Queen Sacrifice That Never Happened

Publicerades den 12 nov 2020
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Levon Aronian vs Ian Nepomniachtchi
Speed Chess on Chess.com
Sicilian, Najdorf (B90)
PGN is here chess24.com/en/watch/live-tournaments/speed-chess-2020-nepomniachtchi-aronian/1/1/2
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  • Chess.com is where it was played, not chess24.com. My bad :)

    • What if Levon played Queen to d2 after bishop captured on b3

    • This game is from 5+1 Game- 1

    • There you have it.

    • A suggestion, Have you ever covered the games between IBM's BIGBLUE vs kasparov?? Or did you cover it and i missed it?

    • Not expected. Take care Antonio. U can't make such mistaking 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • 7:27 only those who have seen Queen's Gambit will understand 🤣🤣

  • Instead of the prophylactic move at 2:36, why could you just push the pawn to c4 and pin the Knight? I would really appreciate any comments. Thanks.

  • "without staring at the ceiling" 7:32 LOL , u did not just use a Queen's Gambit reference =)))

    • Could be referencing Hikaru also, since he is known for staring at the ceiling.

  • Unless I liked it? I liked it.

  • always helpful for chess

  • #suggestion Hey dude, check this game out King's Gambit Accepted: Cunningham, Bertin Gambit 1. e4 { [%clk 0:10:00] } e5 { [%clk 0:10:00] } 2. f4 { [%clk 0:09:56] } exf4 { [%clk 0:09:57] } 3. Nf3 { [%clk 0:09:51] } Be7 { [%clk 0:09:56] } 4. Bc4 { [%clk 0:09:38] } Bh4+ { [%clk 0:09:54] } 5. g3 { [%clk 0:09:25] } { C35 King's Gambit Accepted: Cunningham, Bertin Gambit } fxg3 { [%clk 0:09:52] } 6. O-O { [%clk 0:09:20] } gxh2+ { [%clk 0:09:47] } 7. Kxh2 { [%clk 0:09:15] } Nh6 { [%clk 0:08:53] } 8. Nc3 { [%clk 0:09:05] } Ng4+ { [%clk 0:08:50] } 9. Kg2 { [%clk 0:08:58] } Qf6 { [%clk 0:08:36] } 10. d4 { [%clk 0:08:46] } Nh6 { [%clk 0:06:51] } 11. Ne5 { [%clk 0:07:44] } Qb6 { [%clk 0:05:53] } 12. Nd5 { [%clk 0:07:16] } Qa5 { [%clk 0:05:05] } 13. Bd2 { [%clk 0:06:52] } Qa4 { [%clk 0:04:48] } 14. b3 { [%clk 0:06:47] } Qa3 { [%clk 0:04:45] } 15. Bxh6 { [%clk 0:06:26] } gxh6 { [%clk 0:04:34] } 16. Qh5 { [%clk 0:06:15] } Rg8+ { [%clk 0:04:18] } 17. Kh1 { [%clk 0:06:09] } { Black resigns. } 1-0

  • But Agadmator found Queen sacrifice! it was really awesome.

  • nice videos ,,,,please try to add PGN in ur discription

  • I enjoy the analyzation of the lines, no matter the time format. For someone as low ranked as I am, the lines the GMs see in half a second would take me hours to find. Please don't be sorry for longer blitz game videos.

  • its chess.com scc as far as i know

  • Agadmator is 10 times funnier if you turn the sound off and enable subtitles

  • Agad ,How good are you in maths?

  • I wish i could tell my friends at the bar and library i doubled my chess.com score im 4 months but lockdown :(((

  • 'All of you found Queen captures on A2???' ......... Hmmmm, about that, Antonio.

  • 8:03 f4 and Qe3 could have delayed it a little longer too, right?

  • Nice game and dito analyse 👍💪🇳🇱

  • Hi Antonio. I hope you catch this comment. It's good to see you back and healthy. My wife was very worried what she would do if I didn't have my daily dose of Agamator! You'd probably need an extra person and a shift to your capture config, but I think it would be fascinating to see an 'Agadmator: Behind the Board' mini-documentary showing how you prepare for and record a video. I'm going to guess that every minute of air time takes at least 7-10 minutes of preparation, probably more on complex games. I think it would be fascinating for us to see the process and tools you use to reach the conclusions you present in each video. Give it some thought, perhaps as a subscriber treat for reaching 1,000,000 subscribers. Second, I'm going to again voice my vote for a series: Polar vs. The World Champions. If memory serves she has has wins against 10 or 11 world champions, and I think is the only woman to be ranked in the Top 10 GM - not WGM - List. There are also a few additional games of interest such as the Kasparov touch-move game, and a fascinating game from when she was 15 years old vs (I think - I have a bad memory) Shirov 1994. She also has a unique interesting back story in how her father decided to breed and train 3 chess champion children. Give it some thought. Ill even volunteer to do some research if that would help! So glad to have you back!!! Mike

  • when i have solved the puzzle and im ready to resume watching i have a tradition. i click and hold on the piece i want to move, and then drag it to where i want and when i let go of the mouse the video resumes. if you don't follow this tradition you are a barbarian and heathen :)

  • How did he know that i find the move ? great guy aga .

