Grandmasters Miss a Simple Mate in 2!

Publicerades den 29 okt 2020
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Laszlo Szabo vs Samuel Reshevsky
"Lazy vs Rushy" (game of the day Jun-09-2011)
Zurich Candidates (1953), Zurich SUI, rd 19, Oct-04
Queen's Gambit Declined: Semi-Tarrasch Defense. Main Line (D42)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 d5 4. Nc3 c5 5. cd5 Nd5 6. e3 Nc6 7. Bd3 Nc3 8. bc3 Be7 9. Qc2 g6 10. h4 h5 11. Rb1 Rb8 12. Be4 Qc7 13. O-O Bd7 14. d5 ed5 15. Bd5 Bf6 16. Ng5 Nd8 17. c4 Bc6 18. Ne4 Bg7 19. Bb2 O-O 20. Nf6 Bf6 21. Bf6 Bd5 22. cd5 Qd6 23. Qc3 Qd5 24. Rfd1 Qf5 25. e4 Qe6 26. Bg7 b6 27. Bf8 Kf8
Read more about this tournament here
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  • it's much easier to spot a mate in 2 when you know there is a mate in 2

  • When you have a forced mate in 2 look for something better

  • I measure my progress at chess by how many engine moves i actually made.. When i analyze the game later

  • I beat a grandmaster by luck once. He was playing 12 people at the same time.He set me up to take both rooks with my queen, but I took his pawn first. He called mate 3 moves in advance. I said I can move my king to avoid mate and he said when did you take my pawn. I knew there was a trap, but didn’t know what it was and pawn move looked like a strange move so I took it. If that would have made me a grandmaster then I would have set the bar pretty low :)

  • After e4,Qxe4 Rde1 might be the idea,so Qf5, Bg7 and the rook fallls(problem with Bh8 is f6)at 8:55

  • sir

  • Reshevsky offered a draw

  • 🤣

  • Even Reshevsky finds Qxg6! look his contrite face...

  • Well....then you must have to replace ,,how strong are this guys in 1953" with ,,how higly rated "....Seems that in 1953 your rank could be your legacy..... :D

  • the games explained by agadmator is like an inception of chess options

  • Title of the video should be "Grandmasters take three hours to play a bullet game."

  • I'm quite sure that they were not playing in the library. But, are you sure that they were not playing in the bar? 😂😂

  • Plot twist : They both messed up intensionally just to make sure chess players remember how not to play. There are lot of good grandmaster games. But such games are rare😂

  • Szabó is pronounced with "c" in the beginning like "ceiling" not "z" like zero. ;)

  • That was awesome

  • what a terrible game LOL

  • Greatest Chess Players Ranking

  • If u r reading this comment that means u are excellent comment reader,and for those who just want to enjoy the show ..................

  • From Bronstein's book on the tournament: 27. BxR? KxB and just now noticing his error, Szabo became so upset that he used up almost all his time just sitting there. He then accepted the draw offered by Reshevsky nearly half an hour earlier, when White played BxR. After such a shock Szabo was not himself for a long time, which of course affected his performance in his later games in the tournament.

  • hey, nice content everywhere on your channel. Also lovely pronounciation of very different names, too. Just wanna mention that in Hungarian language the written 'sz' is just the same as the english 's' (no 'z' in pronouncing). And when it comes to written 's' in hungarian it is pronunced as the english 'sh'

  • its true Lászlo Zabo offered a draw in this position but will you find my comment and pin agadmator

  • Hard to fathom that even though this game was a trainwreck white would agree to a draw, 2 rooks vs 1 is my kind of engame.

  • White Rook to D5, then other White Rook to D1, gives White yet another winning chance! Enjoy your informative analysis. Thanks.

  • Did they both have a stroke during this game?

  • For the first time i found not one but both the pause video moves. I think im starting to get better at chess

  • at 6:43 the queen can be captured by the pawn, why is that a better move?? very confused

  • I'm not even a grandmaster but I spotted the mate

  • As this game was played in Round 19 of the series, perhaps both of the players were tired. I don't think either of them were young men in 1953, especially Reshevsky. Long tournaments have a way of screwing with your head, especially if you are getting up there in years. LS offered SR the draw. LS was in hopeless time pressure to finish the game, as he took an hour to recompose himself after blowing the lost checkmate, and never got back into form throughout the rest of the game.

  • Better than missing mate in 1. Couldn't be me... Couldn't be me...

  • Thought I read once that after Botvinnil lost his crown to Tal, he was asked how he was going to prepare for the re-match, he said, I am going to practice my two move check mates.

  • I just solved this position on Lichess practice!!!! And i'm not even 2000!!!

  • This is one of the best examples of how psychology affects chess.

  • My chess rating is trash but I always watch your videos and try to get something out of them. I am very happy to report that today is the first day that I was able to see both moves instantly. I know this is a simple mate in 2 and a relatively easy mating idea, but the feeling of accomplishment is incredible. Thank you for always making content and giving us chances to grow. You’re a true gem of SEnewss.

