Battle for the Future: Endless Grind || Firouzja vs Carlsen || Altibox Norway Chess (2020)

Publicerades den 15 okt 2020
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Alireza Firouzja vs Magnus Carlsen
Altibox Norway Chess (2020)
Reti opening (A05)
1. Nf3 Nf6 2. g3 c5 3. Bg2 Nc6 4. O-O e5 5. e4 d6 6. c3 g6 7. d4 cxd4 8. cxd4 Bg4 9. dxe5 dxe5 10. Nc3 Bg7 11. h3 Bxf3 12. Qxd8+ Rxd8 13. Bxf3 O-O 14. Kg2 Nd4 15. Bg5 h6 16. Bxf6 Bxf6 17. Nd5 Rd6 18. Rac1 Bd8 19. Rfd1 Kg7 20. Ne3 Ra6 21. 3a , h5 - 22. Nc4 Bf6 23. H4 Rc8 24. Ne3 Rac6 25. Rxc6 Rxc6 26. Rd3 Bd8 27. Bd1 Rc1 28. Bb3 B5 29. Rd1 Rc8 30. Ba2 A5 31 . Rd3 Forum a4 32. Kf1 Bb6 33. Rc3 Rxc3 34. Bxc3 Nb3 35. Ke1 Bc5 36. Nc2 Nc1 37. Bd5 Nd3 + 38. Ke2 Nxf2 39. Bc6 f6 for 40. Ne3 Nh1 41. Nf1 Bxa3 42. Bxb5 Bb2 43. Bxa4 Bxc3 44. Kf3 Bd4 45. G4 Hxg4 + 46. Kxg4 Nf2 + 47. Kf3 Kh6 48. Ng3 Nd3 49. Be8 Nf4 50. Ne2 Ne6 51. Bf7 Nc5 52. Ng3 Bc3 53. h5 - Be1 54. Bxg6 Bxg3 55. Kxg3 Kg5 56. Kf3 Nb3 57. Bf7 Nd4 + 58. Kg3 Ne2 + 59. Kf3 Nf4 60. Kg3 Nxh5 + 61. Bxh5 Kxh5 62. Kh3 Kh6 63. Kh4 Kg7 64. Kg3 Kf8 65. Kf2 Ke7 66. Ke2 and Ke8 67. Ke3 Kd7 68. Kd3 Kd6 69. Kc3 Kc5
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  • It seems to me Magnus missed the free bishop at 6:48 in the video. Capture with the knight protects the rook.

  • A real win against Magnus is actually playing out a draw. A win against him is just by chance, mostly.

  • gone were those misa boring chess

  • sometimes you win and sometimes you play Magnus..

  • Live er spil uten spil er ikke live❤Esker spil❤🙏

  • I would have chosen 69, Kc4. I guess I'm not good enough to see why that fails to keep the opposition.

  • i hate these cancer ads!standing there like a goddman tree recording childeren cry?!

  • Resigning is better than throwing temper tantrums, just like their previous game. Maybe the kid grew.

  • Around 7:00 in the vid, why didn't magnus just grab the undefended bishop when firoujza offered the room trade? The knight would then also protect the rook.

  • 14:44 shouldn’t he have gone Ke3 instead?

  • 1:39 If Nxe4, then Nxe5??

  • After the exchanges of queen, for me black has the slightest edge.... early rook connection by playing (0-0), and whites dark square still hasnt play some of his role,; development rather. .. I would like to play, but, but, i feel sleeping 😅😅😉

  • After bishop g4, queen b3! I have tested this gave me a better endgame.... . And thus, g6!?has shown me. A weakness to be exploited.. The backward pawn on d6, .. Qb3, is preparing the rook open file and a lift. Attacking the e open file... . And iam not afraid of The bishop pin....... Some. Sharper. opening is the early gobbled up on e pawn. E5.. Avoiding early class of exchange creates, i meam really create a tension on both.. And the attacker is always a winner..

  • Magnus rocks. Best player ever!

  • When he said more flexible idea at 3.55 ish I thought he was gona say morphy!

  • Nice game. However, I always wonder what if there was such a variation of chess where we could promote the pawn to another king and then the opposite player had to check mate us twice in order to win.

  • At 6:48 what’s wrong with the knight taking the bishop as it defends the rook?

  • Maybe I'm wrong, but couldn't magnus have moved his knight on B3 at 6:50?

  • The outcome reflects Iran's lack of chess culture.

  • after rook d1 why not take the bishop on b3 with the knight? 6:47

    • Because White's rook would penetrate and Firouzja lacked confidence he could draw unless Carlsen was contained.

