Happy Birthday Misha! || Tal vs Fischer (1970)

Publicerades den 9 nov 2020
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Mikhail Tal vs Robert James Fischer
Herceg Novi blitz (1970) (blitz), Herceg Novi MNE, rd 1, Apr-08
Sicilian Defense: Modern Variations (B50)
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Nc3 e5 4. Bc4 Be7 5. d3 Nf6 6. O-O Nc6 7. Ne1 O-O 8. f4 a6 9. a4 ef4 10. Bf4 Be6 11. Be6 fe6 12. Bg3 Qb6 13. Qd2 Ng4 14. Nf3 Nd4 15. Rab1 Nf3 16. gf3 Ne5 17. Kg2 Ng6 18. Ne2 Nh4 19. Bh4 Bh4 20. b4 Qc7 21. bc5 dc5 22. a5 Rf6 23. f4 Raf8 24. Rb6 Bg5 25. e5 Rf5 26. Re6 Qf7 27. Rd6 Bf4 28. Rf4 Rf4 29. Nf4 Qf4 30. Qf4 Rf4 31. Rd7 Ra4 32. e6 Kf8 33. Rf7 Ke8 34. Rg7 Ra5 35. Rb7 Ra2 36. Kf3 Rc2 37. Rh7 c4 38. d4 c3 39. d5 Rd2 40. Ke4 c2 41. Rc7 Kd8 42. Rc4 a5 43. h4 a4 44. Ke5 a3 45. d6 Re2 46. Kf5 Rf2 47. Kg4 a2 48. d7 Ke7 49. Rc8 Rd2 50. Re8 Kf6 51. e7 Rd7
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  • Stop calling Misha please...it sounds girly and confusing as well Mikhail or Tal would be better...

  • Chess Ranking by year 1970-2020 senewss.info/slow/aNC-n9Vnr93botQ/video

  • So unfair!!!

  • Someone please make a movie on Mikhail Tal

  • In Latvia it's Tal not Taļ

  • After a3, if Tal plays Kd6, why doesn't Rxd5 Kxd5 a2 just win immediately?

  • I really appreciate the attention that you pay to the pronunciation of names.

  • @2:42 you suggest a more modern line of play being Ng5 but Tal plays Ne1 which shows that middle game plans can be very subjective ... there is no one correct answer ... in many cases more than 1 move is acceptable for a plan

  • Let’s not forget that 2 of the games Fischer lost to Tal was in his Teenage years:)

  • Yay, I have a birthday with a 5-7 year old who can play chess really well.

  • One issue with the chess clocks from that time period was they were analog so you really weren't sure how much time was left, only that it was getting close.

  • This one made me sad.😢

  • You said "......Black is not an idiot" ...... was it for me??? Coz I know I am a genuine idiot.

  • Their blitz game with no increment is still better than my classical game.

  • "You can't fork the rook because black is not an idiot." Except i keep hearing it's a blitz game...

  • I like the line kd6,pa2,pe7#,ke8 and here I think rook f4 is the killer. Am I missing something?

  • Love the stories.

  • You didn't show the results of the 1959 Candidates Tournament! What will I tell my friends ATBATL?

  • At 11:27 why does Fischer not take the pawn on h2 with his rook?

  • At 13:00 it s losing for white with Rxd5 kxd5 a2 and white has no way to stop both pawns a ore c will promote

  • Its a tal game Obviously I must watch

  • 12:48 what if R×d5 K×d5 and then a2!

  • Never trust English speakers on Foreign name pronunciations

  • I like the game Tal played vs Lissitsyne where he marches his King up the board. Have you done this one?

  • can you show more Spasky games? not just the ones against fischer plzzz

  • Hi agadmator, the Slavicized pronunciation you have adopted is unheard of in Yiddish; his name would certainly be pronounced 'Tahl", as you pronounce it at 0:51. I'd imagine that most people called him 'Таль' during his life in the USSR, but the Yiddish name 'טאַל' is unambiguously pronounced 'tahl', as the vowel under the aleph is a patach and Yiddish does not distinguish between hard and soft 'L's. Tal most likely read his name to himself as you read it at 0:51.

  • Whose the guy that's always in the top right corner?

  • 8:46

  • I sacrificed a chicken once

  • Nisam znao da je tako veliki turnir organizovan u Herceg Novom, svaki dan nešto novo saznajem. Pozdrav od Crnogorca iz Poljske!

  • wow hbd gm tal

  • A tragic game for Tal for sure! How come you are finding out so many names that have traditionally been pronounced wrong for decades?

  • #suggestion Cover the second and third game between levon and nepo which just happened now

  • You sound so weak . Are you alright mate?

  • 1:30 my auto-captions just gave up trying!

  • Because black is not an idiot 😂

  • “It’s impossible because black is not an idiot...” unless I’m playing the black pieces.... 😉

  • Agadmator: I have dornish wine for you Khaleesi

  • How do u make ur board and arrows look like this?

  • senewss.info/slow/po_DnJB0gaa1a5U/video can you show this game

  • Misha sounds Cute

  • Love the fact you should losing game but a good game

  • My Friends from Latvia say that in Latvian its Tals(pronounced as L), but in Rusian its Talj and that both are correct in a way ...

  • Referring to the great Mikhail Tal as 'Misha' is just ridiculous to the point of being stupid.....its like referring to Cristiano Ronaldo as 'Crissy'....have some respect for the man and stop addressing him as a 5 year old

  • Agadmator, what is your favorite, personal chess set? I just wonder what kind of a chess set a man of your vast chess knowledge would choose?

