Official Statement by FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich #ChessOlympiad

Publicerades den 31 aug 2020
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Santosh Gurjathi Vidit vs Ian Nepomniachtchi
FIDE Online Olympiad (2020)
30.8.2020, GAME
Gruenfeld, exchange variation (D85)
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 d5 4. cxd5 Nxd5 5. e4 Nxc3 6. bxc3 Bg7 7. Be3 c5 8. Qd2 Qa5 9. Nf3 O-O 10. Rc1 Bg4 11. d5 b5 12. Bxc5 Rc8 13. Bb4 Qc7 14. Nd4 a5 15. Ba3 b4 16. Bb2 Qb6 17. Bb5 e5 18. dxe6 Bxe6 19. Nxe6 fxe6 20. c4 Bxb2 21. Qxb2 Nc6 22. Qf6 Nd4 23. Bd7 Rf8 24. Qe5 Rxf2 25. Kxf2 Rf8+ 26. Ke3 Nf5+ 27. Kd3 Qe3+ 28. Kc2 Nd4+ 29. Kb1 Qd3+ 30. Ka1 Rf2 31. Bxe6+ Kf8 32. Qd6+ Kg7 33. Qe7+ Kh8 34. Qd8+ Kg7 35. Qe7+ Kh8 36. Qd8+ Kg7 37. Qe7+
Thumbnail photos by Peter Doggers/ and Alina l'Ami
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  • Hi agadmator, I would just like to make a #suggestion to improve future discussions regarding official FIDE announcements or commentaries about chess articles. You could consider (1) summarising the main points of the article/press release (2) and spend more time on giving your opinions and arguments (i.e. whether you agree/disagree with the article and why). The full text could be put as a link for viewers to read. I would like to hear your opinions and arguments when such controversies erupt. For the avoidance of doubt, this does and should not take away from your tremendous time, effort, and sacrifice required when you produce these high quality chess videos. Thank you very much for all your work. I really appreciate you and your contributions to SEnewss.

  • I'm no tech wizard, but I understand that there are other networks available other than the world wide web. You probably have to pay real money to use them or set them up, but they afford a greater degree of reliability. I'm pretty sure that banks and military don't do their transactions between each other on the public internet, no?

  • Word of advice- never depend on Twitter for anything.

  • I was wondering why they couldn't replay the games that were affected. I suppose the solution of awarding both teams gold medals did no injury to either side.

  • The servers are an absolute pile of manure.

  • has recently (or some time I guess) been having server issues and many complaints. The players are usually blamed for bad connection, which is plausible; however I think there's more to this. The problem, I think, is that this real issue is being side-stepped by blaming "global internet outages". Whatever that means. No. The problem is the server or cloudflare(?) and it would simply be embarrassing for a business to admit the insufficiency of what they rely on. This whole thing is suspicious

  • please start giving the probability meter for every move during your analysis

  • CDN = Content Delivery Network

  • Cloudflare was mentioned in the statement. It is a CDN network. A CDN network is a network of web servers, serving you the website & assets from a location that's geologically closer to where you currently are on the planet. For example, you in Croatia will probably get served from the Cloudflare CDN that's somewhere in or near Croatia. Similarly Vidit would be served the files and assets by Cloudflare servers that's somewhere in India. It is possible that, let's say, the zoom meeting or other things that don't use Cloudflare continue working, but the Cloudflare server close to India bombed (and therefore all the apps that are using Cloudflare CDN, such as - causing this unfortunate incident. This is what I could deduce from the official statement.

  • Thanks fide...for giving india medal😁😁

  • I was wondering why it was taking me a suspiciously long time at a certain point yesterday to get an opponent online.

  • A global internet outage? Does anyone find this disturbing?

  • in America internet connection works perfectly

  • Don't read, summarize. You can post a link to the full article if anyone wants to read it in full.

  • Thanks agadmator, great video for chess fans who cant read

  • Curious using the term ‘global outage’ - when it absolutely was not.

  • Sometimes, having multiple tabs open or background apps running that rely on the internet can cause other things that need an internet connection to fail.

  • I want to dislike this video just because I think that this tournament is BS.

  • Suspicious timing. Russian cyberattack?

