Engine-Like Defense || Owen vs Morphy (1858)

Publicerades den 1 sep 2020
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This is the story of the birth of modern chess - when the possibilities of chess as an art, a science and a sport all converged.
The point of convergence was a young boy from Louisiana named Paul Morphy. At a time when America was seen as a backwoods nation with little cultural history and even less intellectual impetus, at a time when chess was considered the exclusive property of a few European countries, at a time when the game was played successfully by a handful of men wizened by years, Paul Morphy, in the brief span of 19 months and with seemingly little effort, defeated conclusively every player he met.
While today few non chess players even know his name, he was one of the most famous celebrities of his time and within the hallowed halls of the chess playing community he is considered by some as the greatest chess player of all time.
But this diminutive, unassuming boy rose to fame almost out of nowhere and once he secured his place in history, he retired back into that hazy unknown, shunning the public eye, never again to play serious chess. Not only was he one of great practitioners of the game, but also one of it's greatest enigmas. He's been given the sobriquet, The Pride and Sorrow of Chess.
Source: www.edochess.ca/batgirl/index.html
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John Owen vs Paul Morphy
Odds match (1858) (unorthodox), London ENG, rd 1, Aug-10
Chess variants (000)
1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Bc4 Nc6 4. Nc3 e6 5. Nf3 d5 6. Bd3 Bb4 7. Bg5 h6 8. e5 hg5 9. Bg6 Kf8 10. Ng5 Rh6 11. Bd3 Kg8 12. ef6 Qf6 13. Nf3 e5 14. de5 Ne5 15. O-O Qf4 16. h4 Nf3 17. Qf3 Qh4 18. Qd5 Be6
Materials used in research:
Paul Morphy: Pride and Sorrow of Chess by David Lawson
The Genius Of Paul Morphy by Chris Ward
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  • Could you do an analysis of it? The longest time for a Castling move to take place was the match game between Bobotsor vs. Irkov in 1966: 46. 0-0.

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  • Why did Owen move the pawn and not capture knight with his knight??? Why let his knight get captured with check?

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  • I thought Qh3 would defend immediate checkmate

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  • Knight can fork the bishop and queen!

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  • #SUGGESTION Carl Schlechter vs Philipp Meitner Vienna-A (1898), Vienna AUH Italian Game: Evans Gambit. Morphy Attack (C51) · 1-0 [Event "Vienna-A"] [Site "Vienna AUH"] [Date "1898.??.??"] [EventDate "?"] [Round "?"] [Result "1-0"] [White "Carl Schlechter"] [Black "Philipp Meitner"] [ECO "C51"] [WhiteElo "?"] [BlackElo "?"] [PlyCount "51"] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. b4 Bxb4 5. c3 Bc5 6. d4 exd4 7. O-O d6 8. cxd4 Bb6 9. Nc3 Bg4 10. Bb5 Kf8 11. Be3 Nce7 12. Bc4 Nf6 13. Qb3 Bxf3 14. gxf3 Qe8 15. a4 Ba5 16. Ne2 Rb8 17. Kh1 c6 18. Rg1 d5 19. Bd3 h6 20. Ng3 g6 21. e5 Nd7 22. Qa3 Kg7 23. Nh5+ Kh7 24. e6 fxe6 25. Qxe7+ Qxe7 26. Rxg6 1-0

  • Hello Everyone

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  • The title is a giveaway man! Only one guy in this game can play like an engine.

  • No no no Paul morphy tricked the mind of oven psychologically, by making him play kind of safe , morphy was real gangsta 😎

  • I often see games where one of the players is short of a pawn. Can someone explain why?

  • In 9:24 it is better to play rook e1

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  • No new nasty discoveries in 2020 😂😂

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  • 8:17 The knight doesn't just hang with check, white also loses its queen and must play Qf3 since if the king moves Rh2 is checkmate

  • This might be a dumb question, but why does black start with no f pawn?

    • @Magnus Holmgren so was this like a challenge? "Hey I bet I could beat you as black even starting down a pawn"? That type of thing?

    • Because he was just that good.

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