Feeling That I'd Already Lost || Borgov vs Harmon || Netflix's Queen's Gambit

Publicerades den 1 nov 2020
Harmon vs Borgov - Final Game senewss.info/slow/pKuxl7d7hb-pZZk/video
Harmon vs Beltik senewss.info/slow/gsOxrJeTh9mnptg/video
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Vasily Borgov vs Elizabeth Harmon
Netflix Series - The Queen's Gambit
Sicilian, Nimzovich-Rossolimo attack (with ...g6, without ...d6) (B31)
Based on this game, but moves are a bit different in the show:
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 g6 4.c3 Qb6 5.a4 Bg7 6.O-O a6 7.Bxc6 Qxc6 8.d4 d6 9.Re1 Bg4 10.d5 Qc7 11.a5 Nf6 12.Nbd2 O-O 13.h3 Bxf3 14.Nxf3 Nd7 15.Bf4 b5 16.axb6 Qxb6 17.Ra2 Qb5 18.Nd2 Rfb8 19.Bg5 Kf8 20.Qg4 h6 21.Be3 Ne5 22.Qh4 g5 23.Qh5 Nc4 24.h4 Nxd2 25.Bxd2 Qb3 26.Raa1 Qc2 27.Bc1 gxh4 28.Bxh6 Rxb2 29.Bxg7+ Kxg7 30.Qg5+ Kf8 31.Qxh4 Ke8 32.e5 dxe5 33.Rxe5 Rb1+ 34.Kh2 f6 35.d6 Kd7 36.Rxe7+ Kc6 37.Rxb1 Qxb1 38.Qxf6 Qb8 39.Rc7+ Kb6 40.Qf3
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  • Matanovic vs Stein, 1965

    • @Galador And he answered it..?

    • @twotonkatrucks I agree. Completely unnecessary and quite rude. Agadmator is undoubtedly aware that viewers of the video can check the database. He said he would pin the first one to get the answer and he did. Very poor form on your part Bob Marli IMNSHO.

    • Stein vs Matanovic, 1965

    • Well done!

    • You are a very good finder of games.

  • Politician Gambit - when a politician sacrifices his people for his better position

  • She resigns ? Why. I consulted Stocfish 12 and the engine says 40...Qh8+ game is equal.

  • Great video! Glad chess is getting some notoriety!

  • casual chess player since very little, watched queens gambit and YT recommended this video without me even searching for chess/queen's gambit related... however, definitely enjoy your channel! watch a few videos! Maybe I'll return to playing chess!

  • Wouldnt Qxb2 be better at 7:47? attacking the bishop and putting pressure on the rook?

  • If you ever change your mind about doing another game from this series, I'm curious about the one she played against Luchenko (grey hairy guy she admired). Maybe not as important game in this series, but it was her second longest game while in Moscow, and I am interested to see what was he planning with Borgov during adjournment, as well as what was her, quote, "brilliant recovery".

  • I watched this and the series at the same time for some deadly fork

  • When you do the final wrap-up of the series, what was true, what was fiction, you must interview the Polgar sisters... I am sure we all look forward to that video.

  • Can someone explain to me where my logic might be wrong? At 8:52, I thought he was trying to lead to an obvious answer. And I thought I found one that answered all of the issues he'd raised leading into it by capturing the c3 pawn with the queen and protecting both the back rank from the white queen and preventing check and the square that Borgov moves his pawn to. Is there a reason the f6 move is better than capturing that pawn?

  • Your videos (and channel) are wonderful! So, without further ado, I thank you!

  • hi guys

  • 11:17 why beth didnt take the d6 pawn?

  • I'm very curious about the Harmon vs Watts draw

  • Uncanny how Agadmator resembles the character Benny in "The Queen's Gambit" series. Looks as if the character was modeled after Agadmator.

    • Agadmator is slavic, we know he carries a knife

  • I really enjoyed your series on these games from this terrific show. Using thumbnails of the characters and their quotes above the board the way you do quotes from the masters are especially fine touches. Well done and thank you for doing this for us.

  • Yes please an overview

  • I learned Western chess in high school. I find it very easy and simpler to learn because I learned Chinese Chess when I was little. In comparison, Chinese Chess has much stricter movement and rules. I think it's easier for an Eastern person to learn Western instead of reverse. The Chinese Chess is about 2000 years old and people still play them. After watching Queens Gambit, I decided to teach my daughter Chinese Chess 1st. From there, I will teach her Western Chess. Start from the most difficult.