  • Since operation agadmator is not the same anymore

  • That rook sac to queen sac was beautiful

  • We enjoyed it! Blitz and bullet give us mere mortals a chance to understand the threats and possibilities because lines DON'T get analysed 8-10 moves deep. Thanks, Agadmator.

  • #suggestion GothamChess (White) vs. ViditYT (Black) - Titled Tuesday November 10th, 2020 it’s a crazy game between Levy and Vidit

  • He mate just saw this on gotham. senewss.info/slow/oqzWm5uXrtmUaZU/video. You destve all the recognition mate.

  • Would anyone freely tell me what is the name of agadmator's chess apllication plz?

  • Football team: goes for it on 4th down near midfield Me: and here we have b4, the Evans Gambit is on the board

  • #suggestion Euwe vs Reti 1920 match Game 3 Caro Kann Brilliant play by Euwe

  • @07:18 what about Bxb3+ Kb1 then Qxa2#

  • Lovely end sequence, love the channel

  • The missed moves are often the most interesting and even instructive.

  • Are you from Croatia?

  • Thank you for the nice videos. I find actually the Subtitle place terrible. I understand it makes sens for some people, but maybe you should replace it

  • Levon, maybe you should train a bit more, instead of calling people on Facebook to help the Armenian army to kill civilians in Azerbaijan.

  • Ok!!!now seriously! I have been asking the same question but I don't get the answer! What's happened with the chess manga?

  • Pretty nice skirmish in the end. Thank you for the vid.

  • 5:14 what happens if queen captures C3?

  • I'm starting to believe that people are donating to Agadmator, just to see how he will pronounce their names.

  • 1:46 I no longer need my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • The game was lost by white in the beginning because he opted for king safety rather than an attack where as black was attacking from the very beginning. I think the commentator(I can’t spell his name right now because it’s 4 AM) should doing analysis of the opening strategy in general from a macro view sometimes so that we can kind of get a feeling for not only just technical mistakes or brilliance but rather a strategic plans and mistakes or delays which affect the game. It was pretty clear that the opening for white put the king in harms way and he as white did not have a good enough attack on the black king.

  • Wasn't that 5 moves mate instead of 7 ?

  • Nice game and nicer explanation of various possible lines! But even in this internet era, is it that tough to find the time format ? 🤔

  • couldnt QD8 at 12:02 work and white would be up a pawn?

  • Why does anyone lets Nepo play the Najdorf. He knows it better than anyone.

  • "I think it's definitely from the blitz section, so it's definitely not from the bullet section...or maybe it is, but I don't think it is." - Agadmator, 2020 :)

  • I found the queen sacrifice watching live and I NEVER spot things like that. I'm a very mediocre player. But hey: even a blind pig finds a truffle every now and then.

  • 11:54 Sorry about that(unless you enjoyed it) Antonio apologizes for covering chess on a chess channel.

  • What's your rating agadmator

  • 6:21 Hey Agadmator, this might be a stupid question, but why can’t Qe2 be played?

  • Well, I saw it n chess.com's instagram and I know you'll make video out of this game :) #suggestion Hi agad, I thought you have only few games on Karpov vs Kasparov match, although I know you'll save it as Kasparov mega-saga :) But this game is one of my favorites when I was learning chess a bit more www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1067175 "The Brisbane Bombshell", with the famous Kasparov gambit on the Taimanov/Paulsen sicilian

  • Agadmator: congratulations on spotting it without starring at the ceiling. Me: I just enjoyed the show 30 minutes ago on Netflix

  • If I'm not mistaken, bxc3 at 8:20 is also mate in 7. 1. ... Rxc3 2. bxc3 Qxa2 3. Bb2 Bxb3 4. Kc1 Bg5 5. f4 Bxf4 6. Qe3 Bxe3 7. Rxe3 Rxd1# It's a bit silly since you're basically just endlessly blocking that Bishop's check until you finally give up your Queen in order to capture, only to leave your d-file Rook is undefended so black can checkmate there instead. But hey, it's 7 moves!

  • Ian finds ways to win with garbage openings.

  • Thanks again my friend, 👏

  • 9:13 why is Ka3 "extremely interesting?" Just Be7 like you showed.

  • There should be a video about a game with a capture fest where agadmator just says captures captures captures captures captures captures captures captures captures until the end.

