Kasparov Will Face Carlsen For The 1st Time In 16 Years!

Publicerades den 26 aug 2020
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All 3 games on Carlsen vs Kaparov
First game senewss.info/slow/g9e8qcyYicfccLo/video
Second game senewss.info/slow/do-orc9jet_Dcbo/video
Third game senewss.info/slow/nNq7o5Bjg6ylbqI/video
Thumbnail photos by Maria Emelianova/Chess.com
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Magnus Carlsen vs Garry Kasparov
Reykjavik Rapid (2004) (rapid), Reykjavik ISL, rd 1, Mar-18
Queen's Gambit Declined: Cambridge Springs Variation (D52)
1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 e6 5. Bg5 Nbd7 6. e3 Qa5 7. Nd2 Bb4 8. Qc2 O-O 9. Be2 e5 10. O-O ed4 11. Nb3 Qb6 12. ed4 dc4 13. Bc4 a5 14. a4 Qc7 15. Rae1 h6 16. Bh4 Bd6 17. h3 Nb6 18. Bf6 Nc4 19. Ne4 Bh2 20. Kh1 Nd6 21. Kh2 Ne4 22. Be5 Nd6 23. Qc5 Rd8 24. d5 Qd7 25. Nd4 Nf5 26. dc6 bc6 27. Nc6 Re8 28. Rd1 Qe6 29. Rfe1 Bb7 30. Nd4 Nd4 31. Qd4 Qg6 32. Qg4 Qg4 33. hg4 Bc6 34. b3 f6 35. Bc3 Re1 36. Re1 Bd5 37. Rb1 Kf7 38. Kg3 Rb8 39. b4 ab4 40. Bb4 Bc4 41. a5 Ba6 42. f3 Kg6 43. Kf4 h5 44. gh5 Kh5 45. Rh1 Kg6 46. Bc5 Rb2 47. Kg3 Ra2 48. Bb6 Kf7 49. Rc1 g5 50. Rc7 Kg6 51. Rc6 Bf1 52. Bf2
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  • 1:12 fun cact : lagrave is fench slang for " no really" or "now really" and vachier litterally means "go fuck yourself" in french, dude s named "maxime now really go fuck yourself" in his own language

  • wouldn't bishop to e5 have been better than king capture h2? that would be a simultaneous attack on the h2 bishop and the d6 knight, while preventing capture on e4 knight due to discovery attack on c7 queen.

  • @6:17 a hustler bishop move like you can see in Central Park.

  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Antonio's slips recalls me the dining machine featured in Chaplin's Modern Times.

  • STILL NO black or players of AFRICAN DESCENT huh?? Still being a racist I see. Why not just eliminate the BLACK chess pieces and replace them with white pieces?? This way you're being true to your RACIST creed.

  • Does anyone know where can I watch Magnus Vs Kasparov live? Thanks in advance!

  • Did you play league of legends before this video? Or too much coffee? 😆 (100 clicks per minute)

  • What about showing the game between Carlsen vs Karpov from Reykjavik 2004?

  • Is it just me or are all "discoveries" nasty?

  • Kasparov expects to be crushed, right? he has to. lol it'll be fun.

  • I was excited until I heard it was Fischer Random. Means nothing.

  • 16.56 "Kasparov defends" me be like" -_-

  • @17:04; they switched sides. LOL!

  • Apparently, Magneto isn’t fond of the King’s Indian Attack.

  • They could be great games but it’s a bit unfair with Carlsen barely 30 and Kasparov 57. Kasparov played a short time ago against the best of the world, had good positions but late in the games made one blunder and lost the game. He did that a few times because I guess he got tired. Otherwise the games they are going to play would be fantastic.

  • You cannot understand whether Carlsen is white or black by this commentary lol.

  • When you watch this, you understand that all moves are made by kasparov and reached draw to himself. Game has nithing to do with Carlsem it seems

  • Kasparov is balding, grey hair (I have those), but he still can handle the kiddo Magnus who he once coached. He demolished Anand and Nigel Short, after some "training" from Karpov (who he eventually defeated, though not exactly in a demolishing way). Kramnik was the other Russian whose Berlin Kasparov tried, and failed, to beat, in London in 2000.

