Hafu Wins Pogchamps! || Hafu vs Gripex || Pogchamps Finals (2020)

Publicerades den 7 sep 2020
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Hafu vs Jesper
2nd Pogchamps Championship (2020)
Giuoco Piano (C53)
Check out the game PGN and article here www.chess.com/news/view/pogchamps-final-hafu-is-the-champion#itsHafu
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  • Thanks for the result spoiler. I'll be blocking your content from my feed now like many other people I suspect.

  • i cant seem to see past four moves....any tips?

  • Classic woman move, instead of winning the argument in 4 words, they prolong it so much that they make a man bang their head on the desk !

  • Hafu didn’t play to win. She annihilated her rivals.

  • i for the first time ever correctly guessed the 4 move checkmate oh my god

  • I'm just happy I saw the mate in 4, and it only took the rest of my 3 minutes :3

  • Now hafu is know as a pro among us player

  • WTF agadmator watching gripex, i cant imagine.

  • Can I ask why so many streamers have been picking up chess recently?

  • i did not know u played league thats sooo cool

  • Cover up the match between Samay Raina and Joel D'Souza. It's so good from #COB3. Huge Fan from India. #Suggestion

  • Is this the same Hafu that didn't know how to boil water? What a strange world we live in XD. Super happy for her!

  • wait what hafu play chess ?

  • My elo rating went down after watching this LOL. Nah GG.

  • I FOUND THE FORK AND PIN I've never found the correct move untill just now :'))


  • I've been watching agad's vids for a long time now but I still don't know why he says "sorry about that"

  • Hafu you teaser!!!!!! 😁

  • nice endgame technique by hafu. Really showing some natural talent for straight forward conversion, not allowing any tricks

  • Clown fiesta

  • EVEN not in Pogchamps Evan's Gambit not been played...😭😭😂😂

  • Wow I love how you gave away the winner in the title of the video :D

  • Do you play Valorant by any chance? (Or any FPS games?)

  • I'm a chess noob so I hope someone can explain : At 2:17 agad said black pawn to E5 to threaten the white bishop would be the best move. But couldn't Hafu then just do en passant to lift the threat?

    • Can, but the best move is still moving the bishop.

  • The greatest game of all

  • So much easier to find those moves when the game is between newbies!

  • We have a mate in 4 but she doesnt do it which is ok because she improves her position.... oh right here there is a mate in 3 but he doesnt like that because it ruins the pawn structure but it is alright, the queen is sacrificed and also the bishop which is ok because shr is one whole piece ahead, thanks agad. Lmfao

  • I have a proposal: could you first announce a winning move, then give a hint and only after a hint tell, what sequence of moves it is? That way more low rated chess players will enjoy the "I found it!" feeling.

  • #suggestion. I'm not really suggesting a game for analysis, but it would be great to know how many points each player is up in every move, just like in chess.com. Or thumbnails of which pieces each player has lost. It takes time for some of us to pause and calculate the advantages or disadvantages each player has over the other. Also the overall rating of each player would help, in judging who to choose to stick with as the winner of the game, as the game begins.

  • wow this is the first time i actually found the correct move with that queen lol

  • gripe away, loser :-) reminds me of my 1st game

  • why everybody using photos of hafu from like 2017? :pp

  • i cannot believe a women won an event.

  • No matter what you do there will always be an Asian better than you

  • 9:01 "this rook of course has now transformed into a pig" I laughed so hard I had to pause the video.

  • @Agadmator; are you going to be covering the Chess With Ovi Cup?

  • Love this channel, but I hadnt seen the finale... Now i Know the results...=(

  • Recently, one of top Moldovan grandmasters, Dmitry Svetushkin, died. He was only 40. It would be nice if you could cover one of his games, to honor his memory: www.chessgames.com/player/dmitry_svetushkin.html #suggestion

  • Been watching the VODs over the last two weeks and somehow dodged spoilers until seeing this video's title. Sadge :(

  • Thanks, ur thumbnail spoiled the whole show

  • Hafu is so smart in everything she plays, it's insane

  • Why did he not resigned ?

  • hafu hacks

  • Ah yes, a Fat Chocobo in the corner. I see you are a man of culture as well

  • Please don't spoil the games in the title.

  • I'd bet "sorry about that" is now almost on purpose, just to keep the traditions alive :-)

  • Man. Come one I was on my way to watch the finals...

  • lee sin are you?

  • What does "Pog" mean?

    • It's an emote, or more basically it's a word people use on Twitch and other gaming/streaming platforms when something exciting or impressive happens.

  • Gripex is actually skitz

  • who are theese woodpusher?and why there s a video for them?

  • Greyepex

  • So excited about Evan's gambit! I started to play the Italian game as white just for that!!

  • Evans gambit torture I see.... ahh good bait as always

  • I don't know who played which color

  • Never thought i would hear you talk about Gripex in chess!