  • CHECK(mate) OUT my cover of The Queen's Gambit OST!!! senewss.info/slow/pJLcmNqmac7JjpE/video And have a nice day :)

  • Please do her first Benny game !!

  • Black's middlegame set-up had a Benko gambit look to it.

  • When paused to find defense for black, why Qxc3 doesn't work ?

    • Qxc3 e5! again wins. This time the threat is Qh8#. If Ke8 Qh8+ Kd7 Qxa8 wins a rook for white and black has no attack on f2 unlike in the previous line. If Kg7 Re3 with a tempo on the white queen Qc2 Rg3+ Kf8 Qh8#

    • I thought the same, White still has Qh3 check but after Ke3 further checks are still not possible because black Queen is eyeing h8... but my brain can't comprehend any further lol

  • Question why didnt she just put her king at A5? If she had she wouldnt have to worry about Borgovs Queen or rook, infact it would be the exact opposite, now she just needs to move her queen to A7 which borgov cant risk killing it with his rook because that only rook of his is crucial to have, he would be forced to move it away then when his queen goes to attack her rook boom she takes it with her queen, and unfortunately for Borgav its impossible for him to win with 4 ponds a and a rook, especially that far apart, plus the one furthest on the bored she can easily remove after borgovs queen is gone, all im saying is she did not have to resign she still had a massive chance

  • Please do an analysis of the Paris game between Beth and Borgov

  • Any one got the green tablet name😁😁😂😂

  • can't you play Qc3 to defend mate? (9:03)

  • To me , the best scene of this series was when she was 9, Mr Ganz , gave her the doll, she looked @ Mr Shaibel , he kinda glance to him, she then gave a little smirk, said " thank you very much... wanna another game... She plays both Shaibel & Mr Ganz , after checking Mr Shaibel (who then resigns, she moves to Mr Ganz board , Beth: pawn takes pawn, she then gets up .. slowly walks away. Glances back @ him while she walks away, Mr Ganz :studies the board briefly, says to Beth while standing up , away from the board..Beth.. I moved my Queen to Rook 4 ....check ...she replies .. "The Bishop Blocks" .. Ganz : Queen takes Kings Pawn .. Beth : " Castles" Ganz : Knight takes Knight Beth : Mate in 3 , first check is with the queen.. the King must take..then the Bishop checks on Knight 5 ...and its mate next... absolutely brilliant.. she knew the board , without even being at it ...@ 9 years old..

    • I'm not doubting a chess genius could pull that off, but you know she's a fictional character right?

  • I finally got around to watching the Netflix series. It's an okay series, using chess as a backdrop for a coming-of-age story. For the actual chess and commentary on it, we have to come here. Well done, agadmator. You make chess fun.

  • I am confused to why elizabeth resihned when that move was played because it was her move and could have played king to A5 wich took out the check from Borgov with queen to A8 takeing rook and i am a begginer chees player so maby i dont see it can someone help me

    • Rook c5 plus a pass pawn. I'm no good either.

  • Nice dog!

  • I was cheering for Borgov!

  • is this guy on amph? amazing commentary

  • 8:52 Couldn't you defend that by capturing the C3 white pawn with the queen?

  • 11:40 why did she resign? b.Queen to h8 possibly w.King to g1 b.Queen to b1 w. King to h2 b. Rock to h8 w. King to g3 black keeping up the momentum from there, avoiding checkmate or possibly b. King to g3 at first, so black could have chased with rock and queen from there. White could only have defended the first move by sacrificing the queen to block, a queen trade would have followed and at least you could have had an endgame race for pawn promotion. (if white had blocked with the rock, it would have only been a delaying sacrifice) Or did I miss something?

    • you can't go h8 to b1. used a chess calc and black loses every time.

  • I love how the Directors portrayed the Beginning and the End of the show. At the car crash she is small and dressed in white (A White Pawn) & as she defeats Borgov she is dressed in all white with a faux white crown (A White Queen)!! Brilliant!! Absolutely Brilliant!! And the Fact that there are 7 episodes which represent her moving forward 7 spaces to promote into a Queen is the Cherry on Top!! 🍒

    • How beautifully u copied the white pawn comment with reply of 7 eps

    • If only a dog had also nipped her leg at the end. That would have been true Brilliance!

    • @faruq Reported

    • The fact that you copied 2 comments in 1 is amazing

  • Chess is simple.

  • This is Beth's first game against Borgov in episode 4.

  • That was a great show! Great stuff. thanks for going over this game, though the series was not so much about the games, but the people.

