That's How You Use The Entire Board || Firouzja vs Aronian || Champions Showdown: Chess9LX (2020)

Publicerades den 13 sep 2020
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Alireza Firouzja vs Levon Aronian
Champions Showdown: Chess9LX (2020)
12.9.2020, Round 4
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Garry Kasparov is back in action tonight in the Champions Showdown: Chess 9LX, where he’ll face Magnus Carlsen in their first competitive game since 13-year-old Magnus took on the legend in Reykjavik in 2004. The 10-player round-robin also features Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja and reigning Chess960 World Champion Wesley So. Two days later the St. Louis Rapid & Blitz begins, with Nepo, Grischuk, Harikrishna and Xiong replacing Kasparov, MVL, Caruana and Svidler.
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  • “While it is interesting, it loses terribly.” Classic

  • The end of chess as we know it. Old School GMs are rolling on their graves 🤮

  • Happy birthday Agadmator 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉

  • @ 12:09 R-f7(?)

  • "How are you so good at chess?" "Well, I can make my bishops do whatever the flying f*** I want. That helps."

  • My friends at the library will like that mate

  • Pogi ni alizura...

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  • Sorry about that 101k

  • So happy to see Alireza is improving so fast, last year in Tata Steel he could not beat any of the first 10 best ranks, this year he beats MVL and So, soon we will see a new champion :)

  • Having a especially tough day ahead of him when everybody is Champion is a hard claim :D

  • 9:23 Black is up a pawn, and White is not about to win one, so it is 4 v 5

  • Aronians middle game play reminds me a little bit it of Bent Larsen in this game the way he counters and opens things up to his advantage.

  • The new Chess Arrow Design is stupid. A great example of technology regressing rather than advancing.

  • "While it is interesting, it loses terribly." It was in this position that Agadmator accurately summed up my whole chess life 😂😭😂

  • @Agadmator great video as usual, but please change Levons picture, he looks terribly depressed😂😂

  • 0:00 Hello everyone 0:15 Without further ado 0:37 Sorry about that 1:00 Really weird arrows 1:59 Exploiting the space left behind 2:15 3:10 Strike in the centre 4:04 Double attack 4:35 Move from the thumbnail 5:33 12:34 Give you a couple of seconds 5:44 12:45 Enjoy the show 7:02 9:20 11:52 Captures captures 9:26 12:20 14:23 Completely winning 10:00 There's an attack here, there's an attack here, there's an attack here 10:34 Nice smothered checkmate 10:57 Super tricky idea 11:59 While it is interesting, it loses terribly 12:15 A lot of pressure 13:38 It was in this position 14:39 Standings 15:27 Most colourful grandmaster 15:39 So yeah

  • It will bring this bishop come alive -agadmator2020

  • #suggestion for the next april fools, everytine you say "without further ado" you follow with "ah that reminds me to say a bit about the players' background...."

  • How do you make such nice videos? I mean what software do you use to make a video and how do you do that

  • I actually expected: What are gonna do? 1:16

  • So we go c4.....aahh sorry abt datt

  • When I first started watching chess a year ago aronian was not playing(for obvious reasons) so I had no idea who he was and all. Now I feel like this is possibly the only guy who could in current strength challenge Magnus Carlson for the world championship. What a miss for the candidates tournament

    • *en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Levon_Aronian**#Personal_life*

  • Levon is one player whose play generally doesn't make any sense to me, along with Tal, Anand and Shak. I don't understand why that is so. I don't mean to say I understand everything other players do. But these guys feel more mysterious for someone like me ( around 1750). I wonder if I would have ever thought to play that f6 move in that position! I would have probably played Bxg7 even after thinking about f6.. 🤔

    • But then, as agadmator says " not everything has to make sense if it's fun" 😄😄😄

  • #Suggestion Can you show some games of SUSAN POLGAR

  • What are you doing with the arrows?

  • So vs. Carlsen video is no longer there... Deleted?

