No Reverse Gear Elizabeth! || Harmon vs Beltik || Netflix's Queen's Gambit

Publicerades den 30 okt 2020
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Elizabeth Harmon vs Harry Beltik
Netflix Series - The Queen's Gambit
Caro-Kann, two knights, 3...Bg4 (B11)
Rashid Gibiatovich Nezhmetdinov vs Genrikh Kasparian
Spartak Team Ch (1955), Riga LAT
Caro-Kann Defense: Two Knights Attack. Mindeno Variation Exchange Line (B11)
1. e4 c6 2. Nf3 d5 3. Nc3 Bg4 4. h3 Bf3 5. Qf3 e6 6. g3 g6 7. Bg2 Bg7 8. O-O Nd7 9. Qe2 d4 10. Nb1 e5 11. d3 Ne7 12. f4 Qc7 13. a4 O-O 14. f5 f6 15. Nd2 Bh6 16. Kh2 Kh8 17. fg6 hg6 18. Nf3 Bc1 19. Rac1 Nc5 20. c3 Nb3 21. Rcd1 Rad8 22. Nh4 Qc8 23. Bf3 Qe6 24. Bg4 Qf7 25. Nf3 Qg8 26. h4 Kg7 27. Rf2 Rd6 28. Rdf1 Rdd8 29. Qc2 b6 30. h5 c5 31. hg6 dc3 32. bc3 c4 33. d4 ed4 34. cd4 Nd4 35. Nd4 Rd4 36. e5 f5 37. Bf5 Qd5 38. Be6 Rh8 39. Bh3 Ng6 40. Rf7 Kh6 41. Qg6 Kg6 42. R1f6 Kg5 43. Rf5 Kg6 44. R7f6 Kh7 45. Rh5 Kg7 46. Rg5 Kh7 47. Bf5
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  • 10:50 Too many people got wrong about what happened in the bathroom: No drugs didn't enhance her chess playing - It just removed her withdrawal symptoms - so she could concentrate on the game. Unfortunately, I know this for a fact.. :-/

  • At the end after Kg5 what about Rg7 Kh5 Bg4?


  • Am i dumb or was there a much simpler ending? Bring the queen to c1, forcing the king to h5, than bringing your f7 rook to f5.. (I might be missing something here im no chess expert)

  • I actually was disappointed by chess in the series. When reporter reads the moves, and it is clear that it is not possible for black to move to white's half in first move, but I realize that he just reads the number coordinates as if black is on white half(and for white as usual), I don't remember exact moves, but let's say 1. e4, e4. Also I was trying to follow the final game, and holy shit, at one moment there are misplaced queen and bishop, shifted just ONE square, but this is totally different position. And next scene - the queen and bishop are on their places. What is strange - that the queen and bishop were not moved between 2 scenes depicting the game on the wall, indeed in one scene they are placed correctly, on the other - shifted.

  • Oh wow I didn't know what the c4 pawn talk was about before.

  • Awesome

  • Paul Morphy, the opera house game

  • #suggestion, Beth's simultaneous in the basement against the teacher and the janitor. awesome blindfold display.

  • i love how you make us guess who are playing who and letraly says (Elizbeth opens with e4)

  • A friend told me of this series. I am finding it rather compelling. If you are a chess lover as well it adds to the dimensions of the series.

  • Never noticed that opera game reference in the speed chess section, nice catch

  • Why not d5-d4 at 1:32? Queen is protecting the pawn.

  • I found the best move ...twice!

  • Watched the series after this clip and here is my question: seemed to me (unlike the melodrama line) all of the chess games in the series (including this one) were very sketchy and not really shown in any detail, yet a lot of people seem to know exactly what was played. What am I missing?

    • and for the parts that are cut out, you have to reconstruct the moves that lead to where you are on

    • these games are based on real games played by real famous grandmasters so the opening and middlegame can be figured out

  • Morphy opera i think...?!

  • Beth looked like she was about to murder him in some very messy way.

  • Love the detailed analysis of all possibilities, thank you!

  • Keep doing the good stuff my friend.. loved this

  • I really appreciate your commentary. Thank you for sharing your historical insight!

  • I immediately clicked when I saw " no reverse gear" it could be no one else than our Nezhimetinov

  • Thought the chess player would be EVAN

  • One of ths best shows that makes Chess exciting.

  • oh he's the chubby kid from harry potter

  • Beltik didn't actually play at his best because he underestimated her and showed up late so he missed a lot of time too that's why he didn't spot C4

  • Base of the thumbnail, black going first. Black can take white queen in the next two moves

  • well it's also that this was her first tournament and doesn't know rules or etiquette like that for chess yet

  • Benny. Watts

  • The game in the end is Reschevsky game?

  • Battle Chess for the Amiga got me into playing chess long ago. I never was any good, but loved the movie, Queen's Gambit.