  • agadmator made it into a scientific paper :D link:

  • Remember you must shower us with videos. Thanks in advance. And a suggestion. Do your own 4 player chess videos. (Unless Hikaru has monopolized those events) It's funny if you are in them. And a girl. And two other dudes. So u can film a session of 2.5 hours. Then cut it up into 5 pieces and post one everyday. So we get showered with videos. Then evaluate the project to see if ppl liked it. I think it's hilarious. Anyway thanks! And long live the communist party.

  • is it just me who thinks Agad should've done a bit more research on this topic before he put the spotlight on it? I mean, if your only source is Twitter, I don't know what to tell you man. 750k+ subs and you don't even take the time to double check what you're saying

  • Talk about bias 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I think what they decided is the best .

  • #suggestion

  • Uplode a video

  • For a moment I thought the title was GLOBAL OUTRAGE.

  • this game here is an example how you can win even your opponent is completely domaniting you this game was played in today between GM and IM

  • There should be a set of rules to anticipate this kind of situation in the future.

  • #suggestion Well done Antonio. Now let's see some Tal Saga

  • We were winning Russia drew by luck coz - both our winning game's server crashed - during our turn - and during low time. Some random points - Russia is famous for hackers - Most people have little to do during lockdown times - The games crashed at critical moments (i.e. it was sure the players would think for some time), ideal time to start the process, so that it crashes within that turn I am just too random just like this outage

  • I think Agadmator is'nt happy with India winning the Olympiad since he says that the tournament should'nt be given the same importance as in-person tournament. Please have the guts to say that in your video directly🙏🙏 - Respect from India

  • Great video 🔥❤

  • I want Agadmator to be my math's teacher.

  • I'm in the US and when the Cloudflare problem happened, I could get to some US websites, but not others. If someone loses internet but still has phone service, could they call their moves in? Either call a person or use and old fashioned modem.

    • doing that would take a considerable amount of time...and would also disturb the flow of the game.

  • It was *not* a global internet outage but it's cloud servers and CDN (cached server) which got crashed due to high load. The behaviour of 30-seconds outage clearly shows that had spin-up more cloud instances after their usual threshold limit has reached which takes usually 30 to 60 seconds grace period. I feel sorry for the players who have worked throughout the year for this championship and led to this situation. Players were paying the price of someone who has not done their job right!

  • its gujrathi and not gurjathi please correct it sir

  • India all the way 💪

  • I appreciate your presentation of the official statement. Your humble nature is a plus. Please continue your wonderful comments on Chess.

  • Just noticed you've spelled Vidit Gujrathi as Vidit Gurjathi😬 might want to change that😊❤️

  • #Suggestion

  • Antonio FYI yesterday or today I lost most of my SEnewss Subscriptions. Maybe this happened to others.

  • I haven't done any wireshark packet captures but it would be interersting to see if connections are based on TCP,. or Google's newer QUIC protocol, which creates a reliable connection over the more flexible UDP base. It allows for source IPs to change which would mean no dissconnections if failing over to a backup Internet. I think for-sure that should be using QUIC. Some details on QUIC... ironically by Cloudfare...

  • Have you ever thought about going over your subscribers games like for a 1million subscriber special or something like that

  • Chess dot com is honestly only good for correspondence games. And they seem to have more chess 960 players for some reason. Apart from that... Lichess has a massive advantage on the interface, connectivity and user friendliness especially for tournaments. The hardest part to understand about this whole affair is why FIDE would choose to work with an inferior service provider for such an important event in the first place. I mean we're all playing in tournaments on Lichess all the time, they're so easy to organize and generally run without a hitch. So what's the idea here? FIDE missed the winning move for sure.

  • Bullshit decision by FIDE. Armenia was treated unfairly.

  • If a Zoom connection was still working, but the connection to the server dropped, then one of two possibilities would exist: 1) site was specifically having trouble. 2) The routing from their local site to was congested, but the presumed congestion for the Zoom calls was ameliorated through the presence of the Zoom call itself. The Zoom call would go through different paths: you connect to a zoom server. In any case, it is unlikely that they had specific troubles at their end, but did have troubles with the path from their location to the site.

  • What we have learned? If you will play some important game online first go after a good internet connection LOL

  • Real champions don’t want to win because of a technical glitch

  • India was lucky to win Olympiad only one win in knockout and they won the gold . On the other hand Russia has to win 2 games to reach to final.

  • India is just so desperate to win that they would take it in any way, urgh. Seemed like the Russians wanted to replay the disconnected games to determine a sole winner. Respect to them so much more.

