My Choice For The FIDE Olympiad Brilliancy Prize!

Publicerades den 4 sep 2020
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Dvirnyy vs Alexei Shirov
FIDE Online Olympiad (2020)
24.8.2020, GAME
Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, 4.e3 Bf5 (D12)
1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. e3 Bf5 5. Nc3 e6 6. Nh4 Be4 7. f3 Bg6 8. Qb3 Qc7 9. Bd2 Be7 10. Nxg6 hxg6 11. O-O-O Nbd7 12. cxd5 cxd5 13. Kb1 a6 14. Rc1 Qb8 15. h4 b5 16. a4 O-O 17. a5 Rc8 18. Bd3 Qg3 19. Rcg1 Rc4 20. f4 Rac8 21. Qd1 b4 22. Ne2 Qg4 23. Nc1 Ne4 24. Be2 Qf5 25. Bd3 Ndf6 26. g4 Nxg4 27. Rxg4 Qxg4 28. Qxg4 Nxd2+ 29. Ka1 Rxc1+
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  • Agadmator imma let you finish, but Eric Rosen had the best analysis of this game of all time

  • "Most of the games are a positional snooze fest." is my new favorite saying.

  • That was complicated

  • wow, this is brilliant! thanks for analysis

  • It's unbelievable game thank you.😍

  • at 7;41 it is not clear to me what happens when king to a1, the black pawn at his point is in b4, not b3 so no mate on first move as agad explained. i'm sure there is a mate there but i simply cannot see it strait away.

  • Learning chess, my friend has about 1000 chess books and read them all. I mentioned this before. But he is not a high level chess player, but a darn good one!! I strike a good move once in blue moon.....

  • That was a fun game...

  • A brilliancy 😀👏🏾

  • That Mr Barnes looks just like my bank manager calling me in to see him about an unarranged overdraft

  • I like the move that went with the knight on down to that one square that woulda phorked the king, but it turned out it didn't go down that way at all. You kno

  • Hmmm...not sure this is fully explained. In the critical Q sac line, Qxg4 Nxd2+ then Ka1 (not Ka2) b3, Na2 Ra4, Bb1 and what is the continuation for black?

  • Is it just me or does Dvirnyy look like a vampire?

  • 5:35 going thirty to 6:05, a nice position.. whats the best position for eating queens?hihi(_0_)

  • In between capture! I love this guy!

  • Queen g3, thats a player with entire board vision

    • Weak castling with the open c file, I remember the sicilian, just a thought

    • Im tired but seems a weird game, Rook c4, I played e4 so I dont face the slav opposite castling

  • "Sorry bout" that within the first minute. Is it Christmas already?😀

  • Ovyo its going to be a RUSSIAN game

  • Nice Game

  • @agadmator Is would be great to display time it took for each move. The games appear to move so quickly while you're making comments and rapidly moving pieces around. There's no reference of the time a player spent to make a brilliant move.

  • My ELO is 600 and I did catch the knight to e4. Can't say I'm sad

  • Positional Snoozefest!!! That is an expression that I will reuse!😆

  • At 9:50 can white save with BxNe4?

  • I don't get it... 7:30, why not Bxe4? Avoids all crap.

  • Why didn't Dvirnyy capture the knight on e4 the second time Shirov offered his queen?

  • Since you made videos about the games in Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and Dr House, I suggest a video on the game of chess between Prof. Xavier and Magneto in the first X-Men. Here's a link to an interview in which Patrick Stewart tells the story of that scene: And here is the FEN of the position played in the movie, designed by a Canadian IM: k2r4/6pp/1p6/5b2/N1n5/ppp5/P4QP1/K2N1R1R b -- 01

  • Wonderful attack!

  • Off topic: What's the status of that Chess Manga you wanted to do? With as much chess history as you know and your social network in the chess world I'd be very excited to see what board states are imagined.