  • 19:38 so you know how to pronounce Räşit Hibät ulı Näcmetdinov, but don't know how to pronounce Harry? bruh

  • Mr. agadmator, I believe you are also allowed to say, "Queen," "Rook," "Bishop," or "Knight" when you promote a pawn! LOL! ♟️

  • this movie is a propaganda to make women think they are stronger than men

    • id like to see you play anna rudolf or judit polgar and see how you do guess youll lose to a woman

    • Don't be so insecured. You can still talk like a superman behind the keyboard.

  • What makes this game so great is how quickly the action switches between the two sides of the board (King-side/Queen-side). Maybe that's supposed to parallel how quickly the dynamic between Beth and Beltik switches, or how quickly Beth's mood switches from her "Queen's side" defensiveness to her "King's side" attacking style.

  • why in the show when she comes back from the bathroom its a completely different position than when she left

  • how did he find all the moves if they didnt even show half of them

  • it's cool how true to the game the show was.

  • imo beltik character perhaps based on botvinik

  • Awesome !!! Ty

  • Our good friend the Bishop. 😎

  • Did not know Harry was Dudley. Haha now that's weird. He looks so different!

  • can someone explain to me why 17:03 is so obviously winning for white? I suck pretty hard at chess but it seems to me that rook to e6 is quite problematic to deal with no? is there something I'm missing?

    • Rd6 will be followed by Qe7, the knight on g6 is under heavy fire, also the pawn on e6 is threatening to promote.

  • Can you explain the part where she made a mistake according to Benny Watts? Gread video

  • Lol! Love the Judit Polgar "no reverse gear" reference

  • the netflix show "queens gambit" is just bad... hollywood bs

  • I love this show

  • thanks for showing this game. the series was very good.

  • Drink every time agadmator says BESHOP

  • 2:46 it was at this moment netflix resigned the game

  • I literally thought of playing c4 there

  • I didn’t think I’d like the show at first, but I absolutely love it. And games in it have serious depth

  • I cannot tolerate shows about chess. I end up shouting at my TV! Having played in many tournaments, everything I see wrong just bothers the sh** out of me!

    • yes but this was a good game with no one move blunders like other shows

  • Anyone else rolling after he said the name of his favorite Chess player 🤣

  • the second game was the Opera Game by Paul Morphy

  • Holy sh*t DUDLEY, that's where I recognised his face from.

  • The Opera Game - Paul Morphy , The board in the end

  • Watching this video clip, I rush to watch Queen's Gambit series.

  • I haven't played chess since I was in 4th grade. cool to see it is still so popular! I'm sure that show shot some life into it as well! rock

  • 17:14 why not castle to f5

  • at 17:30 where you asked how could harmon win couldnt you move the rook down to f6 than taken the knight with queen. After that the movement of the king would be limited and it would take max of four moves to checkmate. ( I am not a pro so please if you find a hole in my play please tell me)

  • What is his nationality? He speaks those names with great accuracy!

  • Isn't rook h4 instant checkmate?

  • No one even cares about this other than the thumbnail and the hot/smart girl look in the photograph. Literally not a good show, they're just marketing the sex appeal like 'here's a hot girl who can actually play chess' and it fits with the SJW and 'woke' culture that people on something like netflix might even like. Featuring an empowered mary-sue doing something and breaking barriers that only men broke before, and inspiring them to do whatever she did. Too bad they can't do it in real life and likely won't even view it as like a rolemodel sort of thing, where watchers should try to be more like her, an actually smart woman who's attractive and can win fairly in some competition, without cheating, definitely not what you'd find in western culture that emphasizes cheats and laziness or from the typical netflixer. Guaranteed no one suddenly cares a lot more what moves were made in the chess matches either.

  • Such a pretty, pretty mate. Checkmate, I mean. ;-)

  • All chess clubs are packed with girls as sexy as her. Trust me.

    • She looks a bit odd but hot nonetheless

    • sure lol

    • lol, good one :)

  • I cried a lot during this series. I am adopted and did live in an Romanian orphanage until I was 5 (which was old then). Really connected to this series because I made a friend who is 68 his name is Tito he lives 4 doors next door. I am now 26 and was moved by this film. Also I am currently playing a guy at chess online from the Czech Republic :)

    • Mai stii romana?

    • That’s a beautiful post. I think we all connect with the show in various ways, but your connection is really deep. Chess can be a lifesaver.

    • @Al That's lovely, I wish you well! :)

    • Thank you for the story.

    • @C Rob Thank you for understanding, I live in Ireland now and I am very happy :)

  • Thank you. This is so good

  • #suggestion Beth Harmon Vs Benny Watts, the one where she loses to him.

    • @daser245 woops, I said it like that because there are multiple matches.

    • Spoiler! D:

  • why wasn't it a good idea for pawn to d4?

  • Why not play f5 at 6:37 after Bg4?? Looks fine to me

  • Is it just me, or did Beth use amphetamines to “cheat” at chess?

    • Yes, she's meant to be a sympathetic character but ritalin has been proven to help especially playing classic time and I'm sure Adderall would too. They don't really help with time pressure tho because you don't think any faster, you're just more patient and thorough when following lines.