  • So many times i just offer a draw when i play a crappy game

  • What were these "grandmasters" rating? 1200? I've had 1000's play better than this holy sh

  • What a flattering photo of Reshevsky.

  • Nice game 😎😎😎

  • Wow, a checkmate so obvious that even i found it!

  • I think against Savon in the early 1970's, Reshevsky 1) overlooked a mate in 3 that he had and 2) overlooked a mate in 1 that Savon had, and lost when Savon carried this out.

  • Szabó László 🇭🇺💪 is a very Strong player but sometimes they (Strong players) decide to be a human and make mistakes

  • And you should really covered this game which garry kasparov who is considered to be the greatest chess player blundered a hole rook in classic gmae against karpov

  • I rates 600 in blitz, 800 in rapid and i still see the mate in 2. Indeed a simple mate. 😀

  • ”Saatanan tunarit!”

  • Samuel looks like someone who said "Don't send sheep to kill a wolf"

  • Heckuva game. I'd like to see more games featuring polgar. Judut polgar.

  • i often play as a Grandmaster 🧐

  • You misprounced his name during the whole game. Sz should be pronounced like S (in some, selft, etc) and not Z in English. It’s strange because you used to pronounce the hungarian names like Polgár and Lékó perfectly

  • Draw was agreed prior to the game!

  • Reshevsky's face explains how this game came about

  • Nice pick up on two grand masters... enough said...

  • i need a social chess life

  • Man, these guys suck. /s

  • 5:19

  • "This round fell on a Saturday, and since Samuel Reshevsky wished to play only after the end of the sabbath, all of those paired with him on Saturdays agreed to start play late. Calculating that that I would not have to wait long after the start of the round at 5:30 PM, I took the bus to go sight-seeing with the others. But Reshevsky was late (as it turned out he attended divine service in Zurich), and the chief arbiter, Karel Opocensky , started the clock of the American Grandmaster at eight o'clock. My opponent showed up three-quarters of an hour later and demanded that the clock be reset, otherwise he would not sit down to play. He was composed and I was agitated, since I had already spent more than three hours in the hall and its surroundings. And waiting like that is worse than spending the time playing. Naturally, I stuck to my guns (I still do not understand why I, the competitor, was discussing this point), and then the Czechoslovak chief arbiter turned to an "impartial judge". He managed, unfortunately, to convince me, through different arguments, that I should begin playing at ten o'clock. (I will never forgive myself.) The result was never in doubt with such a frame of mind; I lost the game soon after midnight. Why have I retold this story? Mainly because it had a great effect on the game I played with Reshevsky in the second part of the tournament, which I wanted to win--after this--at any cost." "The nineteenth round was the 'crowning' of my performance (or should I use the term: 'decrowning'?) when I met Reshevsky again...." "It was this game that people most often tormented me with throughout my later career. Everyone 'seems' to know something about this infamous case, which in reality happened as follows." "I made my 19th move, and saw that I could get a decisive advantage with 20.Nf6+, if Black had castled, indeed I could mate, if the Knight was taken. My opponent had only a few minutes left to complete the 20 obligatory moves before the time-control, while I still had more than an hour. And Reshevsky did castle ... But perhaps it is simpler if I demonstrate the whole thing with a diagram." "I quietly played 20.Nf6+ (well, as quietly as one could after getting one of the tournament favorites into such a hopeless position in twenty moves, and seeing that 20...Bxf6 is followed by 21.Qxg6+ and mate!). Unexpectedly, Reshevsky grabbed the Knight, and his nervous, possibly calculated, move swept me along so that instead of giving mate as I planned, I took the Bishop of f6 in turn. (Some analysts wrote about mutual chess blindness. But there really was no blindness on my part!) I instantly realized what I had done, but it was too late, because Reshevsky immediately exchanged my d5 Bishop, and the mating position was over. I just sat there, shook my head, and was unable to make a single move for a whole hour. The spectators and the other players looked at no one but me for long, long minutes. It was a horrifying feeling ... Had I been able to think, I still could have controlled the game. But I was also in time trouble by then, and missed winning a Rook after a few moves, winning instead only the exchange. Well, my mind was almost paralyzed, and in no shape to cope with the ever more complicated tasks. I was so disturbed that I simply do not recall long periods of the game. They told me that I offered a draw, which my opponent accepted--luckily for me. He just did not see that if he had continued, I would have exceeded the time limit, even though I had more than 75 minutes more than he, six moves earlier." "The mutual errors were followed by 21...Bxd5 22.cxd5 Qd6 23.Qc3 Qxd5 24.Rfd1 Qf5 25.e4 Qe6? 26.Bg7 b6 27.Bxf8? (27.Bh6! f6 28.Qg3! wins a Rook because of the Qxg6+ mate threat) 27...Kxf8, and drawn, (allegedly) offered by White." Go to and look up Szabo v Reshevsky.