  • So no sorry for u guys who enjoyed the game!!🤷‍♂️

  • I feel sad to see this kind of performance at top level

  • Ahaha without looking at the ceiling 😂 funny guy

  • Show a game where a queen sacrifice was declined

  • Agadmator suddenly getting a lot of Bitcoin love. You go, agad!

  • I just blundered around 100 points on Lichess. Well, what do I expect playing drunk...

  • Speaking of queen sacrifice, is there a game where a player sac a queen against Tal and win the game?

  • 2:35 can someone please explain to me why c4 isn't the best move for white?

    • @Shawn Frosty so say c4 followed by Qc7, what about then playing Kb1 and if black trades the knight off the bishop, the c4 pawn is defended by the bishop?

    • Black then Plays queen c7 and now you can't capture the knight with c4 pawn because of the pin.

  • Hey, just want to say I'm ecstatic I discovered your channel. I haven't played actively in many years, and even when I did, I was a dabbling amateur at best (USCF peak rating around 1500), although my mentor/teacher was an Expert at the time. I did most of my playing while I was in the military. Always love telling the story of how he decided he was teaching me (he informed me of such) after he was playing other crew members in a crew lounge on a cruise (USN) while reading a book and occasionally watching the movie playing and pretty much destroying everyone. I managed to win a game when he left a rook to be forked and I happened to catch the mistake. Anyway, I was immediately buried in chess books to read and he started making sure we played constantly and that I would go to any tournaments we had a chance to when in our home port in Virgina. Anyway, sorry for the ramble, your channel has brought back a lot of memories of playing and I'm absolutely loving the walkthrough of some games that, while I'm certain 25 years ago I was intimately familiar with them, it's like I'm being show them for the first time again and it's fantastic.

  • Someone should make a video of all the times Agad awkwardly waits for us to solve things. Just 5 mins of him look around at things in the room

  • I find this mate in 7 like in few seconds, so proud of myself

  • in 7:16 he could have won the easiest way in two or three moves (queen to a2 if the knight moved to a5 the pawn will take him dawn then bishop to b3 either way then he will win)

  • Whos the guy that's always in the top right corner?

  • It's chess.com not chess24

  • At 4:16, GM Hess, while commentating for chess.com pointed out a fun line for black, Qxc3; bxc3 Nxc3+ essentially exchanges queens and wins two pawns while opening up the White king. That queen was meant to be sacrificed...

  • I find myself anxiously waiting for a new video everyday, I never did that so thank you Antonio for creating this gem of a channel

  • Mate in 7? Piece of cake, I do this twice a day! ;-)

  • Instead of resigning he should play Rg2..?

  • 2:34 --> what if C4? Does that win on the spot?

  • It seems like there's no threat of checkmate but actually there is and it's trivial.

  • Agadmator is forever preparing to bring his rooks into the game.

  • 0:29 I have no more stress thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • #suggestion vidit vs levy from titled Tuesday

  • 1:38 I stopped my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • And here I thought you would cover Nakamura's game where he played his bongcloud opening

  • 12:32 "...and of course all of you found queen captures on A2" Obviously...

  • "Without staring at the ceiling"...loool, this is the point Hikaru ragequits the vid. 11/10.

  • I've watched 50 or so agadmator's videos and this was the second time I actually did find the move. I feel like I could take on Magnus now!

  • "Sorry about that, unless you enjoyed it." That's what i tell to my girlfriend.

  • Welcome to a really wild game

  • Rhymes with spider! Thanks Agad!

  • My idea is you are historian of events much important really we need to know but you could go further really become historian but yeah another story

  • Now I know this is a blitz game, but let's see this mate in 37 that Levon missed

  • Maybe Tal is in on Magnus Chess please show one of his attack games he is known for being an attack player!

  • At 3:52, after Levon played c3, I would have played Nxc3. I don't know if it's a completely winning attack but maybe worthy of a Barnes head.

  • 2:33 Why not c4 since the knight can't move?

    • c4 refuted by Qc8/Qc7 pinning pawn

    • Yeah looks like he missed a free knight

  • #suggestion Movsi Vs Garry in Sarajevo, beauty prize

  • I did enjoy the analysis !! Great Game, great Vid., thkz.

  • Night captures and night captures and night captures. I was waiting for the day to capture but nothing.😅

  • Can't you play Qxc3 at 4:28?

  • you should review Michal Vladimirovich Krasenkow vs Hikaru Nakamura - Casino de Barcelona 2007

  • I enjoyed it! Thank you.

  • 4:21 Q×c3 looks interesting! 🤔😎

    • @Kire Stojanovski Maybe you guys have a stronger point.

    • @Teo I'm not saying its losing, im just saying having Queens on board vives black More advantage.

    • @Teo And plus the white king naked

    • @Antonio Breaux but black is 2 pawns up for free?

    • That's basically a queen trade, and the attack is gone.

  • Agadmator is a living legend! Love from India👍