  • In chess people don't respect their successors. Fischer didn't respect kasparov, kasparov doesn't respect carlsen.

  • I wish they’d play regular chess

  • Thanks for the announcement on the St. Louis tournaments. I didn't think they would be having them this year, due to the coronavirus. Glad to see that Kasparov and Carlsen are both playing. They are two of the GOATS. I'd much rather watch them play real chess live, but I'll take it.

  • Magnus crushes him like a bug on the windscreen 💥

  • What's the best way to watch the match next week?

  • Omg the Quote 😂

  • I expect Magnus to clean house, honestly. Kasparov has long since stopped taking Chess seriously - in 2016, he joked that his current preparation routine was watching "Game of Thrones" - and Chess960 vastly favors Magnus' middle- and end-game prowess over Kasparov's extraordinary opening theory.

  • @Carlsen really has nothing to prove anymore....Kasparov should just enjoy his retirement n glory...let him end his legacy as the best not coming out of retirement to be beaten by Carlsen.

  • Magnus Carlsen is one of the greatest chess players of all time, so is Kasparov in his era. This is Magnus's era, he is chess active and tournament polished, and did I mention the world champion of chess.

  • I guess its exciting news. Now if he organized a match with Fischer that would really be exciting!

  • LX = 60 in old roman style. L=50 and X=10, 50+10=60.

  • Hawkins House of Burgers? Did BLM burn it down yet?

  • Kasparov hates America. He is one troublemaker backstabber & underminer I have 0 time for. A true enemy of America that guy.

  • Kind of sad that Ding isn't playing.

  • Magnus Carlsen was only 13 years old in this game.

  • And Kasparov coached Carlsen for a very significant part of his career. This match will be fireworks!

  • Carlsen will cream Kasparov. Too bad Ivanchuk isn't there to smash them both.

  • Fun fact Kasparov is half Armenian. Gasparian

  • Gary will make every excuse in the world on why he lost.. the guy is the worst sore loser I've ever seen.

  • I'm excited that they meet again, however I also find it disappointing that it will only be 960.

  • Chess 9LX is using some Roman numerals. Someone else in the comments section must have noticed this. 9 + LX (60) = 960

  • To me, a casual fan, this is very exciting. Does a player's chess rating directly translate to Chess 960, or may Kasparov have a better chance than in the classic game?

  • 5:47

  • 6:18 this is a pain to watch

  • Very Important zwischenzug. Wenn das Deutsch wiedermal reinkickt.

  • can i giv u a game online

  • Of course Carlsen will wipe Kasparov of the board.

  • Exactly when is this match going to take place and is it going to be live streamed?

  • Its gonna be great man!..that's all I'll say....

  • If it's Fischer Random, maybe Kasparov should be playing Wesley So instead...

  • Who won in 2004?

  • QUE BIEN. senewss.info/slow/i8XXoqegqdDUiqo/video UN RETO

  • 5:44 He used the correct Z! Twice!

  • Kasparov, a man who took back his move versus Judit Polgar, shamelessly cheating a 17 year old girl out of pride. Interestingly it turns out he is now spokesman for American oligarchs advocating for interventionist regime change policies: senewss.info/slow/m8rMr7Gda9fKgMQ/video

  • So far only Kasparov and Carlsen can move their opponent's pieces because they're too strong

  • #suggestion Ivanchuk v Ding (Ukraine v China on chess olympiad) Also #suggestion the entire Anand v Gelfhand championship match

  • I wouldn't mind if you redo your old videos, it's not just 60fps, but what's better is your voice, a huge difference between now & the past.

  • 6:17 , Bishop to D6 is also whow.....

  • The way you pronounced Zwischenzug was amazing!

  • But I thought Magnus was playing white. WTf.

  • Thought they would play a head to head match. Anyways, wishing the best for the former World Champ.

