Chess With Ljubo #2

Publicerades den 20 nov 2020
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  • Hahaha ludi ljubo

  • Immortal Rated Chess Players

  • Game starts in 4.22😎

  • I really appreciate this video because your guest is about at the same level as myself. Sometimes he would know what to do, sometimes I would. One of the most helpful tournaments videos for me. I almost want to play chess games now, lol.

  • Znachi da radi

  • Amazing stream to follow.

  • Svaka čast, počeo sam malo ozbiljnije učiti o šahu i tvoj kanal mi je stvarno najkvalitetniji! Veliki pozdrav

  • How did you randomly get Ivan Ljubicic in your house? Edit: (Guy has the most beautiful technique in tennis I've ever seen).

  • Make a video of the Kopec System, please. There was a game where Magnus Carlsen was white, and the game started out as the Ruy Lopez. It got transposed into a Kopec System Structure. As a matter of fact, I commented on your video for that game with, "I Should Study The Kopec System, More."

  • Wow Ljubičić was ranked #3 in the world in tennis.

    • but of course. he's played Fed 16 times and won 3. lost all 4 finals.

  • Marin Cilic likes chess?! Antonio! You gotta coach him!


  • Watching from glencoe the Highlands of Scotland thanks mate from Iain

  • Ivan legend,greetings from Greece!

  • jao brate, sta ti je ubo, da svaki dan igras sah sa Ljubo!

  • I don't know who Ljubo is but let's hope he realizes he's sitting right next to one of the greatest chess analyst ever


  • i was your 48 commenter

  • Worst performance I’ve seen so far, he should better prepare in this type of play.

  • Fun

  • feeling like a real fan of the channel as my lichess name got mentioned🙌

  • I like this stream, but there is some connection background noise

  • Wat een bad player, he is far to slow.

  • I honestly thought it was under an hour. I was terribly wrong.

    • And you noticed that around 4th hour, right? :)

  • Your voice is fantastic, you really should consider doing your chess commentaries in an ASMR style.

  • On the subject of Alpha Zero; it would be awesome to see a huge event like the Go Summit but with Chess.

  • Can i stop by and hang with u guys one day too damn it... Seems like a nice crowd lol

  • Where is Federer?😀

  • Chess with Ljubo & Federer. Make it happen!

  • pls make agadmator best moments video.

  • Ivan the tennis player?

  • Wow this is awesome I didn't except a game like this

  • Huge fan, very cool

  • Wow, Federer's coach plays chess that well?! *Mind Explodes* Congrats Ljubo :)

  • Legendary tournament

  • Maybe the best stream Agadmator has done!

  • Pozz iz Njemačke

  • which language do you talk in and who is Ljubo

    • @Ayush Chaurasia Still is Federers coach

    • Agad and Ljubicic, both are Croatian. Ljubo was a professional tennis player in his day and now he is a coach. Has coached Federer as well

  • Ivan Ljubičić? The guy that drew MVL? Playing like this? LOOOOL. How can anybody think he didn't cheat?

    • WhoadieThirsty There's only a 3 minute time limit on these games, and he's constantly distracted here by the conversation and questions he's being asked. It's obviously not the same.

    • @WhoadieThirsty Yeah you're right. Seeing his play 8:00 onwards....yikes. No fucking way did he draw against MVL

    • @WhoadieThirsty thanks dude

    • @WhoadieThirsty Yes, and look at 13:20 where he misses the skewer of king and rook through bishop

    • @Hrudaya Ranjan Sahoo I have no idea. It's all very suspicious. Somehow he draws a super grandmaster but continuously blunders pieces here. Fuck, just look at 8:00 onwards...

  • Any talk about Federer?

  • He doesn't put any commercial in a 4hour vidio, hats off,sir

  • Thank you Antonio for all the work you do for the chess community😃😃

  • Hello watching from phillipines with love

  • nice 4 hours of enjoyment

  • 0:41

  • The Good Stuff


    • Sorry sir, I think we're gonna have to halve your salary. So far we've paid you 0 dollars, but this time it's gonna be 50% less.

    • Can you please make a video about agadmator,s thug life moments please 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭

    • @Blejz Was too busy enjoying the show but there are some nice dog lifts, captures captures, and nice sips of unidentified non-water in there for sure!

    • No timestamps? :(

  • Inace Antonio kao mala ilustracija Ljubo ti je ekvivalent kao da si u sahu imao Ljubu Ljubojevica koji je svojevremeno bio 3. na FIDE listi. Tako je i Ivan bio 3. na svetu u jednom kratkom trenutku.