I'm Taking a Break from Youtube - See You Soon :)

Publicerades den 28 sep 2020
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Magnus Carlsen vs Levon Aronian
Chess24 Banter Blitz Semifinals (2020)
King's Indian, London system (A48)
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  • Good luck with the recovery and the project! ❤️🤝🇳🇱 greetings from Holland (the Giri support)

  • Man, i just discovered you 4 days ago and oh dear, I've been watching those amazing *Captures, captures, captures* moments for hours every night! God bless you!


  • better than LoL

  • Good luck to you dude. We were in hospital at the same time! 3 weeks ago. Hope you do well and looking forward to seeing doing more videos soon.

  • You're a lazy

  • 14:48 Apparently FIDE decided to postpone the Candidates so Antonio can cover it:)

  • 7:25 capture queen is a blunder i think

  • Definitely going to miss your videos. Wish you a full recovery.

  • For a moment I thought magnus carlsen was taking a break.

  • Get well soon Antonio. I wish you a speedy recovery. :)

  • So many things are happening in the chess world right now. I hope you're okay and were waiting for you, Agadmator.

  • Everyone should respond to his first returning video with a "Hello Agadmator". "Welcome back to the good stuff". comment.

  • Brother get well soon. Theres a whole bunch of people out here appreciating your selfless humor and passion. We won't go away. Cheers for all the good laughs and enlightening insights. It's not all about being the best but being human.

  • Thank-you for your exceptional volume of quality analysis. I hope your recovery is progressing well, and I look forward to seeing more from you soon.

  • Best of luck to you with your surgery. Although I understand the personal nature of medical problems, thanks for sharing. As a fan who also has valve issues (possible TAVR in my future), it would be great for me and I am sure for others as well, to hear more details and continued updates on this journey you are on!

  • No prob see you when you get back!!

  • Get well soon.

  • Antonio hope you recover soon god bless you waiting for your comeback , I missed Norway chess 2020 . Once you get well pls update some great games

  • Wish you all the best! Hope all is well and looking forward to your return!

  • All the best Agadmator! Good recovery !

  • God speed Agadmator!

  • We miss you every day, get well soon 🥺🙏

  • Can you show the first official grunfeld defense from alekhine vs grunfeld in 1922?

  • Game to check agad...wonderful queen sacrifice by surya shekhar Ganguly .it's from online nations cup. senewss.info/slow/gZbPetJyo9fTrbY/video

  • senewss.info/slow/gZbPetJyo9fTrbY/video

  • Agad, hope you are doing good. you have to make a video of the game where Carlsen lost soon.

  • We really miss you mate!

  • We all do hope you a speedy recovery.

  • Get well soon Agadmator!

  • God Bless You Antono, hope you have a successful surgery and speedy recovery, we will be waiting for you.

  • Any news anyone? Hope recovery is going well.

  • Get well soon!

  • Thank you for the library tips along the way. I actually use them. Thank you for 2.5 years (that's when I started watching you) with amazing content.

  • this man helped me so much in chess and i'm sure many learn from you too! Thank you so much agadmator ❤

  • All the best!!!

  • damit i miss you come back 😭❤️

  • I remember starting to watch agadmator channel when he was less than 20k subs. Unbelievable that he is at nearly 800k now. Congrats, well deserved.

  • Its only been a week,i feel like a month now itself😢

    • ik 😭

  • Egad! Agadmator is really King Harald of Norway! apnews.com/article/oslo-harald-v-norway-archive-denmark-df0234fffa55c05c1700ccadddf6c58a

  • Man how I wish he was covering the Norway chess 2020 event. The other channels don’t come close to agadmator. We miss you Antonio, get well soon!

  • You are in our thoughts and prayers Antonio. I really enjoy your channel and it is clear why your SEnewss chess channel is number one. I played chess as a kid, competing in tournaments and belonging to a club, but with adulthood other "things" took priority. It is nice to revisit an old friend and to have you as a guide. Thank you.

  • I can't believe it's only been one week - we miss you!

    • ik😭

  • Igras li lol ko nekad :)

  • Carlsen lost to Duda! Get up, we need you! 😉

    • hahahahaha

  • Get well soon

  • I actually really liked this game, love the choices that Magnus made when trading off the rooks and knights.

