Simply Helpless! || Carlsen vs Caruana || Champions Showdown: Chess9LX (2020)

Publicerades den 12 sep 2020
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Magnus Carlsen vs Fabiano Caruana
Champions Showdown: Chess9LX (2020)
11.9.2020, Round 3
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Garry Kasparov is back in action tonight in the Champions Showdown: Chess 9LX, where he’ll face Magnus Carlsen in their first competitive game since 13-year-old Magnus took on the legend in Reykjavik in 2004. The 10-player round-robin also features Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja and reigning Chess960 World Champion Wesley So. Two days later the St. Louis Rapid & Blitz begins, with Nepo, Grischuk, Harikrishna and Xiong replacing Kasparov, MVL, Caruana and Svidler.
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  • Wow this is really some alphazero stuff here

  • watching this now, can anyone tell me the mate in 6 starting with Be6? I though agadmator was going to go back and show that line but he didn’t.

  • sometimes younwin and sometimes you play Magnus😉

  • To me this looks like the World Champion doesn't know how to setup the chessboard.

  • What a job you're doing ! Thanks.

  • i didnt know youtube allowed this type of content. very disturbing stuff i just watched.

  • TFW you instantly find the slower mating pattern, but it's also the same mating pattern that Magnus used.

  • really really really....really amazing. Beautiful game. Thanks for sharing.

  • Why kinda chess is this???🧐

  • „It would be incredible hard to find a move that doesnt win the game“ - hold my beer.

  • I recently tried Fischerrandom on lichess, and my king started on f1, and when I tried to castle it just moved my king to g1 and not the rook.

  • You say tough tournament for Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, but his 3 losses were to Magnus Carlson, Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura. Not much shame in losses there.

  • 13:41 if you paused here to check the tweet, you are an excellent subscriber.

  • Like Agadmator, I didn't like this tournament but am developing an appreciation for it. Unlike Agad, I didn't know about this game format until a couple days ago, lol.

  • On the cross-table you are showing the Rapid ratings I think, which is fine, anyway this is the Chess24 crosstable I guess. But I assume these games don't count to the normal rapid rating, I suppose if they count to anything it would be a 960 rapid rating, if such a thing exists, I'm not sure about that. Do you know the players 960 ratings, rapid or otherwise? Or maybe all online games are unrated regardless?

  • 0:00 Hello everyone 0:36 2 very short announcements 1:02 13:42 Sorry about that 1:26 2:18 Striking in the centre 1:51 Castling rules 3:45 Double up rooks (on the b file) 4:58 6:43 Captures captures 3:40 (..captures and captures!) 8:23 Pretty crazy stuff 8:57 Something beautiful happens 10:11 Improving the position of the king 12:05 Very nice rook lift 12:13 Completely winning 12:19 Give you a couple of seconds 12:38 Enjoy the show 12:59 It was in this position 13:03 Nothing more to be done 13:20 Double check 13:30 14:53 15:17 So yeah 13:35 Standings 14:33 Sneaky sneaky rook move 15:12 New position as of move 1

  • I wonder if there are any pieces alignment in CHESS-9LX where White or Black always win...No matter what... A supercomputer can find such alignments..i think..

  • that was a beautiful game! I LOVE chess 960...

  • this agadmatrinho dude really has no life smh

  • 13:42 "Sorry about that" Little late for that no??

  • 4:37. Ah yes, here we have the reverse pawn move, whereby you can move your pawn 2 spaces forward and retreat it if you want. If you happen to retreat it, you get a bonus move.

  • Incredible!

  • Maxime having tough tournament because he uses all moves and time to bring in siscilian

  • And it is as of move one, we have a completely new game.

  • so tired of this crippled way of playing. Give us some normal chess and enough with this ubnormal stuff.

    • Funny as I like this form of chess. It means that you see which players are visionary as opposed to those who simply remember standard and engine moves. And Fabio is no match for Magnus anyway in both the above scenarios

  • agadmator, look on instagram. I've sent you some nice drawing.

  • Hey! Where's the timestamp guy?

  • I want real chess, not this stupidity

  • There is a quicker mate guys

  • even if i know how casling works here its sill funny to watch :D

  • Still haven't touched that guitar I see - worth the purchase! :) Thanks for the video.