  • 6:51 Is the bishop in b3 hanging or am I missing something?

  • How many times have we seen Carlsen snatching a win from a dead drawn position? He is an endgame monster..

  • I hate how people are making excuses for Alireza

  • #suggestion the most calculated game in norwaychess2020 Aronian, Levon - Caruana, Fabiano round 6

  • Learnt what is a long opposition and queen opposition :)

  • until today i have never heard of something like "long opposition" thank you for teaching me new stuff..... also i feel somewhat bad for alireza, he hold on so long only to slip at the finish line

  • Alireza would be future wc.. This is I guess.. I saw his two games with magnus.. It was awesome.. Very confident game.

  • Hey agad, can you please make audio versions of these games on google podcasts.... So that i can listen to them while i drive to and fro to work...

  • #suggestion Magnus Carlsen vs Daniil Dubov, Chessable Masters 2020, Round 4, RAPID. Link to the game: Please like this so agadmator will see! :)

  • #suggestion

  • This is so advance 🙂I learned how to not trying to learn chess

  • Why magnus is doing Pranam/namaskar in the thumbnail picture?!

  • Alireza improve day by day

  • This is why I love Carlesen. The dude is a chess Spartan.

  • "Probably the best chess player who ever played the game-Magnus Carlsen" the best line👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    • @Mohammad SojiB l am not going to disagree about his rating and the dominance he has over his peers. One aspect they use to measure excellence in chess is how far advanced are you from your peers. Bobby Fischer is in the top 10 all time rating (achieved this in 1972) ,you also need to take into account the inflation over the years. I urge you to watch more videos on all ratings and GOAT debates as well. I. Dont know much about the game to go around saying who is the Goat or not but it is interesting to here what the expects say.

    • Yap, they might disagree that, but it is true that Carlsen is the best player of all time, his rating his records prove that he is the best..he is dominating the game of chess in ways the world has never seen..

    • I made note of that statement, many pundits would disagree, but Carlsen is definitely in the top5 all time list.

  • Yeah magnus, just beat that arrogant ass

  • in 6:46 why knight didnt capture the bishop?and if white captured the rook then magnus could recaptured it by the knight and he would be up on a whole knight,isnt it?

  • Like majority agadmator said carlsen is the goat

  • Agadmator you really have a good HEART!

  • "You could even play D4 and play some attractive chess, ah, all in all this is something you don't want to do."

  • This is absolutely brutal. If I blundered a game like that after all those hours of fighting for my life and holding a draw, I’d smash every keyboard I own.

  • can't decide on whether this is very sad or very funny.

  • PRESSURE PP STALL FTW by magnus carlsen

  • You wanna draw against Magnus... pull out a sketch pad and an artist ✏ pencil... only way

  • Yesssss hes back i am no longer bored out of my minddd! Welcome e back brother we missed you

  • @6:47 why don't Magnus capture that white bishop with knight and his rook also be protected 🙄🙄

    • That will leave the bishop on d8/e8 hanging, Firoujza wouldn't capture the rook, but the bishop which was blocked previously by the knight.

  • Was that a blender at 6:47 just capture the bishop with the knight protect the rock?? When he moved his rock?

    • No, lol..... If Carlsen did that then Firoujza would capture Carlsen's bishop on d8, which was blocked by his knight....

    • I'm actually so confused

  • Resilience is what makes a champion💪

  • Battle for the future? Carlsen is the terminator and Firouzja is a sex robot?

  • wow

  • "You had better play perfect chess." "I'm going to play almost perfect." *Magnus smiles*

  • Agadmator, I really don't understand your commentary. I have been such a fan of your videos for a few years now, but you don't at all mention the questions of the World Class Grandmaster Commentators for this game, Vlad Kramnik and Judit Polgar, for the Bg5 move by White. GM Alireza gave up his Bishop pair for what, exactly? Seems like you should have touched on that point.

  • 13:43 I wouldve went king g5, then traded pawns on f5, thats seems much more winning to me, you get the pawn out of the way and then you just king/pawn march up the board Edit:after looking at it in the engine, i do not see how white could recover from pawn f6 to f5.

  • Plot twist: Alireza lost on purpose to tell Magnus that he will never draw with white against him.

  • Poor Alireza. So close again, yet not able to convert his tournament into a win.

  • Welcome back Agadmator....very glad your surgery went well

  • Sad for alireza

  • Good to see you again agadmator

  • Why not king c4 by reza at the last move?

