The Mighty Mouse! || Kasparov vs Caruana || Champions Showdown: Chess9LX (2020)

Publicerades den 12 sep 2020
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Garry Kasparov vs Fabiano Caruana
Champions Showdown: Chess9LX (2020)
12.9.2020, Round 4
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Garry Kasparov is back in action tonight in the Champions Showdown: Chess 9LX, where he’ll face Magnus Carlsen in their first competitive game since 13-year-old Magnus took on the legend in Reykjavik in 2004. The 10-player round-robin also features Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja and reigning Chess960 World Champion Wesley So. Two days later the St. Louis Rapid & Blitz begins, with Nepo, Grischuk, Harikrishna and Xiong replacing Kasparov, MVL, Caruana and Svidler.
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  • I wish he wouldn't keep going off on tangents, like if, then, but if then and then and then. I would just like to see the game as it was played.

  • What kind of chess is this? Weird position if pieces., it some new styl? It's turning into shit...

  • Why don't they type their moves?

  • makes you wonder why there isn't a move conformation for these things

  • "...and wanted to improve it...however it doesn't improve it..." this sort of comments make me laugh

  • Gary was not sad .. he was angry and after that his play in tournament deteriorated

  • Garry let's exchange queens Kasparov

  • This silly corona fake scare crap has to stop! Online chess is NOT "the new normal"! Cowardly sheep, all of you.

  • They should have the option of comfirming the move. Or improve the interface, meaning that they dont move pieces with the mouse but with real chess pieces for example...

  • Bishop pair less😁

  • The problem is the way pre-move works. How about something like the following?: The player should move the opponent's piece that they are expecting and then the corresponding pre-move, so if the opponent plays something different, the pre-move doesn't activate automatically. Or don't allow pre-moves in competitions! Out of time on the clock? Oh well.

  • That's the modern way to blunder.

  • If I was Caruana, I would give the move back, it's really not honorable to win like that.

  • 3.00 omg its the greek gift


  • GM Kasparov is still a monster after all these years, he was about to win against the No. 2 in the world...

  • 2:13 Umm..... That’s a weird arrow. But what are you gonna do!

  • LOL wow that is sad sometimes you might misclick

  • Remember how Firouzja hand-slipped several months ago in a winning position against Carlsen and then he lost on time? Shit happens, the losers should learn to accept it (if it is on their end, and not a global issue... Like, if a footballer's shoelaces untie mid-game and he slips, it's issue with his equipment, so it's his problem. It's part of the sport).

  • 0:00 Hello everyone 0:27 Without further ado 1:28 Castling rules declined 2:13 That's a weird arrow but what are you gonna do? 3:17 Not a pawn grabber 3:26 Bishop pair from hell 5:09 5:22 Bust open the position 6:00 Double attack 6:04 Captures captures 9:46 (..captures with check!) 6:53 Give you a couple of seconds 7:05 Enjoy the show 7:13 Nasty discoveries 7:45 10:44 Completely crazy position 10:51 Vast pawn majority 11:54 It was in this position 12:04 Bishop pairless 12:48 -The pawn slip- The mouse slip 13:11 So yeah

  • Can anyone tell why the hell this pieces are in different position????

  • All the 'Thumbs Down' on this video are actually just mouseslips.

  • What kind of chess layout is this.. Why pieces are not positioned normal??

  • Totally Different game

  • For F*CK sake already.... we have modern computers... to prevent SH*T like that from happening you can put in a "is this your final move" message so Kasparov or any one else does who makes a mistake and drops their chess pieces on the wrong square can correct it before committing to the move.

  • I was playing on and soon found that my opponent was using stockfish engine ಠ︵ಠand I got defeated.And as I thought to use the engine I found that he was cheating

  • Ugh, what a way to go.

  • These two greats always play exciting games 🙂👏🏾

  • I can hear the yelp of all the new subscribers who don't know how to castle in Chess 960. It's like a thousand little voices suddenly extinguished!

  • 10:45 mouse slips himself. Nice one there agadmator

  • I have lost bunches of games because of mouse slips. My sympathies to the old guy.

  • I am an excellent exponent of the mouse slip.

  • 12:00 bishop-pair-less

  • 2:12 Open a ticket to fix the bug :)

  • Garry seems like a nice guy who isn't arrogant in the slightest bit. 🤭

  • I wonder who would have won?

  • Im so sad that Caruana missed the Greek Gift idea.

  • He was just trolling America .. typical Russian

  • We need the sip of water back!

  • Everyone say boo to caruana

  • Both players have aged since those photos.

  • That sucks :(

  • Depending on how fast Fabi moved his bishop, you can cancel a premove you know.

  • Kasparov become bishopless

  • The lord

  • Classic chess is a dead language, chess 960 is the future.

  • Virgin move not to offer a draw there, its not like its world championship match

  • Why not add a take back option that the opponent can accept or decline? Edit: or approved by the dedicated observers ("jury") that decided if it was a true mouse slip based on the reaction.