  • Magnus have chance to make queen side castle for his first move. What a waste

  • so the supposed 2nd best in the world could only win vs Kasparov by a mouse slip and got crushed ( as always ) by Magnus, such a shame for a 2nd best, Garry deserved to win against him

  • One more time, Caruana inmortalized!!!

  • Hey how come there's not much gms from India or Russia or China like there usually are?

  • They could have castle Queen side in the first move. I would have done it just for the memes.

  • Magnus just doing Magnus things, nothing new here

  • Simply Helpless-- such a badass title

  • Seeing super GMs and good old Kasparov playing Chess960 makes me feel good for Robert James Fischer. And what a game by Magnus! Damn! Caruana was strangled to death in this game.

  • I don't understand the relationship of the Elos you show in the corss-table to the current Elos of the players: Are these their Elos on the site where they're playing? What are they?

  • If knight was still on G1, would castling work?

  • 12:33 It's impossible to find a move that doesn't win. Me: are your challenging me??

  • Agad: its very hard to find a losing move here Me: are you testing me mortal?

  • Congratulations for the custom made Chess Board and gathering the love and affection of followers of your channel.

  • Re-inventing Chess is something a child would do.

    • Or maybe somebody who wants to see the display or intellect, creativity and adaptability.

  • Thank you

  • Hello Agadmator how are you? Could you explain how they choose the positioning of pieces please? And if they keep the same begining position for the whole match ? I like to watch your videos every night before bed, keep showing us the good stuff :)

  • I had never seen chess 90 before yesterdays Vid. The castling does my head in, it looks so un-natural.

  • i wanna see some of nakamuras and so's game in this tournament too

  • What a great field of players! Love the commentary 👍

  • I’m sorry, I’m not interested in these random chess games I prefer chess.

    • Well, there's plenty of that. Nothing wrong with mixing it up once a year, is there?

  • Crazy game.

  • i instantly love this chess 960 over the classic with remembering opening theory , chess should be creative and more strategically instead of remembering move from legends.. if this kind of chess got much promote to youngster i bet it can compete with modern game...

  • when is the next podcast?

  • Imagine this is someone’s first chess video and they genuinely believed this was the set up

  • I bet the chessboard went outside and smoked a cigarette after that game

  • I love what he did @1:15. That's so funny

  • beautiful, simply beautiful

  • The sacrifice to clog up your opponent’s ability to maneuver reminds me of how alpha zero plays.

  • Has Caruana ever actually beaten Carlsen? Can't say I've ever seen it on the channel. It seems like he thinks he's going to lose and then proceeds to do just that!

  • And in this position in move 1 we have completely new game

  • I don't know, am I the only one who thinks this agadmatorino guy is just trying to leech some likes and views from somebody who has already gone through the initial struggle when you just start your channel?

    • @Gacug1 That is so true.

    • Now that I think about it again, there's probably easier ways to do that than saying something 100 000 times

  • Magnus going the α0 mode here, small sacrifice for paralyzing the opponent.

  • 4:50 first capture of game

  • This is stupid. I don't like this at all.

  • Magnus the strategic Magician!

  • What if Chuky would have got a chance to join the tournament

  • Magnus has really improved since last time at Fischer Random. Has he played Wesley again yet?

  • Pretty sure I understand how casteling works in this game if I hear it a few times more (:

    • 😂 😂

    • drop the king on top of your rook just make sure that the squares between them are empty and not being attacked.

  • Jedi master Carlson uses the force in this won

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  • That position Carlsen got opened up like the sun suddenly appearing from behind a cloud.

  • Beautiful game of magnus carlsen here

  • Do the game between magnus and wesley so.

  • Nevolim kad netko oskrvne šah sa ovakvom igrom,zašto???

  • Question: do you reckon that the Chess960 moves quickly end up resembling a regular chess game *because* Grandmasters are more familiar with it, or because such strategies are objectively superior? Is it due to GM habit, or due to precision?

    • Without asking one of them, it’s all just speculation

    • Both sides want to castle for king safety. So once both sides castle, the strategies seem to converge to those of classical chess because they're attacking and defending a castled king.