    • When you said "Exciting news", I thought you meant that you and the dog had had a hair cut. It's probably more efficient for you both to have a hair cut at the same time.

  • "For those of you that haven't heard the news" *puts news in videotitle and thumbnail*

  • Can you do Karpov's legendary Linares tournament?

  • That was one of the best games of chess that I have ever seen in my life. Wow. It was very intuitive.

  • Lisen agadmator, 960 isn't chess, 16 years ago Kasparov and young Carlson played chess, stop pretending fisher Random and 960 is chess it's a variant of chess.if you like playing these types of games fine, but stop insulting the chess that many world champions and millions have played for over a 100 years. I find this disgusting. leave traditional chess alone.

    • No no no , what people played in late 1990s was rather interesting to watch compared to crap games played nowadays. In fact no one plays chess anymore, everyone just memorises computer moves, book moves, there's no spontaneity it's no longer chess. Chess 960 is real chess , you can be sure that you don't need to memorise 20 computer moves to get a fine position

  • Imagine if Kasparov becomes world champion again

  • Wow

  • El Magneto monkaW

  • Even when he was 13 years old, Magnus didn't like to comb his hair!

  • This is exact videography of this first 16th Magnus game with kasprove. You will enjoy by watching Magnus reaction senewss.info/slow/d8XOoax5mMyPpNA/video

  • captures captures captures etc

  • i think a new series should be what song goes with the chess game.. i wanna see a black sabbath chess game!

  • LX is Roman numerals for 60. L = 50 X = 10

  • Wait are they playing standard chess or the crazy version where the pieces are out of whack?

  • #NastyDiscoveriesForTheWin

  • Click bait.

  • Peter Swidler and Garry Kasparov somewhat stick out on that list and Firouzja born in 2003 too I suppose

  • 8:45 I found Be5, with the idea that the line ...Bxe5; d4xe5 ...Nxe4; Qxe4 will be played. The best response I could find for black was instead of Bxe5, black plays ...Bf5; Bxh2 ...Bxe4; Qxe4, then accepting the queen trade with Nxe4 looks like winning for white to me, since the black knight has to retreat to g5 or f6 because the rook is attacking it, and white's bishop on c7 is difficult to challenge. I'm too low rated and bored of writing this to come up with a line that declines the queen trade.

  • I don't know about that, the finals of the Magnus Chess Tour was pretty damn exciting. Let's hope these two event will produce special too.

  • Why does Kasparov still play under Russian flag?

  • why is the bishop lost? 13:14

  • "In chess, the pawns go first." UNLESS YOU'RE A KNIGHT!!!

  • I feel like Hikaru will dominate this tournament

  • Sept 15 baby!!! Gat this booked out

  • The more exciting news is there's gonna be actually 3 world champions playing in that tournament if you look closely.

  • 6:10 this is exactly why I think Bishops and Queens should also be allowed to capture en passant. It's weird that it's only a rule for pawns.

  • "In chess, the pawns go first" -Some guy who plays Alekhine's defense

  • And it was in this position, player switched sides. Hopefully this is nothing too serious.

  • For no reason at all senewss.info/slow/gbW7l9hjprnbgcg/video

  • Fischer random...uhhh I wish it was just classical

  • Why are you not covering online olympiad?

  • this tournament will be more difficult for carlsen

  • It would be funny if Kasparov didn't make it to the finals. I'd laugh my arse off. I respect Kasparov for his skills, but his ego is bigger than the Moon and i just hate people like that. Remember how disgraceful he was after Radjabov defeated him. Pathetic. And don't tell me it's because of the pressure, you just don't call your opponent a disgrace to chess just because you lose a match against a teenager. Kasparov needs a lesson.

  • I like the older players better, newer players don't have much style.

  • Battle of the Champions!

  • Agadmator, where are you from?

    • He's from Croatia...if I'm not mistaken

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  • Two greatest chess minds are going to clash, awesome.

  • Jk

  • For me Mikhail Tal is the maestro of all time.

  • 14:08 why not capture a5 with Knight?