  • This show singlehandedly brought chess to my school

    • @Tejas Sabnis I joined a club to play and they even put me into one of the teams. Having stronger players teach you is inspiring and fun. Playing actual games over the board is more exhausting than I could have ever imagined, but it’s also fun. But this year I have played only a few games over the board, for obvious reasons. Chess is pretty much online in Germany now.

    • @Tejas Sabnis I would recommend finding a local chess club but 2020...

    • @Tejas Sabnis I feel the same way online just doesn't have the same feel to it

    • I wish people around me took chess seriously. I am tired of playing online chess, i literally have no one to play with on board.

    • i wish i can back to high school again and follow chess club T_T

  • puppy!

  • This struck me as a kind of gender bent Bobby Fischer. Why not just tell Fischer's story? it's so spot on the engineered differences just seem revisionist more than anything. Kinda like Jane Bond instead of James Bond, which is pretty "meh" but gets weird when you're basically aping a real life person. The writer shoehorns a personal addiction story over a Bobby Fischer template, then has the hubris to use engines to improve a classic game. At first I thought this was supposed to be about a real life female chess player. That would've been cool. Instead I'm wondering more about the maniac who wrote this.

    • @Blejz not really, it even shows bobbys personality with stuff like his schizophenria

    • Sounds more like you're offended and afraid of a female prodigy. Pathetic.

  • There are a lot of moves between baltik's yawning moves and the bathroom scene, but in the show that seems very short, never realized the game was almost over by that point already... Also i always felt like she was just abusing performance enhancing drugs by taking those pills all the time? She's shown several times to play much better with those drugs, which is simply cheating, no? Never liked that fact about the show.

  • ha the top 10 from Netflix ruined the thumbnail

  • Your English is very good. It's interesting hearing it with such a heavy accent yet quite understandable. Kudos! You should try to get movie work as an Eastern European character.

  • My first time actually guessing both of the correct moves, feels good

  • Opera game!

  • I had to pause this to say something. -- Thank you for fucking figuring all of this out. This is awesome. I am so glad you did this for the series.

  • Great video with superb explanations!!

  • I could tell it was an analysis of fiction because it features a woman playing chess :)

  • 17:26 what about rook f6 and then Queen g6? What can Black do there?

  • dell'orario di ufficio , ho visto Billy come è 💋 jest mój cały respektować jej inni psychiatrzy oni mają do chcą nie ich klienta, aby wysłać do

  • Hi my name is Tim I really enjoy your content for 2yrs now THANKS. Look at Season#1 Episode#1 TIME 31:45 the teacher writing on the chalkboard she put 5x3=18 we got a chuckle out of it!

  • Love it! Great job!

  • It the Morphy Opera House Game

  • black king to h6 after white castle to f7. Why am I stupid? please tell me! I wanna know!

  • Why is C4 so explosive?

  • Don't know anything about chess but I enjoyed the story. Was great.

  • Awesome series such a beautiful actress. Great video!

  • Didn’t know there was a rule that says u can’t talk to your opponent

  • Starts at 1:08

  • Why going to a bathroom if Stockfish was right on the ceiling all the time?

    • She need the pills so she can activate stockfish.

    • @Vladislav Kudelin You have to turn it on first :)

    • Typical Hikaru meme right here.

  • 9:07 Yes Benny told her she should have not castled in the first place and play Pawn to C4 not Pawn to H5...

  • Am I missing something or is 43. Rg7 better? Followed by 44. Bg4#?

  • Cant believe a Netflix show made me want to learn chess

  • she's annoyed because Beltik assumed she wasn't a good enough player because she was a girl. There is a strong feminist critique throughout the entire show.

  • The filmmaking in The Queen's Gambit is amazing. The photography is simply the best I've ever seen in a series, limited or otherwise. It's like watching a 7 hour long prestige film. I mean, those tracking shots. The fact it takes Chess very seriously and earnestly and Anya Taylor-Joy is wonderful is icing on the cake of this incredible achievement in filmmaking. This will be something I watch again and again and again.

    • @generic username 420 Wrong. I didn't talk about the quality of the production design, or the quality of the camerawork or the editing in my original comment. It's like I added to my original comment or something.

    • @MattrickBT you just repeated your comment and didnt add anything

    • @Full of Mischief it's extremely well beyond par for the course. The photography is absolutely sublime. Excellent camerawork and editing, not too to even mention the terrific production and sound design.

    • It's certainly fine but it didn't strike me as anything special or transcendent. Well done but nothing beyond par for the course. There's lots of pretty substantial TV nowadays. The visuals in episode 1 kinda reminded me of american horror story. It had a very AMC vibe to it which is meh. I'd say if this impresses you I would check out series like Lynch's Twin Peaks or True Detective. Those shows are truly phenomenal when it comes to visual storytelling and actually push the envelope in meaningful ways. Those shows will invade your mind and have you thinking about them long after. And the way those are setup is more similar to a miniseries or anthology than long serials, so it's not too much of a time commitment.

  • Absolutely winning ;-)