  • 1:09 The agadmator gambit.

  • So, when pogchamp championship showdown between Hafu and Voyboy proceed?

  • Its hard to believe that someone could be so good at chess when they were so bad at Hearthstone.

    • Different games, different skillsets, etc etc. You can be awesome at game A and suck at game B.

  • The rook is transformed into a 🐖 😅😅😅

  • Was hoping for a Hafu vs Dog finals :(

  • agad was a jg main?? pog

  • Danil Dubov found mate in 13,this girl couldnt find mate in 4 ...

  • I wanna see pogchamps with all the biggest streamers playing, you, Hikaru, gothem chess, botez sisters, nems, Ludwig ect

  • Even more exciting than winning the tournament might be getting coverage on this channel!

  • #funny moments 6:00

  • 11:24 i love chess players dry humor LMAO

  • Almost Evan's Gambit... :-(

  • That was a brutal game. Did she curbstomp everyone else in a similar fashion?

  • stupid as spoiler title one day after she one. get a brain dude.

  • agadmator played league ;0


  • Hello i am megsen amanov

  • When winning isn't enough ... having a need to completely OWN them

  • Agadmator pronouncing a name incorrectly? I never though this day would come.

  • Agadmator does try really hard to justify Pogchamps' moves and try to make everyone believe that they are playing at a high level.. Come on man.! Mate in 4, but Hafu doesn't go for this.!! (And then in the video, we are still halfway. And b captures on c3 making sure that Black is not stalemated.! (while you can easily win the game without having to capture that pawn.! In fact just not capturing it allows you to not worry about the stalemate. Thank god that it's over.!

    • Hirak Mitra Definitely you’re not the only one. Plenty of people find it really annoying . Most true chess fans would. It’s just that most of the chess channels are now over subscribed with pubg, fall-guys, and pokemon stream lovers because of this Raid thing, so there’s bias!

    • Finally..I thought I am the only one who found this entire pogchamps thing annoying.

  • So this finals show that Justice will find those who play League of Legends without Kayle being his/her main champion... Glory to Kayle! Kaylemains, unite!!!

  • Hafu played really well, but thats what you get when you play 8 hours a day for two months straight and get coached by Hess, Svidler and Nepo.

    • Yeah, she worked insanely hard

    • @DrZaius3141 She is talented

    • I don't like the obsession with GM coaches. Sure, when you're 2400, only a GM coach can really advance you, but a good teacher has to explain things in a context that the teachee understands and sometimes a GM is too far ahead or just better at playing than at coaching. What really got her through was hard work and a brilliant mind. She's clearly crazy talented because regular people who train something for 8 hours a day are more prone to ingrain bad habits and don't get that much stronger.

  • Hafu is a fucking genious!

  • 1:09 - Sorry about that... 3:09 - Completely new game 4:37 - Couple of seconds 6:07 - Nasty discoveries 6:41 - Couple of seconds 8:47 - Captures Captures 9:04 - Rook has now transformed into a pig (NEW!)

  • For those who dont know and are surprised how this is a final: Borth just started playing 2 months ago, Hafu played more than 1500 games in that time and trained very hard, so winning this tournament with such a game is really a big achievement!

  • Why don’t you put the ratings below the names ??

  • 9:02 This rook is now of course transformed into a pig. 🤣

  • Agadmator plays Lee Sin!? You had my interest before the Chess in Twitch, but now you have my attention ;)

  • Watching this gave me heartattack 💔the longest checkmate

  • I want to participate in pogchamp just to play Evans gambit

  • 1:09 here's your daily ''sorry about that'' addiction

  • tf , are they new to chess or something , whats going on ?

    • @Lukas a okay , thanks . I got it after reading some comments

    • yes it's a celebrity tournament. They prepped for one or two months

  • Terrible playing by both players .. if it's blitz game then it's okay but if it's other than that it's just terrible playing by both players.

  • Sorry about that .. every time 😂

  • Why spoil it like that in the title idk, kinda boring

  • 6:24 Am I completely crazy or is Qxb2 still a game?

  • terrible choice, the quality of games he shows is degrading

  • I am so happy, I didn't know Hafu before this whole event, but I saw a coaching session with Anna Rudolf and she seemed to be not only quite talented but she also put an insane amount of time and effort into this, she deserved to win and I am very happy for her.

  • Fun fact: the username "itshafu" in chess dot com belongs to Gary Kasparov

  • First time I found the both winning ideas.

  • Black is playing like me in younger days. White is playing like me now unable to find mating sequence. I would have mated her anyways.

  • She was toying with that man 😂 😂

  • Gripex is a despicable person for continuing such a game. Whatever happened to showing due respect for your opponent.

  • Congratulations to Hafu, the PogChamps 2 champion!