Engines Are Stupid! || Firouzja vs Nakamura Insane Blitz

Publicerades den 16 nov 2020
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Alireza Firouzja vs Hikaru Nakamura
Online Blitz
Vienna game, Max Lange defence (C25)
1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. Qg4 Qf6 5. Nd5 Qxf2+ 6. Kd1 Kf8 7. Nh3 Qd4 8. d3 d6 9. Qf3 h5 10. Ne3 Nf6 11. Ng5 Bg4 12. Nxg4 hxg4 13. Qe2 g3 14. Nxf7 Rxh2 15. Rf1 Qf2 16. Rxf2 gxf2 17. Qf1 Nh5
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  • At 10:55 why couldn’t you just go Nb6 picking up the rook after discovery?

  • "And white is perfectly fine here except black has one move that completely destroys white"

  • That shortest: "...so-yah..." is quite unique signature of all (or most) of you videos XD (For example check one of them on 12:42, and there are 2 or 3 more in this video =))

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  • Yo I solved it!

  • Honestly it still amazes me how apperently "Easy opening" still have such complicated lines underneath. It really shows how huge chess can be.

  • #would be nice if u added the accuracy of the players in the end of the game in every games u will cover

  • Winning the rook rather taking Knight

  • Hikaru is absurd....incredible game..

  • I watched it on Hikaru's Twitch stream 😀

  • Very Nice game .. 🙂

  • senewss.info/slow/nanQnZiAmMmlrtg/video

  • senewss.info/slow/nanQnZiAmMmlrtg/video

  • Engines are Tricky Bastards -Agadmator 2019

  • The engines are not human, they play according to their knowledge and calculation. If you limit the machine's computing power, you can expect that kind of thing. Some modules are designed with little knowledge to achieve great depths in analysis. My engine can see the Qf2 movement at depth 11, however Stockfish is superior to my machine.

  • At 10:57, why take the knight on f6 instead of moving it back to d7 to fork and take the rook?

  • wtf

  • Komodo and Leela find the queen sac immediately.

  • wtf

    • i thought i was playing chess, while playing tic tac toe

  • Always enjoyable to spend 13 minutes analysing a 3 minute game of chess

  • In the actual game he pushed D5 and then Hikaru captured with the bishop

  • That was a real rapid fire shootout.

  • So dies that mean we have new a time best Queen sacrifices]

  • 10:54 Nb6+? He can take rook.

  • This was really tough to understand

  • I'm a 1300 and very confused

  • The lesson: Taking out the queen early is losing even in the grand master level !

  • No one beats Hikaru in Blitz!

    • ...except Magnus haha

  • I watched the video from GothamChess on this copycat variation! So interesting seeing this in a game from high rated players

  • You should explain these are the 2 out of 3 best blitz players in the world. For people new to the channel and new to chess

  • Black be like : "Call an ambulance, but not for me!"

  • You caught me red handed... every time you say ‘win the game for...’, I immediately look for tactics to get the queen sacrificed

  • What was the time control for this game?

  • i hate your voice

  • Yay, first time I've ever guessed the right move! I don't even play chess, but I feel like I'm getting good just by watching these videos lolololol

  • 14.Nxg7 is such a ridiculous blunder by Alireza. h3 was a totally natural move. Sometimes super GMs can have really bad intuition.

  • watching this live was insane... it's definetly the match I'm going to show people to convince them how great chess really is

  • I was there when it was played. Absolute madness.

  • I found the move. But only because I saw the live stream

  • Best chess channel

  • But what does black actually do against Qg3 instead of Qf3... why would hikaru play this

  • Change that btc's Price . So people will interested, and buy 1 lol

  • I paused the video and then figured, after 10 seconds of staring at the board, that I don't want to think about the perfect move

  • What a fantastic match! Congratulations to both Naka and Alireza for creating such a masterpiece.

  • Where was This game played

  • Ah yes, the Vienna. Everyone’s favourite

  • Can anyone tell me what chess program is used in these videos? Thanks in advance for any replies.

  • Please show the game of adhiban which is featured in grand master chess series of chessbase India...a very attacking and mind blowing game...adhiban attacked like Tal🔥


  • 9:30 Poisoned or poisonous? Poisonous fits better IMHO. A snake bitten by another is poisoned and may die. But a poisonous snake has the potential to inflict suffering and death on another. Same with a position. A poisoned position may be lost but a poisonous one can inflict loss on the other side.

  • I'm proud to say I found the move but sadly much like stockfish missed Nh5 afterwards

  • #suggestion Are there any recorded games played by Ruy Lopez (I mean the actual person)? Would be cool to see one if there are. I would be really interested to see what theory, openings and lines were known or popular back then!

  • Can you please show us a game against Bill gates an magnus Carlson

  • noice

  • Stockfish completely missed the line that Hikaru saw in seconds. What more can you say about this game

  • At 9:50 why king e7-e8 and then e8-d7 instead of e7-d7 directly?