  • 25. Ka1 leads to the most awesome line, a forced mate in 12

  • IMO, this is one of the few channels that provide quality entertainment I can watch for more than 10 minutes.

  • Has someone figured out the theory behind "sorry about that"?

    • it is known. He lowers the sound of his speakers, so we don't hear the pieces move twice (from the directly recorded computer audio and from the speakers->microphone). But lately he does it as part of the routine even when the speakers are not that loud.

  • Thought you would enjoy this history.

  • Beautiful. Bravo, Shirov!

  • Hello Agad, every year in India sept 5 is celebrated as Teacher's Day. On this day students express their gratitude towards their teachers or Guru's for making them who they are. A happy teacher's day to you too Agadmator. Thank you making chess so enjoyable.

  • There is a crazy line after accepting the queen secrifice after Ka1. Nd2 Ka1 b3 Bb1 Ra4+ Na2 bxa2 Bxa2 the only winning idea here is Nc5!! Crazy!

  • Completely agree. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game like this. This game was fantastically perfect. And when you showed us how perfectly placed that dark square bishop was without mentioning it even once during and throughout the whole analysis besides the development move.... good one Agad. Masterpiece in your own right. Go to 10:43 to see what I’m talking about.

  • Knight e4 was the first move I thought about. And then I realised that the queen would be hanging. So I thought: naah, Shirov wouldn't play this. Shirov did play Ne4.

  • حقيقة دور لا يصدق !! شيروف ابدع غاية الإبداع! دور جميل جدا

  • What about instead on playing Bxc4 the a in between move bxc3 hanging the Bishop on d2 instead of dxc4...kindly check please properly

  • It shows how big you become when Fide are sending you games to do.videos on

  • Truly amazing.

  • my day gets so much better once I hear "hello everyone"

  • not many moments in chess that are "funny" but.. him doing the same queen sac offer is for sure funny.. and getting a free pawn out of the deal on the second go as well lol havent seen the other games but.. this one is an interesting one.. with that rook planted on c4 too for half the game

  • Fire on board! Fire on board!

  • Great game! I also think this game deserves the brilliancy prize. Could you cover the finals of Pogchamps 2? I believe the final round will take place September 6. #Suggestion

  • What is a good book on opening theory? I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have.

  • What he says:- it was at this moment ______ resigned the game What he wants to say:- it was at this moment he realised that he fu*ked up!

  • me before actually watching the video: looking at the title of the video, looking at the players, noticing Alexei Shirov -- "yeah, seems about right"

  • This was a Saga

  • A brilliancy is there when both players made excellent moves and theres only one survivor. Here Shirov launched his trade mark attack in a line where he was far more prepared than his opponent

  • Well, the ones awarding the brilliancy prize had the same percption as agadmator. Alexei Shirov has been proclaimed the winner of the Gazprom Brilliancy Prize, a special trophy awarded by the General Partner of the Online Chess Olympiad.

  • @agadmator your explanation is excellent. @agadmator and other friends can you tell me which engine you are using to analyze the games ? @agadmator can you pl also make videos for person like me who want to improve tactics and positional play ?

  • The most stunning Queen sac till now of 2020.

  • I am beginning to believe that the "Sorry about that!" Is now the part of the Intro.

  • Moral of the story : when opponent offers an exchange, you take it... because if you deny , he can just sac his queen and destroy you with that rook you denied...

  • I'd like to see your second & third choice

  • I like your T-shirt, your Happy pillow, your jet-black guitar and your stairway to heaven (or hell), but the couch has far too many pillows on it and not a single one matches anything at all (however, the couch it's self is OK.), and I love your show. I lose at chess an inordinate number of times per month and enjoy it because I am insane. I also like your beard, may I have it? :)_

  • How can we able to join that FIDE olimpiads? You have to have a title?