    • This accurately describes how humans will lose the war against the machines. Humans will panic. Machines will not.

    • Three same comments

    • This needs to be upvoted more, even pinned by agadmator. Y’all this is long but it’s worth the read. Lots of missing context about this game, turns out Reshevsky was really late for this game and of course, someone who has to wait a long time for another player isn’t going to be in the same frame of mind

  • What it would look like if most of us stepped up to professional players.

  • Draw ---- Specs must be really angry then

  • well, in case, if you love watching stupid moves then you should take a look at my games.

  • In my book Bronstein comments the following:: Szabo played otherwise: 27. Bg7×f8? Kg8×f8 immediately saw his error, and became so distraught that, after using up nearly all his remaining time, and still without making a move, he accepted the DRAW. Reshevsky had offered nearly half an hour before, right after White took the rook at f8 with his bishop. After such a traumatic experience, Szabo was a long time regaining his confidence, which naturally affected his play for the remainder of the tournament.

  • What happens if the F 7 pawn takes the queen?

  • Szabo: missed mate in 2, still got a draw Me: missed mate in 1 multiple times in a game, and got checkmated

  • Pošto često izgovaraš mađarska imena, s u mađarskom je š, a sz je s.

  • i was a big fan of bronstein' book. my parents bought it to me in the 80ths. it still here, in my bookshelf.

  • I fail to see what the big deal is. I could make a bigger blunder without even trying.

  • This is a new variation of chess called Drunken Chess.

  • 11:30 What a strange draw ! If white goes Q to H8+

  • Good

  • Good

  • 9:33 what happens if f6 is played? doesnt make sense

  • 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😂😂😂😂😂😂😥😥😥😥😥😥👺👺👺👺👺👺👺incredible loss....this is what patience

  • I don't have much end game theory, I mostly play bughouse but I see in this final drawn position that white could sac queen on c5 to win the rook and knight. Would 2 rooks vs a Q be favorable with these pawns on the board?

  • It looks like neither of them really wanted to play chess that day

  • this proves that even insanely talented pros f up once in a while

  • I can bet that the PGN was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think they were friends at the bar.

  • I guess I'm Grand Master material then ... I missed both stop the video moments anyways, I'm just here to enjoy the show

  • Well of course I know him. He's me

  • #agadmator could u pls cover the latest cheating scandal on chess24

  • . #suggestion

  • #suggestion Mariotti vs Gligoric, Venice 1971. Mariotti is the first italian who took the title of Grandmaster. His style is similar to that of Tal. He was also called "the italian fury". Tal and Mariotti were friends, so much so that one evening, in Milan, Tal and Mariotti went out for a walk and while they were talking Tal said to Mariotti: "if you had been born in Russia, you would have become world champion". Unfortunately, chess was not considered in Italy, and GM Mariotti had to work as a worker to support himself, so that he could not train like all the other chess players.

  • White misses the mate on both occasions. What does it mean that they both miss the mate?

  • Back on April 8th, 1953 at 7:34 p.m. I missed a mate in 34. My Russian great-grandfather didn't talk to me for 23 years.

  • Well, Topalov missed a mate in two against Kramnik in Elista, in nothing else but a WC Match ( game 2 ), so noone has insurance against such blindness.

  • It happens. They arent robots they are humans. They have mastered this game but still are humans so we cant underestimate their mindpower by this only game.

  • About to go to sleep and get a good night's rest and then... HELLO EVERYONE

  • Please send me your email id I have some good games

  • HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION IN SERBIA Serbian president wants to be the only chess player and therefore the best.

  • agadmator isnt just some blogger reviewing chess games he is actually incredibly well read he is a walking chess encyclopedia

  • I'm feeling less terrible now when lichess tells me how many blunders I made.

  • I think there may be CO poisoning or something causing similar effect? The quality of the game is a considerable dip from the regular candidates tournament game.

  • This game is like most of my games. How sad.

  • I can still seeing him winning after resigning.😭

  • #suggestion The Reshevsky-Fischer Match 1961 (some good games, 18 years old Bobby)

  • Wow

  • Both incredibly lucky to get the draw..................

  • #suggestion please show a nezhmetdinov game! Cheers for the game as always

  • You creat very nice videos!! I would suggest you, to add something else on them. You could have a list with the moves that are made... so, it could be easier fer us to see in which part of the game are you, and write more comments for he game.

  • Round 19. Fatigue is a factor.

  • Most of my games are a treasure house of missed opportunities.

  • at 10:22 isn't bishop captures rook just a clean rook as well? why is going back to h6 better?

    • oh wait i should really not pause the video lol

    • i do see how the way it was showed was nicer

    • my question is what does black do after bishop captures? king captures bishop queen h8 check king e7 i guess if both of them are winning it doesn't matter