  • In this tournament all seniors are getting form and showing their skills on this only child Alireja

  • The same setup in fabiano and kasparove game

    • *Fabiano (Fabiano Caruana) *Kasparov (Garry Kasparov)

  • Hello, Can you add my team in your team battles plz Team name: gugrati-chokre

  • 10:21 the wooden shield

  • Hey agadmator. I've been leaving comments on a few of your other videos but here i'd like to leave a really big thank you. My dad (thank god for him) taught me chess at age 4, but due to a combination of really shitty circumstances and just being busy i lost interest for several years. I randomly stumbled on your video of Ivanchuk's immortal and I started to just binge your channel. You're relaxed, unpretentious, friendly, your commentary is insightful and enjoyable, I love your little catchphrases lol, and you've actually completely revived my interest in chess, as well as improved my playing style and skill with your videos. Thank you for bringing back a part of my life that I almost forgot was missing. Hope you're doing well. Gonna try and send a donation your way sometime. Made sure to subscribe. Take care.

  • The bishop goes here,here, here, here, and here

  • For some ineffable reason this was one of the more interesting games of recent. Agadmator's commentary has much to do with it. But also the Random Chess format makes it all the less "standard opening theory" that we slog through.

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  • What software does he use?

  • It's not fair levon started to talk loudly in levonian language

  • Google "Donald Trump" and you get 914,000,000 results. Google "agadmator" and you get 3,090,000 results. Ergo, Donald Trump is WAY more popular. But only in Bizarro World. And in Real World, agadmator videos... - use occasionally quirky arrows, but never Sharpies - never suggest your opponent will go away by April - avoid games featuring hydroxychloroquine, bleach, or sunlight - say there are fine people on BOTH sides, and it's almost certainly always true - often appeal to suburban housewives - leave you feeling like you really can enjoy the rest of your day - give you something fun to talk about at the bar and library, with only the slightest chance of starting a brawl - get all their votes (usually these 👍) through the internet instead of the post office - always give you the real news, unless it's April 1, then all bets are off - may identify some as occasional "losers", but they're never "suckers".

  • Great game 🙂

  • what exactly does he fix when he says "sorry about" truly asking

    • Originally it was the volume knob for the clacking sound that the pieces make, but somehow it has evolved into a long running joke. I am not sure how or why.

  • With flexible arrowing, those pesky knight moves just got a whole lot scarier. Oh yeah? How about... 3 squares up and 6 squares right? CHECKMATE!

  • Levon gets destroyed soo many times 😂🤣😂😂😂 , soo many immortals against levon , soo many sac wins against levon , he never learns tho lmao noob . even tho he won this somehow but even kids crushes him hahaa🤣😂

  • Life is meaningless like if you agree

  • I watch ph

  • Since Chess960 covers every possible chess combination while normal chess does not, you will see some incredibly rare mates as we saw with that amazing mate in 3.

  • More and more love to Levon

  • Following up on those Bishop arrows. I once played a match in which an opponents bishop did actually switch colours!

  • Why white queen didnt capture pawn on f6 at 6:16 because it comes with check as well

    • Because Rook on f8 is protecting that pawn.

  • Okay, Levon! Wow.

  • aaaahh. so levon knows the wooden shield!

  • If there is no good comment deserving your like, you can go for this one

  • Have you considered putting the live engine evaluation on the side? I personally would love it. I remember you mentioning before that there was a reason you don’t have it.

  • Levon: "Reza, you are the goldenboy of bullet... Let's keep it that way!"

  • 10:16 Levon with the wooden shield

  • I always like games in which Alireza loses.

    • @Peter Mortensen when he lost against Magnus, he got angry, threw his water bottle on the floor, and filed a complaint in which he lied that Magnus kept talking in his own language. He shows a bad character.

    • Why?

  • Alireza is a bad person, he deserves to lose

  • Hi Agadmator and fellow commentors! I'm pretty new to chess and have been watching your videos for some time now. I was wondering where i could find some video's, books or other sources to improve. I'm currently hovering around 700 rating without ever learning any specific (opening)theory. Could ayone please help me out? Thanks in advance ;)

  • 0:11 Not a long one, just right for a very enjoyable Sunday. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.