  • #suggestion botvinnik vs lajos portich monte carlo 1968

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  • #suggestion Wilhelm Steinitz vs Adolf Anderssen 1866

  • you missed the beautiful Nc5 line after the first queen sac is accepted and white plays Ka1

  • No thanks for choice 2 and 3. Morphy saga please.

  • I'm really intrigued by your trademark action of 'sorry about that!' after the first move..Seen you doing this in almost every game, bending down on right side and adjusting or picking up something..Is it a good omen? Or a signature behavior.. I'm way out of the subject.."sorry about that!" 😂🙏

  • positions always matters wheter it in sex or chess game

  • We are gonna show the one that gets chosen. Fide please choose something else just so we get one more agadmator.

  • 7:39 - wait - what if white king instead of a2 moves to a1 ? then black pawn can not check and seems that black does not have imminent made, not matter what they do ! no? .. if black pawn to b3, white bishop moves to b1, then rook a4, knight a2 and bang- position defended

  • what happens if Ka1 at 7.37

  • Everyone loves a QUEEN SACRIFICE. It's romantic.

  • eric showed one more insane line here ..thts mate in 12 must watch

  • #suggestion hey Agad my good sir, now that stockfish 12 is out, would you be setting up matches against, uhm, LeelaChessZero i guess? and make analyses vids about it

  • Stop faking “sorry about that”. Thank me later

  • Absolutely brilliant

  • - " We had to turn off the lights, during that game..." ( M. Brilliancy )

  • when g4 was played Shirov probably chuckled and asked didnt we just have this discussion?

  • Who is "here just to enjoy the show?"

  • Shirov op

  • 6:28 doesn't bxc3 win two pieces ?

  • 7:40 can white defend with Ka1? Because now after b3 you can play Na2 and if you try to continue the attack with Ra4 white can play Bb1 and it seems like the attack is dead with white having a huge material advantage, and even if black captures the knight on a2 with the pawn white still has a queen for two pieces, and black no longer seems to have any attack

  • That "Hello everyone" at the start spooked the fuck out of me

  • Brutal Check Mate frim Vicious Attack. Even Tal would be jealous. .

  • What is exactly problem is , why you bend in every video ? ,why can't you fix that one for all

  • Why on earth did he take to queen anyway tho xD he had already concluded it was lost after doing it, why trow the game? In desperation over a lost rook? XD?

  • 10:13 the white king shat his pants he was so scared

  • I recently tried a puzzel of the day from Lautier vs Shirov 1990 and was pretty much clueless as to Shirov's winning moves. Great to see that he's still playing magical chess today. Excellent choice for the prize.

  • I’d love to see the other games on the brilliancy shortlist!

  • History Guy on chess today, interesting

  • All hail THE GOD, THE KING, THE MASTER, THE LORD Alexei Shirov

  • Shirov THE GOD!!

  • Russian: Check Russian name: Check Plays chess: Check Good enough for me!

  • What's the deal with "Sorry About That" at the start of every single game? And every time he reaches down. What is he doing and why is he feeling sorry about it? 😁😁😁

    • It is a deep old secret...

  • Give him the Morphy head!!!

  • You forgot to cover what happens after ka1 after Nxd2... it’s an even more beautiful line

  • 00:05 No you are not drunk, this is Antonio's introduction for those watching it from the bar or pub

  • please show the other two games

  • As average player " 1700" i found that Danyl made 2-3 big mistakes. Hope i will get GM tittle one day :)

  • Games in which the players castle on different sides are always nailbiters, nerve-wracking, and almost never end in draws. It's a race of which side can checkmate the other first, since the castled kings are inadequately defended. In this case, white's attack on the black king was far too slow while black's attack on white's king was relentless.

  • What makes this game brilliant is that the first Queen sack was actually a mate in 12 (which both players saw). You must watch Eric Rosen's coverage of this game. It has deeper analysis and more lines.

  • i am now a grandmaster because i saw both of the ideas when i paused the video. however, the rest of the moves are a different story