  • (12:32) i couldn't agree more. it was such an interesting game and it's a shame that is has been ruined by something as silly as a mouse slip. but yeah, i guess they will have to get use to the fact that this might occasionally happen to them, alongside the internet disconnection issue, now that chess has become pretty much an esport.

  • Maybe there's a case for a j'adoube button in some types of game to allow for glitches like this? It would only be for obvious errors that no serious player would make and timing would have to be taken into consideration, maybe you've got, say, 2 seconds to click it and your opponent gets any time back whilst your clock continues to run as if the move had not been made. But it's probably not as simple as that.

  • I remember joining a chess960 tournament not knowing what it was and being absolutely bamboozled when I first saw the board... was good fun though

  • Kasparov aka one of the smartest boomers

  • An obvious case of Boomer APM

  • Agadmator is a joy. I refuse to watch any other chess commentaries. Couple of things about that game. First, they both tried (and I, or any of you would, to make it as close to a "proper" game as soon as they could. Second, can you imagine what a 30-year-old Gaza would do to poor Caruana? I shudder to think.

  • Wow so sad

  • Misclick happens always. It's a official move in online chess. ""\_( ' '/ )_/""

  • idk why they dont use confirm move... its the same thing as hitting the clock...

  • Lmao 57 year old Kasparov destroying the tournament: rapes Firouzja, trolls Carlsen to a draw and allows a mouse slip to give mercy to Caruana. What an absolute legend.

  • Steven Gerrard after seeing the mouse slip : That's my Son 😅😅

  • What about after White Queen retreats to c4. Black Ke3, threatening to take the WQueen. Then after white moves the Queen the Black Knight goes to g4. The black pawn on the h file and the BQueen's ability to join in on the attack via the diagonal line looks awesome. This is why whites next move was Bishop to d4, not to attack b6 but to defend against Black moving the Knight to e3.

  • This is why you click the piece then click the square, rather than dragging. Dragging the piece is just asking for stuff like this to happen.

  • Well i do have to ask u for the game between Karpov vs Fischer, i guess there isn't any game uploaded in ur channel so #suggestion might work thank you

  • There are many decisive games in 3rd round, Show some of the games either carlsen vs Wesley so or any of Levon 3 to 0 #suggestion

  • GM's should have an option to type their moves.

    • @Fawzy Adham But they do write it in offline matches.

    • Time consuming like when they play in seconds

  • 3:34 kasparov queen can pick a pawn ?

  • Quote of the Day "A good mouse is worth more than a Queen" :P

  • Pretty sure Magnus would have offered a draw if this happened

  • And it was in this position that Agadmator’s arrows played a completely new game

  • A game where Kasparov won’t be taking back any moves lol

  • Not anything to do with this , but just want to know if you have commented this game Carlsen vs Nakamura

  • I got an ad for Kasparov's Masterclass right afterwards

  • If there is maybe an option to show how much time they have left somewhere on the video it would've be great.

  • Kasparuana

  • by looking at the title i thought that the move which tthe player wanted to play was bad and the mouse slip saved him by making the winning move

  • 11:55-12:55 lmao :(. The mouse lol

  • It's a mistake , ... But unfortunately nothing to do .

  • Please switch off subtitles. Can't see the bottom of the board, the words are obscuring the pieces.

  • My mouse kept slipping too when I played the world champion.

  • "And it was in this position that Kasparov's Computer was subsequently executed via being thrown out the window."

  • The title of this video pleases me

  • Can you do Hikaru vs Kasparov?

  • Please cover naka vs Kasparov

  • They need to change this. Gary should have won or drawn this game not lose because of a mouse error.

  • That mouse was directly under,the control of Judit

  • You may input your move via the keyboard thereby eliminating forever the chance of a mouse slip.

  • That bishop pair from hell starts from the beginning itself!

  • Wow after so many years Garry is still so strong. If he plays the candidates then he will defenitely have some good chances.

  • Looks like Waldo got a gift.

  • i think Kasparov blunder...he must have thought about that bishop was pinned since queen was hanging on c7....he must have miscalculated that bishop takes with check.

  • there must be some kind of arbitrare so he/she could fix this kind of errors.mouse slip.that's a sad excuse

  • I want anand to play with Kasparov.

  • Fabi should ask organisers to count it a draw. That will earn him more respect than winning the championship.

  • Mouse makes more work than Kasparov 😂😂

  • #suggestion 1) David Navara v/s Radoslaw Wojtaszek, 48th Biel Chess Festival (2015) -- "King David" (game of the day Feb-11-2016) -- Wonderful king walk --> 2) Alberic O'Kelly de Galway v/s Paul Devos, Brussels 4 players tournament (1937) -- "Whip It" (game of the day Jul-22-2012) -- Amazing Boden's mate -->

  • Unfortunate

  • You gotta master the mouse

  • #Suggestion Mvl vs Svindler (in current tournament)

  • this year sucks

  • I didn't finish the video but LET'S GO CARUANA. Edit: Not like that :(

  • 12:48 The tongue slip