my friend at bar and library,😂

  • Plot twist: agadmator is hooded guy

  • Hoodie Guys seem to be the Washington Generals of chess.

  • Everyone thinks they are Alekhine but deep down we all know, there's a hoodie guy in all of us...

  • My moves create many weaknesses

  • When Alekhine did Ba3, why couldn't Vasic just block with Ne7 so he could castle?

  • Sorry but I didn't cry.

  • no matter its a 11 move game.... but Agadmadator can make 11 minute video

  • I literally was wearing a hoodie 🙃🙃🙃

  • Playing this is how to lose all your friends at the bar and library

  • Beautiful...

  • Question- Why does Adamgator scratch his leg and apologize in almost every video? Like, does he have a condition or something? I've seen him do that in many videos. Or is that his pet hanging around there? No hate intended.

  • you sold all your hoodies so you had to grab a jacket?

  • isn't then 8. Qxe4 a much stronger move than 8. Bxe4? Because then If 8. ...Nf6 then it's just mate in 2.

  • When can

  • Can you make a LIVE Video agadmator? LIKE an Opening

  • Gledam ovog lika duže vrijeme, tek sad kapiram da je Hrvat 😂

  • i love the miniatures. thank you agadmator :)

  • This is indeed a fantastic game!! And why the hell I would cry...

  • Omg i cry

  • Very nice video.

  • Just for anyone who missed this ESPN vid on Agad in august.

  • 1:18 without fredadu

  • Antonio: I do hope you guys are wearing hoodie as well Me (wearing hoodie): Can he see through my camera?

  • #suggestion hi antonio . It is weird that you did'nt cover any of Max Euwe games Like game verse tal Or verse Rubinstine . So I recommend you that make video for him :))

  • While seeing the black bishop slicing the a3 f8 diagonal its pretty easy in puzzles.But the sad truth is in actual game we wont even consider about that.If we found that then we would be accused as a cheater using engine

  • Hoodie Melo has got nothing on hoodie Agadmator

  • Agad: finish him in a great style Me: starts looking how to sac a queen

  • Subtitles ruining the video, hope you remove them in your next videos, hope you will be kind next time!

  • cant wait to hear what Agadmator means at 1 million. great video as always good sir. Now ill give you all a couple of seconds to find the like button to get this to the top of the comment section... .... and for those of you that just wanna enjoy the show its the thumbs up icon right below show less

  • I’ve watched this channel for years. I still don’t what he’s doing when he says, “Sorry about that.” Could somebody please explain for me.

  • Clickbait

  • will you still wear the hoodie in summer?

  • I am from India. I am 12 years old and in 2019 I was an unrated player but in the beginning of 2020, I played many rated tournaments and got my FIDE rating of 1086. I studied your games and improved my chess. Please don't stop uploading videos!!

  • 😭😭😭😭

  • paused, put on hoodie, unpaused ok I'm ready! :)

  • Alternatively, in the second last position, white could have played the bishop first as then it still would not have mattered what black did in response.

  • LOVE YOUR CHANNEL. In the two years I've been watching your critiques of great games my rating has jumped from 1454 to 1729. I really enjoy this more than espn. Thank you for your insightful analysis of these games. And the games you choose. Really good stuff.

  • Ez boden's mate

  • boden's mate... beautiful

  • Is ''sorry about that'' and bending down to reach something a mandatory thing? to be frank I feel like somethings missing if i dont hear that phrase../ haha./ :))


  • The greatest Alexander

  • At 4:20 (nice), why wouldn’t you play Bg6? Seems like a checkmate to me, or a won queen at the very least?

  • Why does he say sorry about that

  • Clickbait I didnt cry - w-w-ait queen sacrifice followed by bishop-pair molestation checkm8 - have my sacred tears.

  • agadmator losing his virginity : "hey baby come to the bed" "so it is as of this move that we have a completely new game on our hands, I could not find any known games in the data base"

  • I put on my hoodie to watch this

  • Hey agadmator! Any chance we can get your analysis of some of the games from the TCEC Season 19 superfinal? Stockfish NNUE has been crushing it with amazing style.

  • Feel free to pause the video and put on a hoodie while I'm giving you a couple of seconds

  • #suggestion Petrosian Smyslov 19USSR ch, Moscow 1951 there are many nice sacrifices in this game

  • #suggestion Svetozar Gligoric vs Tigran Petrosian LA, I'm not sure about the year somewhere 1960

  • #suggestion Would you consider using the same piece movement/animation style that you used on Tal vs Botvinnik World Chess Championship saga?

  • Dud i still have no idea what's below whenever he says sorry bout that. Can someone enlighten me from whats beneath?

  • Not crying yet. Do I get my money back?

  • I am watching agadmator for very long time, but can someone tell me why he is always sorry about that?

  • Qxe6 I am writing this at5:37