agadmator Best Moments - EPISODE 4

Publicerades den 4 aug 2020
Another epic video by agadmatorino. Enjoy!
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  • mc agadmator got me

  • Rapper career when?

  • GrandMasters Chess Ranking 1970-2020

  • Who is agadmators girlfriend who is not letting him shoot the videos well and breaks his flow

  • Moment of laughter for the #1 Chess Channel on SEnewss

  • Agadmator hitting on Hikaru 2:04

  • He should change his channel pfp to what was on the first few seconds of the video

  • The doggie bits were so freaking hilarious!

  • patriots

  • 9:53 the floor is made out of floor

  • The Mandela effect 😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • 1:59 That awkward moment when both you and your friend interrupt each other, then both go silent to let the other speak...

  • Gosh, the first 7 minutes are just boom-boom-boom, great fun served like from a machine gun. every comedian would be happy to have such a set.

  • "queen is very powerful when the king is naked" -- quote of the century.

  • I think the idea is to "capture, capture" with Voodoo doll heads

  • What is the intro song called

  • 6:40 the "Leela" in "Leela Chess Zero" is misspelled.

  • The queen is very powerful when the king is naked... uah ah ah... nearly pissed myself...

  • I literally went through every song on OurMusicBox's channel (yes, all 319 of them) and didn't find the intro music. Does anyone have any idea what it is?

  • getting over it

  • Someone : I must find you before the monster comes Agad: Ok, i will capture capture and after captures captures he will not be alive !

  • “...Any of you could play this position against Karpov and not lose” yes Karpov was quite a good player but after watching these videos we would have at least held him to a draw with the extra pawn it’s a pity we can’t all show we can beat Karpov playing this position and probably he wouldn’t want to be beaten so many times by this long line of chess fans....

  • loved rhe rap part

  • I love you... Never laughed so much in all my life.

  • That voice thing in his head though 😂😂😂😂😂💔

  • Man crazy... Edit 😂😂😂

  • i didnt expect to laugh

  • “It is always better to give up your Queen than to win your opponents Queen.” The common queen blunder, I am familiar.

  • Agadmator: are you married Hikaru: no, I’m single Agadmator: were you ever married? I fucking died

  • The best youtuber on planet earth

  • "Is Lord of the Backdoor getting backdoored here?" LOL

  • 10:42 I will find you, and I will capture captures...

  • "The Queen is very powerful when the king is naked" loll 🤣🤣🤣

  • This video gave me a good laugh

  • Best one yet haha

  • Knight captures on E5 Knight captures on E5 Knight captures on E5 Knight captures on E5 Knight captures on E5 Knight captures on E5 Knight captues on E5 Knight captures on E5 Knight captures on E5 Knight captures on E5 KNIGHT CAPTURES ON E5!!!!!!!

  • “At least one room on E1” thanks I needed a laugh.

  • What music is in the intro?

  • Please do a split screen of Antonio doing the Kasparov face ( @ 7:38) next to Kasparov doing the Kasparov face ( #suggestion

  • 2:42

  • who came to see Antonio's hot sister?

  • Last one was op

  • Fitst

  • The rhymes were so good

  • I was wondering why are you still not a good chess player yourself after analysing so many great games? Sorry about that but your explanations are not always correct - that's the only reason

  • 10:45 the funniest

  • nasty discoveries with the d.. file

  • First episode and this made me laugh so hard, amazing job agadmator(ino).

  • Awesome😂😂😂

  • Binod

  • Binod

  • Binos

  • 6:48 I died laughing. I am now resting in peace

  • 3:08 mmmhm xD Also Hikaru seems so sad about not being married at 2:19

  • Hey shout out to Ben Finegold

  • bathrobe and nasty discoveries


  • Nasty discoveries in the bathroom. It was at this point I LOL'd and checked the like button.

  • Unreal

  • he said "getting back boarded" lmfao!!!

  • this is perfect

  • 5:15 Trust me.

  • You are hilarious!! And thank you for letting us new followers know how to pronounce the name of your channel!!

  • 10:43 gahahahahahaha

  • 6:49 ahahahahaha

  • 😂😂" Seems like a perfectly reasonable blunder.."

  • "I will look for you. I will find you. And i'm either gonna capture and capture, or if you capture then I'm gonna capture and after captures captures" :D :D :D

  • Guys did you ever see agadmator and agadmatorino in the same room? Yeah exactly

  • Jessy Pinkman, such a great guy

  • I like the bit about the dog. 🙂

  • 2 1/2 Men is a hilarious show. I guess it is not for everyone.

  • sir! i saw your video and goto play with engine at this position i take white and engine from black i cant beat engin from this position just b,coz of the move order of engin is defrent 1.Nf6+kg7 2. Nh5+Kg6 3.Bc2+Kxh5 4.d8=Q Kg2 now what will the next move order from you sir i tried many move variation but i could not beat engine

  • Who is the blonde chick?

  • 4:45 top 10 rappers eminem is too afraid to diss

  • “Seems like a perfectly reasonable blunder”

  • The randol choice of words , and speaking without any script is what makes him dope. 😎

  • Que hikaru reacting to Agadmator’s best moments part 4 . lol who else is waiting?

  • OMG the rhyming segment, how long did it take to compile those? Damn, this dude who makes these is dedicated!

  • I love this

  • The queen is very powerful when the king is naked. There could be some nasty discoveries and the king will find himself mated.

  • 6:45 that matrix reference LMAO

  • You and your girlfriend are cute couple 😊

  • I love this series.

  • It isn't agadmator but his dog's best moments Ha haa 😜😜

  • “A perfectly reasonable blunder” -Agadmator

  • The rhyme sections was so good

  • 6:36 Rook to c2 checkmate. So uhm we live in a realm where a check is a checkmate now :/

  • "The Queen is very powerful when the King is naked"

  • Kralj si, sve najbolje :)

  • Hello as anybody heard from our host?? He has not covered the final game between Magnus and Nepo. I am praying everything is OK with him health wise.

  • Also u should have tossed a sound effect from Halo but it should say "captacular" instead of "killtacular"

  • Why haven't you reviewed the legends of chess final yet? It wrapped up a couple days ago now. I keep checking in and am eagerly awaiting those videos.

  • #suggestions, the game that gave the Scotch Game its name

  • The queen is very powerful when king is naked.. wow

  • or pragg vs nihal

  • can you do an analyzed game about IM isuru alahakoon vs mohomed ali dima

  • That skull infected with Covid-19 or some weird Bacteria or sperms😌

  • Agadmator had an interview from ESPN? I read the article.. came out 2 days ago.. really inspiring guys please check it out!

  • 9:38 it was in this position that Agadmator started to CAPTURE CAPTURES CAPTURES CAPTURES CAPTURES CAPTURES CAPTURES CAPTURES

  • Haven't laughed this hard at a youtube video in a long time