  • Based on all that, I'd have to say that everyone seemed to display reasonable decorum in what is clearly a difficult and, for some, a frustrating situation. Makes one wonder, though, how Bobby Fischer would have reacted if he'd been one of the players.

  • They should have a "pause" botton

  • They should have a "pause" botton

  • Probably it is server failure if zoom call is working. is not reliable at all. I dont know why they dont use lichess

  • Anything other than face-to-face competition provides additional methods and opportunities for corruption, politics and cheating.

  • It was in this video that we have completely no game

  • think disconnections shoukd be treated this way: The board at the mkoment of disconnection is quickly analized by an agreed engine, and if the position is superior for one player by ba defined and agreed margin, like for example +2... then that player wins, If previous condition is not reached, then its a draw, and other criteria should see if there's a need for a match to be played again. Simple.

  • global internet outage ?? are they fucking serios? after first sentance you can guess what bullshit they trying to pull. I had internet and i live in Europe. How global is that if i was not impacted? spewing nosence after first sentence and wanting people to belive them...HAHAHAHAHAHA. No one but the team should be responsible for the logistics situation. If they want to participate they should be reliable on their capacity of having good connection and internet and electricity. This really further reinterates how awful India is as a place. sad

  • CenturyLink's outward-propagating issue led to a 3.5% drop in global internet traffic

  • US internet service provider CenturyLink has suffered a major technical outage on Sunday after a misconfiguration in one of its data centers

  • Cloudflare said its Sunday morning outage affecting numerous websites was due to an IP outage by internet service provider CenturyLink.

  • FIDE don't want to mess up with Russia at the same time they don't want to lose billion fans from India! However, it's sad for Armenia though. May be this is the time to introduce a new rule by FIDE for online crashes!

  • ITT people with Indian names defending India and people with Russian names defending Russia. More news at 7

  • Not a single " sorry about that " was heard on this video

  • It is possible to lose connection to just one site and still have it be your internet's fault (opposed to or their servers' fault). As an extreme but very real example if Zoom and take different physical routes and an underground cable is cut along the route it would take some time for an alternate route to be propagated and allow the player to reconnect. This example of a physical break would likely affect people in a couple hundred km radius at the same time and affect many sites though it'd be difficult to tell which ones without an outage report from the backbone provider. An example that would affect only one player could be port exhaustion on their host machine. If Zoom had a connection which was alive but was attempting a reconnect this could be an issue for several minutes. Other "local" issues could be a misbehaving firewall or NAT issues which may affect all residents in a large apartment complex, university, or place of business. While it's impossible for to account for all possible issues experienced by a player they could simulate these scenarios in a lab environment and build redundancies or other mitigating techniques to improve the overall quality and experience of players across the globe. Players, whenever possible, should have a secondary connection such as a mobile hotspot on a phone and test the failover response of their system in the case of such an event. It's by no means a simple task but given the frequency of disconnects one I think all players and fans of chess would appreciate.

  • Weird decision... Instead of having 2 winners, why not Just cancel game 2 and Just make a game 3? As game 1 was a draw, this one would have been decisive...

  • Systems analyst and Prof of Comp Sci. No the player is not responsible. This evidence is a failure of in my professional and academic opinion.

  • Honestly, why not.

  • Hi Antonio, you asked: "Is it possible to lose connection to the server, but for the Zoom call to not be interrupted, but it still be *your* fault and not the site's fault?" There's one important way that's possible: if the player isn't happy with his/her position and *deliberately* disconnects from the server (with hopes of being allowed a do-over). I'm not saying that's what happened here, but I think that's the reason why this rule has to be so strict. If they were to allow an exception to this rule, it would set a precedent that could be easily exploited by less-than-honest players who realize they are in a losing position.

  • Hello panic Universe, goodbye Universe. Virus is not important here, governments and media have already learned common folk will dance to its own anxieties. Well, ffff them. Affirmate life, confront panic.

  • "This will be a problem for years to come." Elon Musk, with Starlink coming online: "Hold my beer."

  • Chess can borrow from hockey and have a shootout, every member of each team plays 1 bullet game and whoever wins the most bullet games gets the other team's medal. 2 winners is just boring, even if justified by circumstance.

  • "The quality of the internet connection is the responsibility of the player, including it's reliability and stability." ........ Unless it's not.......