  • Damn, every time am on SEnewss, i go through here to see if you back

  • Really missing your videos and hoping you make a full and speedy recovery, I love what you say about chess but more what you say about what it means to be a decent human being.

  • See you soon- Agadmator The best quote ever on the panel

  • Any news, anyone?

  • Get well soon Agad and thank you for all your hardwork over the years. God bless you and we will be waiting for your next video

  • Missing chess in these trying times

  • I just thought of an idea for chess: guess the rating. You get to see a game played and you have to guess the players elo.

  • After the surgery Doctor: Antonio, I've got good news. Agadmator: And it was in this position that Agadmator was released from the hospital. Doctor: Actually no, I've got myself a chess board. We can play some chess now. Agadmator: And as of move 2 we have a completely new game.

  • we love you man God's speed hope you recover well

  • #suggestion brilliant queen sac game by GM Surya against Mikhail Markov... please...

  • Pls check vidit gujrati match in his recent stream vs Wesley last match of stream epic brilliancy

  • agadmator is taking a break from youtube its time for my interest of chess taking a break too.

    • @amjan no, your mom does

    • You suck.

  • Hope you a speedy and full recovery Antonio! Can't wait for you to come back!

  • Missing the good stuff

  • Agadmator goes on a pause , Magnus loses his first classical game in 3 years.

    • Man I can’t take it. I need his commentary for that game.

  • I sincerely hope your surgery went well. Also, hope you see this. I am teaching chess in NYC, grades 6-8, online of course and I very much wanted to show your Paul Morphy top ten video. However, it has a picture of a joint in it. Any chance of your making an edit? Your videos are the best for kids as they have good music, effects, pacing, etc. Everything else on Morphy is too boring for kids!

  • There are things they do at the opening of the game that I do not understand. I hope you explain them in a video that will help me a lot to understand. I wish you a successful surgery and a soon return❤️

  • all the best ,recover quickly

  • Speedy recovery agad

  • Am I the only one who is daily visiting channel to check subscribers for 1M??

  • How is he now... I hope he his recovering fast... Wishing him speedy recovery...

  • I hope that your surgery went well and that you're recovering nicely

  • Brz oporavak majstore!

  • #suggestion I know you are taking a break, but you must cover the game Maurice Ashley vs RZA & GZA.

  • Have a quick and and robust recovery Antonio

  • Get well soon Antonio!

  • Antonio has posted a couple of tweets and is on the road to recovery 🙂

    • Thanks man!!!

  • Best of luck on your surgery!

  • Everything is hanging, including the viewers. I hope for a speedy recovery with no nasty discoveries!

  • Is there any update on how he is... It's been a week!

  • Why there aint no updates ? How is Antonio ???

  • Hi can you find a game played by Julian Hodgson, British chess grandmaster if possible

  • speedy recovery my friend......may you have a quiet hospital room and sexy nurses :)

  • Hope the surgery went well and wish you great health man

  • Get him to 800K when he comes back

  • Mate big follower of your channel, you are a great person to watch and learn from. I am sure everything went fine and you are recovering like a King :) I hope to see you soon and well. P.S: Before coming back to youtube go and have some great vacations in Tuscany with your loved ones. Peace. Be well, Hektor.

  • Hello Antonio! I wish a fast and happy recovery from your heart valve surgery. Greetings from a big Portuguese fan!

  • I pray you are doing well Antonio. I was checking here to see if there was any news on your speedy recovery.

  • Best of luck with the surgery man. Love your videos

  • I came here to ask you to start posting again soon. Instead, I will say I hope you get well soon.

  • We got a team... Not a professional team

  • Get well soon

  • Take as much time as you need too recover, i hope all will be fine!

  • You will be fine AGAD.

  • You will be deeply missed!

  • Good luck and quick recovery!!!

  • I haven't watched a video of yours in years but your looking great and i'm pretty sure you've upgraded your sofa lmao

  • Since agad went, Magnus has won this banter cup and he won 11 online tournaments out of 12 including rapid blitz tournaments, also he won bullet ones which proved he's the best in bullet too. Also also, he's now playing in Norway OTB chess and he's the sole leader he defeated Caruana in classical and he hasn't been defeated for 120 matches which is a record.

  • Baš mi je drago da neko nas uspe na stranoj sceni jos šah svaka čast.duboko poštovanje.

  • You are a top bloke. Get well soon.

  • Get well soon - will miss the videos !