    • There isn't any need to shout. We have _italics_ on this platform. For instructions, see e.g.: _pmortensen DOT eu/world2/2020/03/22/bold-and-italics-in-youtube-comments/_ You can edit your comment.

  • Finally the overrated giri isn't invited to one of these lol

  • 😂🤣 I love how they made the crazy arrows crazier 😜

  • a few good things for the highlight video by agadmatorino

  • Hello everyone alireza firouzja future champion

  • I don't know about this game but Firouzja's main problem is losing winning positions.

  • Hope Levon wins the tournament.

  • Can anyone tell me about the Levon tragedy?

  • 10:17 Bishop Protec but He Also Attac kthxbai

  • I even half considered rook to ha1, but the was so little material around the king I dismissed it right away. Fantastic pattern!

  • ... Needs more Further Ado.

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  • 10:35 U stupid mothercheckmate? Is it some kind of insult used by GM ? 🤔

  • What if white plays Rf7 instead of Rc7 at 12:10? Probably not winning, but is it a better move?

  • Aronian played the wooden shield 10:19. He has obviously been watching xQc.

  • Very pleased that I found the mate in 3!!! The second move was really tough to spot.

    • I'm even better, I can sometimes find the mate in 1.

  • Love seeing Lev win

  • 13:11 Its like Boden's mate but with a queen and bishop instead of bishop pair mate

  • I found the beautiful mating pattern, took a nice sip of my water, and enjoyed the rest of my excellent Sunday. Thanks Antonio for another great video

  • Excellent job by Agadmator 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Fantastic game this one 👍👍👍

  • The arrows are for if you want to maneuver the piece to a specific square

  • Levon: "we pay for the entire board, we use the entire board"

    • Ah those rich people..... just throwing money away...

  • It does feel good to see Levon make a comeback after his personal loss.

  • Can't we find a better picture of Levon? ....He looks like he lives in a cardboard box.

  • Damn, three loses of my favourites in agad's videos in a row :-(

  • You can make the arrow like that from like months ago lol

  • 9.24 Agad so concentrated he missed a pond..

  • 9:23 Count again

  • Gave watching chess 960 a try. Nope, not interested.

  • Tfw f6 is a good move

  • Glad to see Levon playing brilliant chess. I've seen most of his games but recently his games after what happened are just next level.

  • 1:12 Agad's Philosophy

  • Agadmator: Not a long one. 16 mins video. Yup that's short.

  • I feel so reliefed when he says 'Hello everyone'. Thank you agadmator I like your commentry your predictions and many more things about you sir! I learnt so many things about chess from you never stop making chess video. Stay safe stay blessed

    • *relieved *en DOT wiktionary DOT org/wiki/relieved**#Adjective* Can you also add the missing punctuation? You can edit your comment.

  • If #agadamator sub count is still running 1k daily it'll take 8 months to hit 1 million subscribers , so please like and sub his , I wishing you to hit 1 million subscribers in the end of 2020

  • In the stands why is Caruana rated 2771 when he's actually a 2800's player. Is it the chess 960 ranking??

    • If yes why is Wesley the world Champion not highest and not even in 2800's

  • Awesome analysis, my favourite chess channel by far

  • u dropped a quote of ur own that's deeper than all of the ones u showed us: "not everything has to make sense... if it's fun." couldnt agree more guru Agad

  • (0:49) it "professional" here: it's called a bug. lol. ;D

  • Chess is so sexy when Agadmator uploads

  • "Not everything has to make sense, if its fun" -Agadmator

    • "Since the new software update, when I turn the wheel in my Tesla to the left, on Tuesdays and Thursdays the car will turn left, while on other days it will turn right. Makes no sense, but it's fun."

  • I love watching John Green beating a Grease actor in a game of chess.