  • have you considered what if black - instead resign - played Qh8?

  • im confused, 5:23 so knights pawn to b5 and rooks pawn takes pawn on b5 with b6???? is that a thing? im pretty amateur at the game btw just want to know what happened.

    • I am pretty sure this is a mistake, I am absolutely not a pro, but it seems indeed weird.

  • What about Queen captures pawn in C3, instead of pawn in F6? And why king did not capture pawn in D6 instead of going in C6?

    • Queen captures pawn at C3 was my thought too. I'm curious if there's a reason that wouldn't work.

  • nice

  • Queen to check 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • I suggest you to have the black pieces player have a black frame and not white as well. That way it would be easy to identify. P.s. love your videos

  • The show really wanted me to get back into chess and start watching these videos again

  • What about QC3? Guarding H8

  • Could you please do Beth’s first loss? When Benny surprised her by taking her pawn. #suggestion

  • @agmators chess do the game Harmon vs G.Girev

  • #suggestion Have you ever reviewed the Sherlock Holmes vs James Moriarity game from end of Game of Shadows?

  • More of Beth Harmon games analysis on my channel! :)

  • That woman is a weird looking chick...about as sexy as a bag of wet laundry. She has a kooky look to her...why not select a sexier female for the role but that is modern day film making...let's choose an off putting woman so guys can't get too excited over her looks...good that it is a big world out there with many other options.

    • The hell lmao? Let’s see what ya look like, looks aren’t everything johnny. She’s hot as hell to me physically & her acting/personality just adds on to that. Goddang boomer, ill give you $200 if you don’t look like a wrinkled fart

  • She die at the end. SPOILER ALERT!!! ... oops I've inverted the top and bottom line 🤦‍♂️

  • Would someone explain why Harmon wouldn’t defend that position that he asked about with queen to c3? You take a pawn and cover the h8 square so the queen can’t checkmate.

    • If she does that, borgov plays pawn to e5, and no matter how you play it out, she either gets mated or is forced to sacrifice her queen or her rook, game over either way.

  • Wouldn‘t Qe8 defend this position for black?

  • 8:50 Why not Queen capture C3? that way she blocks H8 and pawn-rook attack on E5

    • @Phil Adams Oh, silly me, I meant rook, not bishop as he shows later pawn goes e5 to later rook capture e5 that absolute best move wouldn't work if the queen captured c3

    • I thought Queen captures c3 pawn too, although don’t understand your bishop reference. Are we missing something?

  • And what about Beth against Benny Watts game?

  • Please do review the series

  • why beth didnt captures the rook in c7 by queen?

  • Why not ...Qxc3 to block Qh8++?

  • the show is sooooo good

  • 6:48 is a beautiful combination of captures.

  • show her losing vs us champion ten winning

  • *Still trying to learn chess. At 10:20 with queen mate threat on E7, can she defend against threat with rook to A7? Awesome videos. Keep them coming :)

    • White will reply with R-e1 to continue the threat. If black reply with R-b7, then it will be mate in three with Q-h8, followed by Rxe7, and Q-e5 cmate. Black’s best counter after R-e1 will be p-e6. But that too is a losing move as after pxp, black position is completely lost.

  • It's not true that the game should end where it ended, there was possibilities, black king to a5. The game is still opened

  • been watching a lot of your videos to learn more about chess I can't believe I didn't know that pawns can attack by moving one diagonal ahead like 5:26 tysm! Learning more and more

  • Geez, I play chess during summer camps and after school in high school, but this shit is beyond me. At a certain point, it kind of ruins the fun when people study all sorts of formations used by grandmasters. I mean, if people have a passion to see how deep chess can go that’s fine imo, but it’s like some just seem to go out of their way to try and win at this board game just because it makes them look like an intellectual and sophisticated.

    • @UndertakerU2ber Now I get you were talking about only some chess players, and it makes sense now! The girl from the example you gave is just... well, exactly the toxic chess player you described. It is these people that give a bad name to chess players and scare new players away. I just felt the need to answer your first comment because missed the part were you you said ‘some’ chess players, and it therefore felt like the comment kept the stereotype alive. But it get I now!