  • @ Gothamchess

  • I support satya sanatan (which is also a youtube channel like your, the channel who only talks about the truth but SEnewss banned that channel for one week..see what's the problem that we can't banned SEnewss or boycott it but the thing I want to tell is what I can do I will surely do: 1) I will only watch the same channel videos till this whole week 2) I will spread this message to everyone so that if they also want to help they can also do the same 3) If they have time for our country then if possible then they should also spread this message to all...I till now spread this message to more than 1000 SEnewss channels.. It's the time to check which SEnewss channel and their members are how much helpful for this kranti... thanku

  • Did the position after black”s 4...Qf6 appear as a problem in Chess Openings For Juniors by JN Walker back in the 1970s? It was the only chess book I had for years, so I remember weird stuff like this.

  • This line is known up to Q:f2+ certainly. The lines after Kd1 and g6 are terrible for black so Kf8 is better and thus we have this wild game! But you gotta know what you're doing before you sit down because the Black Q is in deep deep trouble. Wild stuff man!

  • Does anyone have a link to the game on stream?

  • Why not pawn d3 to d4

  • I see many of your videos... Your analysis is outstanding! Respect!

  • Anyone have the vod for this game for hikaru's stream?

    • senewss.info/slow/rKPPm7SWoNezgKI/video

  • Gotham chess had the queen g4 in symmetrical Vienna along with the follow up.

  • What a game :o

  • Can you analyze a game Sergey Karjakin vs Viswanathan Anand 2006

  • great to see so many people still in joy chess in 2020 ,greetings from Ireland 🍀

  • Mises Meitner gambit ! my opponents play this often and I crush them !

  • #suggestion: Captain smith vs. phillidor 1790.

  • At 10:58 cant white go for a perpetual instead of capturing the knight

  • At 11:04 Couldn’t white go for a perpetual instead of capturing the knight on c6

  • chat.whatsapp.com/EFPy3hGGrx7K2XK81NwJoZ

  • Great analysis.

  • would have been neat to see the aggressive knight to e4 move instead of the queen. Could the black king avoid the rook attack?

  • 6:55 how can white be perfectly fine and at the same time gets its position destroyed in the same move? That’s impossible.

    • It’s called humor. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joke

  • Duudeee, im not lying this is the first time i guess the right move wow

  • Beautiful Queen sacrifice!!

  • I was wondering, which site do people prefer, lichess or chess.com? Not sure on which i should spend my time

  • I must say, this might be the deepest I've ever seen you go on a position. Incredible stuff.

  • The SF playing on lichess.com looks like it's still a version of SF classic (not nnue) - for example, two cores on a 4 year old PC, sf_nnue "sees" the line in about 0.3 seconds at depth 12: 12/13 00:00 15k 770k +1.37 Qd4-f2 Rf1xf2 g3xf2 Qe2-f1 Nf6-h5 Nf7-g5 Nh5-g3 - BUT, SF classic (no neural net) takes 3 seconds to find the same move! Had sf_nnue been playing this blitz game, same TC, it would have played the same move. Good job Naka! So I guess that absolves SF, but older engines like Fire, for example, can't find it even after 30 seconds. I gave up analyzing with Fire after that, so maybe this class of engine is more deserving of the video title!

  • lol I play this every time... thanks to Levy

  • Nice iam from Indonesia

  • #Suggestions Steiniz Vs. Ed Pilhal, where Steiniz Plays our favourite opening - The EVan's Gambit. And time for some good jokes with it also

  • If i win....

  • Always happy to see Alireza lose.

  • I truly hoard Nakamura´s personality, especially when he wobbles his head as if he was minimizing his opponent´s skills. No doubt he´s a great ´player, but with a lame personality. He forgets that are his fans that put the bread on his table. treat them also with kindness. I saw him in action ignoring a fan while he was asking him a question. Dependency (he knows what I mean) murders creativity. Such it perfunctory personality for someone ranked so high in chess. The are Myriad possibilities to beat his strategies, it's why he likes blitz games I assume. Sorry, I just can´t abide his personality on and off the table. I'll be running into him in some of the games coming up. On top of that, he´s from Canada. Ni hao ma? Ni yao shenme? Ni zai na Nakamura? Hope we get to see him being humiliated soon enough. Cheers from Chile Chris

    • How shallow and petty do you have to be criticize a person's personality who is bringing chess on global level?

  • Brilliant Nakamura.

  • Nakamura is ledgend

  • I brilliant & amazing game I will watch and study again & again ... thkz.

  • #suggestion HEAR ME OUT Here's some content idea for agadmator: Pick some random games (or your subscribers can send you some) then review the game/s. Then after the game agadmator GUESSES the rating of both players (of course he'll check later if he's right) It could be fun reviewing unknown players then finding out their ratings later on. THOUGHTS?!

    • It would be cool if agadmator had a section for reviewing games of subscribers, specially if those games are awesome or feature a particular move that is great.

  • D4....

  • Incredibly incredible

  • All i saw in this game was a hurricane of chess pieces flying EVERYWHERE all over the chessboard bringing total chaos ! I... surrender, master !

    • a and b file were safe no one reached there 😂

  • Me: 1. A4 Agadmator: And it is as of move 1 that we have a completely new game

  • I became pretty damn excited about seeing the queen sac. 850 rating lmao

  • I remember watching this on GMHikaru's channel. Thanks for covering it!

  • Wow. That was a wild one

  • Reminds me of those romantic games from the 1800s