How To Tame Your Dragon || Grischuk vs Carlsen || Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz (2020)

Publicerades den 18 sep 2020
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Alexander Grischuk vs Magnus Carlsen
Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz (2020)
17.9.2020, Round 9
Sicilian, dragon, Yugoslav attack (B75)
1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 g6 6. Be3 Bg7 7. f3 a6 8. Qd2 h5 9. Bc4 Nbd7 10. Bb3 Nc5 11. O-O-O b5 12. Kb1 Bb7 13. a3 Nxb3 14. cxb3 Rc8 15. Nc2 Qc7 16. Bd4 O-O 17. Qf2 e5 18. Bb6 Qd7 19. Nb4 Rxc3 20. bxc3 Qe6 21. Kb2 Rc8 22. Ba5 d5 23. Qa7 Ba8 24. Nxa6 Bf8 25. Nc7 Qe7 26. Nxb5 Qe8 27. Nc7 Qe7 28. Bb6 dxe4 29. Nxa8 Qxa7 30. Nxa8 Qxa7 30. . Bf2 Bxa3 + 32. Kc2 Be7 33. Ra1 Rc8 34. Rhd1 exf3 35. gxf3 e4 36. fxe4 Nxe4 37. Bd4 f5 38. Kb2 Kf7 39. b4 g5 40. Kb3 g4 41. Ra7 Ke6 42. Ra6 + Kf7 43. c4 Bd6 44. Bg1 Ke7 45. c5 Be5 46. Rd5
Photo of Magnus by Alina l'Ami
The Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz is a 10-player tournament taking place online from 15-19 September 2020. The event is organised by the Saint Louis Chess Club and has a prize fund of $250,000, with $50,000 for 1st place.
The rapid section on the first 3 days is a single round-robin with a time control of 25 minutes for all moves and a 5-second increment from move 1. The final 2 days are a blitz double round-robin, with 18 rounds of 5+3 blitz. Rapid games count double, with 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw. In the event of a tie for any place in the tournament, there shall be no tiebreak, with prize money divided equally. Official website:
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  • Watch on 2X

  • @8:01 White is up the exchange AND.a pawn. That's basically a won game.. Of course Carlson would not willingly enter into such a clearly lost endgame.

  • Big fan agadmator thanks for making chess perceivable to layman❤️❤️❤️

  • For the record, this is not the dragon. This is called dragendjorf. In the dragon opening you aim to attack your opponent using your pieces and in most viriations you refrain from pushing a6-b5 etc whatsoever. Doing that is completely out of dragon's philosophy and they call this dragon+ najdorf (dragendorf) because here black aims to attack with pawns the way he would do in the nadjorf variation only with a Bg7. Im telling you this cause i know you love to leanr new stuff regarging chess, not to be a nerd or a dickk for that matter.

  • And as of move 1, we have a brand new video.


  • Exchange sacrifice was a mistake. I guess.

  • Why does the rook capture on c3,is the better position worth the disadvantageous trade? Thx.

  • agamator's funny moments -

  • Well I don't quite agree with your analysis when you show other lines than the main game. It's too superficial

  • The title should've been "How To Train Your Dragon". Missed opportunity man.

  • I only ever come for the show let’s be honest

  • Agadmator: "You are never playing D5." Magnus: *Plays D5 anyway*

  • 11:49 ithink he can still play if he capture the pawn and gave the bishop just a newbie in chess

  • you can never silence the grischuk

  • Grischuk is underrated, a true genius

  • Great job Grischuk. Exposing fraud Magnus 😆

  • The Dragon is only making a comeback at top levels. It never went away at lower levels. And now the Blackmar-Diemer awaits its rebirth!

  • Atleast the dragon was not a lizard the entire game

  • OMG Magnus has beaten by Sasha

  • wow what a game from both. that bishop move and that trade of magnus in the end. Both amazing skilled players.

  • Grischuk living his thug live... I usualy don't like Magnus to lose but when Chucky or Grischuk give him a lesson i simply can't dislike it.

  • 8:25 Black's Queen+Bishop battery against a3 in the mid-game is worth mentioning as it accounts for some of the movements, such as white retreat in addition to grabbing the Pawn, Magnus going back to e7 with the Queen followed by the Bishop advancing to allow the white Queen to protect a3. I think this alignment of pieces contributed to Grischuk's victory.

  • Grischuk with Immortal Moves. This is more like return of the G Man.

  • That´s a nice game, btw there´s an error in PGN posted here, pls check "first" and "second" 30. move .... fixed notation : 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 g6 6. Be3 Bg7 7. f3 a6 8. Qd2 h5 9. Bc4 Nbd7 10. Bb3 Nc5 11. O-O-O b5 12. Kb1 Bb7 13. a3 Nxb3 14. cxb3 Rc8 15. Nc2 Qc7 16. Bd4 O-O 17. Qf2 e5 18. Bb6 Qd7 19. Nb4 Rxc3 20. bxc3 Qe6 21. Kb2 Rc8 22. Ba5 d5 23. Qa7 Ba8 24. Nxa6 Bf8 25. Nc7 Qe7 26. Nxb5 Qe8 27. Nc7 Qe7 28. Bb6 dxe4 29. Nxa8 Qxa7 30. Bxa7 Rxa8 31. Bf2 Bxa3+ 32. Kc2 Be7 33. Ra1 Rc8 34. Rhd1 exf3 35. gxf3 e4 36. fxe4 Nxe4 37. Bd4 f5 38. Kb2 Kf7 39. b4 g5 40. Kb3 g4 41. Ra7 Ke6 42. Ra6+ Kf7 43. c4 Bd6 44. Bg1 Ke7 45. c5 Be5 46. Rd5

  • "The position just self-deteriorates" - yes, I know that feeling very well.