    • @Chetan Rajamli I agree with that, but at the start of games, tempo is everything. Moving your bishop to a long diagonal can be a big mistake if you have 1 pawn out of position. That mistake wont be punished if both players are transitioning their pieces to "normal" positions. Opening theories are so well known In normal chess so that most games after 6-8 moves can be described by a single name. Give a decent group of players the chance to work on opening theories for a different starting positions and perhaps they could apply enough early pressure to prevent slow positional moves. I may be wrong, I doubt that question will ever be answered, nobody is going to run that experiment.

    • @Spindoctor I don't think so though. The pieces end up in similar positions because they are the strongest there. Example, rooks in open files. Bishops in long diagonals,knights in strong forward outposts or near the king for defense, pawns in center for more control, king hidden away. So any good player will try to get the pieces to where they will be the most effective

    • I believe that it is habit, they have played thousands of games in one style, so they try to re-create that from any starting position. just my opinion.. I think an experiment could be done to clarify. Give a few 2200 players a starting position and 6 months to work on opening theories and a bit of practice from that position. Then reveal the starting position to the same number of 2700 players, give them 10 minutes to look it over and have them play each other 20 times. If the 2200 players gain significant advantage early in the games, enough to win a few, or more than what would be expected from 2200 players Vs 2700 players, then I think that would be significant evidence that the GMs are trying to re-create "normal" chess from any position despite the fact that better moves may be available. I am not sure how often a 2200 player would be expected to beat a 2700 player, I would assume in 20 games you might get 1 win, 6 draws, and 13 losses. This is just an example, there would probably be better ways to set it up, maybe 2500 players or 1 month prep time for the lower ranked players..

  • Wow! What an ending! A beautiful game.

  • Am I the only one who considers this is stupid and they should always play regular chess?

    • @Nullifidian for real, I was so excited to hear that magnus and kasparov are going to face each other again and when I clicked on the video I was like wtf is this, but I watched it anyway cause I appreciate this channel a lot

    • No, you're not. I really don't see any value in shuffle chess (and that's what it is, after all, despite increasingly pretentious new names for it) because the very selling point-that it results in unique games-makes it worthless as an object lesson. If the position will never arise again, nor anything like it, then there's no reason why I should watch it being played. Unfortunately, I have to click through when I see these videos on the main page because it never shows enough of the title for me to see that this is a shuffle chess game.

  • Love your videos Agad, before I started watching you I was 1300, now I am 800

  • Hey Agadmator, love the sweatshirt but you should make the exclamation point a chess piece. Maybe upside down pawn.

  • Now chess 960 seems interesting. At first I thought it would be boring lol .

  • cool format ! love the elimination of the memorized openings

  • I hate this type of chess - will not watch

  • The ratings in the table shown at the end of the video aren't the classical ratings, right? Are they the rapid or blitz ratings?

  • Hello agad thanks for your vids! I was rated 800 and now I’m rated 800 ! Thank you so much 🙏💯

  • The speed with which Magnus calculates his options is quite extraordinary: I watch recordings of his live blitz games online, and this is no joke - the lad is exceptional.

    • Magnus Carlsen ... Good at chess? Surely not

    • Anna Rudolf's lipstick??

    • Yeah, I think he will be world champion someday.

    • He installed Stockfish+Nnue engine into his brain.

  • Did anyone hear agads Facebook?

  • Hello, can you explain castling in Chess920 another 5 times? :P

    • david charles Sure it’s intended to be phrased humorously, but the idea behind it ignores the fact that plenty of the people watching these videos won’t know how it works.

    • @I’m a moron and it's called "humor"......?

    • You know when someone is deficient in empathy when they make a comment like this

    • Chess 920?......Never heard of it.

    • Drop the king on top of your rook just make sure that the squares between them are empty and not being attacked.

  • Finding the mating sequence when Agadmator gives the opportunity to find it is always satisfying

  • Did the chess manga get cancelled ?? I been waiting for ages lol

  • you already have reviewed the Game, the reason you sound resilient

  • i love how this channel has it very own memes.

  • What happened? Did Carlsen delay his development till he could see where to put his queen and rooks?

  • 12:34- 12:37 Qb4 loses

  • great job as always! I have a different question. do you know what the weakest player won against the world champion?

  • Beaaauuuutifullll chess from Magnus.

  • Disturbance in the for.. oh wait, wrong video!

  • Can someone please explain to me what's the idea behind this sort of chess?

  • Sorry about that😂😂😂