  • I can not play a endgame , if I can’t get a checkmate or resignation , I’m finished by any decent endgame player. The Endgame is a whole other area for a master .

  • @6:50 is knight takes bishop winning?

    • No it isn't, the bishop on d8 is not defended. Firoujza would capture the dark squared bishop instead of the rook.

  • 15:40 Wouldn't king to c4 also work?

    • I thought so too but the engine strongly disagrees. Black king would move back to the other side of the board(king's side) and find its way through

  • How can Medo sleep next to that 70s pillow??!!

  • This channel has helped me go closer to chess and better understanding how to moves😁 but most importantly it has helped me go through my depression and anxieties I can say as the more I watched ur channel I am being able to concentrate😌👍

  • Magnus has been a pro longer than Alierza's age, the fact that Firouzja got him that far is actually more impressive. Magnus please pass the torch already and stop the sillyness.

    • Lol age is not really anything. Magnus was 13 when he drew Kasparov who had been a pro longer than Carlsen's age now.

    • He literally just beat him? Pass the torch when he actually deserves it

  • I just wanted to let you know, it’s because of you that I fell in love with chess. You are a true treasure to the chess world. I’m obsessed with the game, it is so beautiful. Thank you 🙏🏼!

  • Bet he won’t make that mistake ever again!!! My god.. top 10 player can’t make mistakes like this ever. So young tho, he’s got a long road ahead

  • Carlsen is a great player but not the greatest of all time. In his title defenses he has only won because of tie breaks. The greatest player was Fischer. Nobody ever won 20 games in a row before. He was dominant for two years in a way no one other than Morphy ever was.

    • The greatest of all time debates is all based on people's personal preference.

  • Magnus knows the way to beat opponent brain,, magnificient magnus (He is thinking 24×64)

  • Welcome back. 💪

  • Those new games aren't as interested as the games before 2000.

  • Can you cover Terry Davis vs God?

  • really good analysis

  • 15:39 only great Cuban jose raul capablanca can defend this position against magnus even in serious time trouble

  • First, congratulations on your recovery. Second, this is hardly new. This is Magnus playing a Botvinnik English as Black. Magnus has always been a natural in the English -- recall his defeating Kramnik in Kramnik's prime. Also Magnus paid to study with Kasparov and no doubt absorbed Botvinnik's wisdom through Botvinnik's star pupil.

  • 6:50 why not Nxb3?

  • Welcome back bro👍

  • 6:51 why can't Nxb2 then defend the rook? Edit: thanks, I saw now

    • Because bishop d8 is hanging, Firoujza wouldn't capture the rook but would capture the bishop

  • S’yeah

  • Who is the dude constantly on the top right corner

  • If Kc4, Ke6, I'm supposing, so the opposition covers things which end up not being purely the opposition unless one uses the term as broadly as possible, which one should I suppose.

  • Show magnus vs aronian

  • So basically, if you want to win at chess, don't have Magnus Carlsen as your opponent. Got it!

    • He lost against Duda, after 2 years of small wins and a million draws(Duda broke his streak in this tournament)

  • On my suggested videos I just got one from a few year's ago, and you had just hit 5000 subs!

  • We are seeing a guitar behind!! So waiting to hear ,Hello Everyone in a musical way!!

  • Welcome back.

  • Either one of them could spot me two queens and still win.

  • Beautiful and tactical.Never seen a end game like this one with kings. Poor kid was on time pressure and Magnus knew it soon or later he is going to make a error. Ok

  • Ha! You're BACK! Excellent! Thanks for the easy-flowing commentary.

  • Agad, just wanted to let you know that I gave a presentation today about my cancer research project, and I led off with "hello everyone," dropped "so what's the idea here?" and invited the audience to answer a question I posed to them while I took a nice sip of my water. This channel has changed my life 😂

  • So nice to see you back , Antonio !

  • One wrong move

  • This is the most Magnus of Magnus games LMAOOOO

  • You scared me with that funny Rook move. Lol

  • Alireza is louding 75%

  • 1500 at lichess at blitz, I had oponent that didn't know how to mate with rook and after some moves there was draw, cause of this 50 moves rule. Also once time I had oponent that didn't know how to mate with two bishops... That thinks happened

  • #suggestion Please, anything new on Mikhail Osipov? He must be 6 by now. + More games by women. Thank you Antonio for your marvelous videos.So glad your surgery was successful!

  • It's great to see you. Safe and healthy 🙏

  • Please, show photos of colourful shirts of Levon in this tournament.

  • Opposition is the key