  • Chucks : ivan & gris

  • Finally magnus losing, you dont see this everyday 😂

  • A rare outcome from the world's greatest player.

  • I hoped, that @agadmator would explain the d5 move by Magnus

  • Magnus really loves being down the exchange.

  • Grischuk was very low on time... You didn't mention it...

  • #suggestion. Magnus Carslen vs Harikrishna. Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz 2020

  • why magnus always give up pieces and get nothing in return xD

  • #suggestion Yesterday's game between Nepo and Nakamura was fun!

  • What is with all these stoic

  • That was a good game!

  • I enjoyed more of Agad's commentary rather than the game itself. It was an eloquent speech by Agad.

  • I play hyper accelarated dragon,and more wins then loses for me!

  • Finaly normal chess

  • Harikrishna vs Magnus pls

  • The caption gave the outcome away.

  • Shit mt fav black opening got rekt

  • Agadmator is an excelent giver of seconds.

  • The next game of Magnus Carlsen and Alexander Grischuk would be called “how to tame your dragon 2”

  • Great, we're done with Fisher random. I can watch videos again

  • #suggestion harakrishna-firouzja

  • Its quite weird why magnus made that bishop move. What did he see? Maybe very low on time? Also the e5 move early in the game doesnt really make sense. Its not within sicilian principles.

  • That title is genius💚

  • "Pause the video to turn few seconds into few minutes" 🥱

  • I really love and enjoy this channel, a lot. But the spoilers in the title keep getting worse and worse. 90% of the time you know who winner just by reading th title and seeing the thumbnail.

  • #suggestion.... agad pls make a video on Rashid nezhmadinov vs Vladimir karasev it is Rashid nezhmadinov 's last game ..the tactics are amazing

    • I don't know if this was his last game, but I watched this one yesterday.

  • Even my Hero Sasha can beat the World Champion like a step child in blitz games. :)

  • Magnus being Magnus he respected Grischuk and resigned, since it was the all or nothing game, he could have continued to play as Grischuk was down to 15 seconds and Magnus had a lot of time left. Eventually Wesley won the tournament

  • carlsen is losing a lot these days

  • Captures Captures

  • #suggestion Firouja x HariKrishna in the 9th round of the blitz section. That's an immortal game!

  • Grischuk is carlsens kryptonite

  • "Merrily grabbing those juicy pawns" must be one of the most poetic expressions in all of chess. New to your channel... But already hooked

  • That’s a great Aristotle quote at the top too

  • Aristotle: The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain. Grischuk: I aim to BRING the pain.

  • Didn't expect Magnus going for the Dragon. I didn't see that coming. ☺

  • Game suggestion: Magnus vs Carlsen

  • One thing that Agadmator does is explain the mini goals. Like "The knight wants to move here, so first he'll do this, then that and get the knight into a very strong square". Others will just go move by move very fast or do too much breaking down, both of which confuse things for me.

  • Even Magnus can't save the Dragon. Its basically playing with a handicap.

  • good Quote

  • "You could give one little check" lmao

  • Agadmator, I want to see more sorcery videos. They were one of the best of your channel. What happened to them?

  • For some reason I get sad whenever Magnus loses a game.

  • That’s what Magnus gets for giving up the exchange. I’m glad Sasha punished that insolence

  • Alright alexander!

  • Strong victory by Alex

  • I like Magnus a lot, but it's also nice to see him lose once in a while.

  • Im always happy when sasha is winning 😍

  • One pawn e5 move killed all the chances!

  • What about magnus vs alireza # suggestion

  • Hey

  • that was a nice one, sash

  • Buddy when you talk make sure your voice is pleasant to hear. Whenever you talk there is more or 'arrr' it really irritates. Drink some water it will help . :) good video

    • Yes. The 'nice sip of my water' has been missing for a while. . .

  • That title describes my sexual life pretty well

  • Where is the good stuff? I live for those legendary chess games. Fuck the modern ones!!!

  • Sasha is a beast

  • Am I the only one who thinks Magnus plays computer recommended openings which are based on analysis and stats unlike normal players who prep particular openings against particular players.

  • Why does it seem that Magnus loses too many games to Grishuk

  • Great game!

  • Happy for Sasha

  • #suggestion Do Kasparov vs Deep Blue 1997 Game 2! Like if you want this too!

  • Fascinating: a Dragon where the play centered on the queenside!

  • Please check out Bollwerk 178 on youtube. A abstract strategy game like chess. Very complex and exiting.

  • The position self deteriorates..... just as good as 'merrily grabbing those juicy pawns'

  • #suggestion Grischuk vs Carlsen blitz (round 6 today) I was so proud when I found Rb4 for Magnus and typed it into the live chat about 2 seconds before he played it (at least before it was shown on my screen).

  • Grischuk and Ivanchuk. You never know which version of them is gonna turn up on the match day

  • watched this live yesternight 4am

  • Agad I've got a question After grischuk plays c5 then maybe the following sequence is playable for black B×c6, b(pawn)×c6 R×c6, B×c6 N×c6 with check, Kb5 N×a6 And in the end magnus would be still down the exchange but he would have a 3-1 advantage on the king side which is pretty much playable i guess

  • 1961 world championship #suggestion

  • brilliant game analysis

  • Brilliant Grischuk!

  • Wow bishop to a5, i would've never seen that

  • agad:'You are never playing d5'....Magnus played d5. Haha.!

  • Just clicked and looked at game transcript, looks like sasha wins... let's see