  • Guys you were fooled this isn't a video

  • "Joint winners"?! What's the point of that?! There's no such thing, in a competition! mean, "a tie". Interesting intersection with a recent development in American society: children's "sport" "competitions" end with everyone getting the same trophy! This illustrates the degree of marxist penetration into American institutions. Here, I see the same sort of "push", but international--like every good


  • I think something similar happened eons ago when they used telegraph lines, and one team got their telegraph lines down !!!

  • this should be used in agadmator best moments "hello everyone and welcome to a video that's not really a video in itself"

  • To "rely on Twitter" is the paradigmatic recipe for disaster.

  • I would imagine your pick up were you left off if it was nobody's fault it stopped.

  • "i rely too much on twitter for real life"- lol hes lowkey funny n he doesnt even know

  • I never knew FIDE was this corrupt

    • Funny how people don't look at facts and just form their opinions based on their other biased opinions.

  • So now everyone has an incentive to cheat. I mean, to have connection issues.

    • lol people don't even bother to check all the information before writing their biased thoughts online. Like the global outage was caused by the Indian chess team just so they could win an already winning game. Your comment would have been more apt with Armenia's case.

  • I am a computer science and networking engineering. It's not possible stay in a zoom call even with a second of disconnection.But in the case of site connections we cannot say anything for sure unless we have the network log

  • Today u saved thousands of followers

  • In Armenia's case, it was may be's server issues as their zoom was working properly. But they should have played the 2nd round.

  • bruh.... i need sorry about that

  • Armenia player's disconnection might be due to his computer/browser issue and might not be Internet issue. We don't know for sure but there are multiple possibilities

  • It is not possible to lose connection and still have the zoom call running how ever it is possible to that there was a temporary lag in the users internet connection which resulted in zoom utilising all the bandwidth that is left and leaving none for browser resulting in disconnect and there is also probability of’s servers failing in a particular region.. they’re more common than you think. It was a pretty tricky situation, and We should respect the way FIDE handled this.

  • The best move was that vidit asked samay raina and sagar shah to announce on samay's stream that everyone who got logged out from should send proofs on email to FIDE. The proofs were overwhelming since there were hundreds of emails sent with proofs of indians getting disconnected on the server at the same time. Even sagar shah got disconnected live on stream at the same time as nihal, divya and humpy. So FIDE could not deny server problems in the face of hundreds of proofs, screenshots and log

  • What I don't understand is why there still are online FIDE tournaments to begin with. It's chess. You literally need 2 players, an arbiter, and 3 man TV-crew in order to play and broadcast the game in practically the same conditions as pre-corona. If all major sports league are able to monitor dozens of players at the same time, then surely Fide can fit 6 tested people into a room?

    • ha missed a point. Its about players reaching to that room . With so many travel restrictions across the world, do you think players from different countries can meet in a room. Thats precisely why candidates also got delayed.

  • When I get tired of speaking and reading: I just don't read some lines. When Agadmator gets tired: Blah Blah Blah

  • Gold sharing is not a problem, but no game only essay reading today🙄

  • Video stream runs on UDP protocol & chess on TCP protocol. TCP Ensure delivery of data. where as UDP does not. So in case of TCP,quality of uplink & downlink both matters.

  • I think it must be the bandwidth of the chess-server that hosted the event and not the internet and speed of internet. Here in South Africa we basically have one undersea cable from Europe (Rugby and Football) and one from India (Cricket) used for live sporting events that notoriously goes down on the internet rather than on satellite. Just lately one of the cables broke and the whole country battled, not just on sport.

  • Hmm India gets help in the match against Armenia and in the finals, coincidence? I think not.

    • Lol you should atleast watch video before commenting..its funny how you cant understand simple things when explained in so much detail

  • The president was firm and made a decision when needed. Good or bad, he did well

    • no, he did not. He spoiled his intentions on stream which is completely unprofessional. His comments was not satisfying at all and showed his low chessskills.

  • So just so I'm clear, decline the Armenian gambit, accept the Indian gambit.

  • If the argument is that a connection is the player’s responsibility, then couldn’t someone argue that the Indian players could have used a VPN and connect to via other regional servers? Unless the whole site is down, then there is always a way to establish a connection. In my opinion, VPNs are the solution for going forward. Organizers need to provide an established path. Then they can blame players for lost connections.