    • @Eva Watches SEnewss Well no, it’s not like I’m projecting anything onto others. It’s just that there were people throughout my school years that would use chess skills as a benchmark for academic performance. Like, I’m not trying to throw a blanket around all chess enthusiasts, and yes, I did watch The Queen’s Gambit, but I stress that there are _some_ individuals that have an elitist attitude about their chess knowledge. A hilarious example was in middle school (yeah, I know it’s middle school) where this Asian girl who was at the top of her class was student leader of the chess club. I’m not gonna put her down as being terrible, but she would lose from time to time. And before, she would talk about how she should be the one running the chess club because she’s the best student at critical thinking skills and analytics. But then when she’s lose, she calls her opponent a “chess nerd” and says they’re losers for putting more time in winning a board game than studying for school. But yeah, I don’t see a problem if you’re a chess enthusiast. I think it’s great to see people try and get as much as they can out of chess, because it has a lot of depth to it.

    • I think you are kinda missing the point. People play chess because they like it, and they like learning new thinks to be better. You are also kinda saying with this that it is weird for a chef to learn new complicated dishes from others, or that it is weird for master pianist to learn the classics from the genre they are specialized in. The feeling that they try to be intellectual is just something you project on these chess players. If you haven’t watched it already, i would really recommend watching the queen’s gambit on Netflix and then you will notice that the chess player don’t try at all to look intellectual to the outside world. They just want to get good and better at the game they love.

  • RIP Mr. Shaibal

  • Thank you for your advice, I’ve just finished the show on netflix... very good !

  • Chess Grandmasters Rankings from 1970-2020 senewss.info/slow/aNC-n9Vnr93botQ/video

  • 8:59 why Qc3 isnt a good move?

  • I can see only the dog!!

  • was this before chess championship games were multiple matches 24 matches in total? because they only played 1 match.

  • he called vasily borgov a bad guy lol...

  • Why not queen to h8 for check LOL

  • did anyone else notice how Elizabeth started as a white pawn at the car crash and ends as the white Queen in the last scene?

  • Can someone explain to me the pawn capture at 5:27?

  • In the series they said this was a closed sicilian, but I thought this was considered an open sicilian, somebody could clear it for me?

  • obviously I'm terrible in chess.I got a question about move on 5:19. how is it possible to capture black pawn on B5 with AB6 move? is it possible to capture a black pawn with DC6 move? I'm confused

    • you're not terrible, just not familiar with the rules of the game. It's called "en passant" capture, and it's quite specific and happens fairly infrequently on the board.

  • New to chess, but why isn't queen to c3 not a good defense @8:56 putting pressure on the took while defending the check?

  • Why not queen c3? (total noob here)

  • you really should show the one between Harmon and papa Lushenko! #suggestion

  • Why did you say Vasily was the bad guy in the beginning of the video? He was actually quite empathetic to Beth the whole show. He was just the strongest player in the world at the time.

  • Please do the Albin Countergambit game.

  • Awww... and I was like "Finaly a woman good at chess. There are so few of them" .

  • Can u show the other game between Borgov and Beth ?

  • dobra serija.. al bilo bi mi draze da su vise plocu pokazali nego lica

  • What would have been wrong with king to g7?

  • If you want to see the series , you have to subscribe to Netflix first. There you can watch another series about another woman called Elizabeth who doesn't play the Queen's Gambit, but is a queen!

  • Why didn’t the king captures the pawn on d6 at 11:16?

  • did anyone else notice how Elizabeth started as a white pawn at the car crash and ends as the white Queen in the last scene?

  • 9:11 why can't you go Qc3 to defend against checkmate here?

  • The barnes shirt looks great haha.

  • I would prefer to give credit to the actual players who played the game.

  • Maybe some game with Benny?

  • 7:05 I played that position against engine and successfully won. 1. hxg5 Qxa2 2. gxh6 e5 3. h7 Kg7 4. f4 Bd4+ 5. cxd4 Qxb2 6. Re3 Kh8 7. g3 Qxd2 8. Rg8+ Rxg8 9. hxh8=Q Kg8 10. Qg5+ Kf8 11. Qh6+ Ke8 12. Qh8+ Kd7+ 13. Qxa8 Now black can only have a draw

    • @mehdi lee That speaks well for that engine. It learns.

    • @Karol Kurek i did the same , i played like you but at some point the engine played differently

    • @mehdi lee Just chess.com -> analysis. I played and did top moves from suggestions for opponent. :)

    • Which engine you played?

  • Why did you call Borgov the bad guy? He merely played his game and was very gracious when he lost.

  • Why am I here ?? I don’t even know how to play chess

  • Hey where's the video for breaking 800k subscribers???

  • Hottest chess champion ever.* * After Morphy in heels.

  • Just watched the whole show because you showed these games. Not sure if you're being sponsored by the series but you should be. On top of that, I thought it was phenomenal and thanks for all you do Antonio.