  • happy birthday!

  • Hi From Malaysia.

  • #Suggestion senewss.info/slow/oKXFbc90qLzIesg/video

  • He lost in completely winning position He is my role model

  • We actually call him "Tāls" as in Taals. Talj is how russians pronounce it. So the correct form would be the previous one. Trust me, I'm latvian lol.

  • 12:33 That moment when you manage to find the correct move for once.

  • If White plays Ke6 instead of d6, doesn't Black have Rxe5+? because after Kxe5, black pushes a2, and there´s no way to stop promotion.

  • Misha vs Fischa: Battle of the Titans

  • I've been following daily for 2 weeks now after seeing Queen's Gambit and I gotta say.. this game is humiliating. I just now had 2 rooks against a king and ran out of time before I could figure it out. Worst day of my life..

  • It hurts when I see a Tal defeat, even on his birthday. What the hell are you doing, man? 😷 Surely you could have picked another game. We're in lockdown too, to compound it. 🤮

  • Happy Birthday legend.Sorry for a late wish.

  • Antonio you just made my day i wait for fischer game and you showed not only fischer but fischer against tal thanks Antonio well you know i love you 🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️

  • Damn! I'm late! SORRY ABOUT THAT.

  • Happy birthday Mikhal Tal. Bobby Fischer

  • Very cool that Fischer visited Tal in the hospital. Just expanding my vast chess knowledge thanks to Antonio

  • Why is there a box astronaut with B on his head in the bottom right corner?

  • I don’t even play, let alone understand chess...yet I watch every video of his like “🤔 mhmm, yes, I would have done the very same. Well played good sir”

  • What a great endgame lesson in the power of the king. Thanks.

  • This video ends in 1282 seconds!

  • Why’d you show a loss on his birthday lol

  • Nothing is best when Tal takes down Fisher

  • wow totally weird. the only explanation i can think of is... Misha and Fischer giving each other so much respect and then time is running out.... blunder... ooops... blunder, blunder.. aaaaghh.

  • @agadmator Please stop calling him Misha. You always said Tal, keep it this way. He's not a kid.

  • Great game, even greater players. Epic. Misha was better in this game but Fischer history move (story about hospital) is above skills:)

  • Rxd5 followed by a2 for black?

  • 15:52 "Because Black is not an idiot" lol

  • The plot twist in this video is like Game of Thrones.

  • It was still a dark forest

  • #suggestion kasparov v short 1993 tournament

  • iqbal b.day too xd

  • Tal has a positive record against fischer because most of their classical games were in late 50s and early 60s at that time boby was too young and tal in his prime otherwise it would be in fischer favor

  • Happy birthday Mishaa ♥️

  • #suggestion chigorin vs caro vienna 1898

  • yeah right, what about the elections?

  • "Misha" looks too much like "Fisher" ... just say "Tal". Misha sounds stupid, we know him as Tal. Who cares for the right pronunciation? Have you tried to pronounce "Euwe"? Haha, you will definitely fail.

  • # suggestion ppz plz misha doesn't sound good as tal sound plz use tal plz plz plz plz plz pplzzzzzzzzz

  • He lost the game by wanting to win the game- agadmator

  • Some die too young. 🥲

  • Please antonio show a Kasparov game

  • WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I love Chess, I hardly ever win, I don't like losing, but I do like learning how a game is won. I far too often give a piece away by not observing it's situation and regretting it and feeling like a stooge. I have difficulty seeing beyond the third move and thus not grasping the probability of my moves being as successful as they could be. I have won some games with some big players like an Oregon State Chess Master, but only because I convinced him to play three games in a row when he was very tired; he won the first two, and I won the last because I took advantage of some mistakes he made, the same mistakes that I make (you would think I would learn from that?). So what the heck is my problem? Oh help Obi-Wan Kenobi or anyone else capable. P.S. Put some fluffy pillows on that couch so to be comfortable in Nostroviating, be it shaken, stirred, or just guzzled (Magnus style) before a good game of Chess. PEACE TO ALL senewss.info/slow/jaerptWgp6vEm6o/video :-)

  • #suggestion vishy Anand vs Joel lauter (idk know the exact name) 1997 Biel chess festival

  • Happy bday Tal 🥳🥳

  • hi. 15.49 - white qf7 than white qxa2 - leads to queen ending with white beeing up a pawn?

  • I assume the only player that has an all-over positive score against Fischer is Efim Geller. Am I right?

  • Rip tal. The legend. Now for my daily shill: can you, for pixar's 35th anniversary do geri's game?

  • A gam of tal on his birthday is a great thing wish I could see more of his games...A winning game would have been even nicer...

  • The fact that this was played in my city 50 years ago makes me feel so sad that i wasn't born then...😶

  • After ??. Kd6 (preparing e7+) it just seems like the rook sacrifice...Rxd5+, Kxd5, a2..win the game on the spot for black?

  • Agad; whatever it is. Misha is supposed to win. It's his B'day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't say second place. I'm disheartened 😭😭😭😭

  • Thanks for the nice story about Fischer visting Tal in the hospital!

  • Let's get real, at the top of his game, Fischer was almost unbeatable.

  • There are rumours that if someday agadmator runout of tal's game then tal will reborn and play some game so that agadmator can show them on his channel.

  • But what happens if in minute 15:32 you do check with Qe5+? then he has to move the king and you do Qa1, controlling the pawns and giving you a chance with the king and the pawn at h4 (maybe is an idiot move but idk)

  • Happy birthday Magician.

  • Shoutout to Herceg Novi !