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Hello everyone - This is a chess channel :)
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19:26Black is the New White
Black is the New Whitevisningar 114tn3 dagar sedan
14:27If Your Piece is in the Way, Just Move It!
If Your Piece is in the Way, Just Move It!visningar 125tn4 dagar sedan
13:49No Draw, I Resign!
No Draw, I Resign!visningar 201tn5 dagar sedan
18:14This is Why Chess Will Always Be Beautiful
This is Why Chess Will Always Be Beautifulvisningar 288tn6 dagar sedan
15:57What is "PLACHUTTA" in Chess?
What is "PLACHUTTA" in Chess?visningar 134tn7 dagar sedan
4:03:31Chess With Ljubo #2
Chess With Ljubo #2visningar 58tn8 dagar sedan
10:16Kasparov's Shortest Game
Kasparov's Shortest Gamevisningar 182tn8 dagar sedan
8:11This Game Will Make You Cry
This Game Will Make You Cryvisningar 188tn10 dagar sedan
18:04Sacrifice a Rook To Sacrifice The Queen!
Sacrifice a Rook To Sacrifice The Queen!visningar 171tn14 dagar sedan
14:10Queen Sacrifice That Never Happened
Queen Sacrifice That Never Happenedvisningar 132tn16 dagar sedan
13:29Chess Rule #1 - NEVER PLAY f6!
Chess Rule #1 - NEVER PLAY f6!visningar 177tn17 dagar sedan
21:23Happy Birthday Misha! || Tal vs Fischer (1970)
15:30Magnus Carlsen Tries the Minibar Gambit!
Magnus Carlsen Tries the Minibar Gambit!visningar 389tn21 dag sedan
14:45Early Bird Gets the...? || Morphy vs Bird (1858)
15:09Where Are ALL MY PAWNS??? || The Eight Pawns Gambit
21:28Nezhmetdinov VS Tal || The Smile of Caïssa (1959)
14:00Grandmasters Miss a Simple Mate in 2!
Grandmasters Miss a Simple Mate in 2!visningar 108tnMånad sedan
15:32Is This The Worst Move Ever Played?
Is This The Worst Move Ever Played?visningar 197tnMånad sedan
13:31The Only Move! || Morphy vs Löwenthal (1858)
20:43Passed Pawns Must Be Pushed!
Passed Pawns Must Be Pushed!visningar 145tnMånad sedan
16:25I'm Taking a Break from Youtube - See You Soon :)
13:05Löwenthal's Immortal? || Löwenthal vs  Morphy (1858)
15:19A Lesson in Rook Lifts || Morphy vs Löwenthal (1858)
11:43Mouse Slip in 1858 || Morphy vs Löwenthal
Mouse Slip in 1858 || Morphy vs Löwenthalvisningar 93tn2 månader sedan
14:09Welcome to the Deep Dark Forest
Welcome to the Deep Dark Forestvisningar 109tn2 månader sedan
OBVIOUS MOUSE-SLIP DOESN'T EXIST!visningar 104tn2 månader sedan
10:01One Move Too Many || Morphy vs Löwenthal (1858)
16:43A Turning Point or... || Löwenthal vs Morphy (1858)
11:43Beat the Scandinavian in 8 Moves!
Beat the Scandinavian in 8 Moves!visningar 146tn2 månader sedan
1:47:43agadmator Shows Subscriber Games
agadmator Shows Subscriber Gamesvisningar 52tn2 månader sedan
12:15My Choice For The FIDE Olympiad Brilliancy Prize!
12:42Engine-Like Defense || Owen vs Morphy (1858)
Engine-Like Defense || Owen vs Morphy (1858)visningar 111tn2 månader sedan
11:00In The Spirit of Barnes! || Owen vs Morphy (1858)
10:04The "Original" Evans Gambit Game
The "Original" Evans Gambit Gamevisningar 117tn3 månader sedan
18:11What's The Best Move Here?
What's The Best Move Here?visningar 173tn3 månader sedan


  • All hail the fork!

  • MAYBE one should NOT allow Magnus to have the same position that he had against Anand during world championship.... I mean, the guy probably thought about it like crazy and has a prep he would use against the champion of the galaxy coming from a planet where aliens have 300 IQ!

  • Only DOG can judge me

  • I dont know if I would take lot of heavy drugs to see chess moves in ceiling ( or mental image of pieces are moving on imaginary chess board ) . It depends how good moves they are . I think Alpha Zero or SF 10 moves would be good enough to risk my health .

  • this man manages to record a video and analyse the game as its being played!

  • magnus crushed it, dog approved.

  • Terrible endgame from the pizza delivery guy ;)

  • Why can’t white play f4 first before d6?

  • Could you review movie Pawn Sacrifice (2014).

  • Magnus too OP, please nerf!

  • 6:25

  • Your image challenge is Samuel Reshevsky

  • As usual, well done!

  • Is there somewhere to learn how to play "Full Barbarian Mode" ? XD

  • Why are you calling the white player with her first name "Judith" and the black player with his second name "Karpov"? Why not treating them the same way?

  • pizza guy delivers pizza to the correct house except when he doesn't

  • I like how Nepo said that no one is afraid of Magnus.Yeah I know , karma is a bitch!!!

  • Nakamura is showing great skill...ings

  • Svaka čast genijalno

  • Definitely interested looking on a whole overviews of all of the games of the serie. Thanks all the way from Mexico.

  • great stuff

  • Imagine blundering so bad they still talk about it 500 years later

  • Why he didn't play f4 immediately?

  • Awesome video Agad

  • rofl :-D

  • Really enjoyed this, with positions from multiple games. cool idea!

  • @6:50 now I’m hungry 😅🍕🍕🍕

  • Update your bitcoin number, you're about 10 grand short

  • Agadmator: makes another video the same day Medo: *I will protect you human!*

  • Agadmator opens the door: "You blundered the address" Pizza guy: "Sorry about that"

  • "The plan is always pretty much the same for black in this setup. you just have to be able to play the moves and white of course will try a lot of things to prevent you from doing that " - agadmator 2020

  • 3-year-old chess prodigy who just played a GM: *cries* me, a 500 rating player: "Pathetic."

  • Is the pizza guy a synonym of the mailman?


  • Please change the photo of carlsen next to the chessboard. There are some bettet ones

  • Facing d5-d6!! Must have felt like a 1950s cartoon piano falling on his head... Out of nowhere.

  • #suggestion how about a Botvinnik game Agad ??

  • On Move 16: Why is it not possible to Play f6? Answers are Welcome

  • What is he doing when he says “sorry about that”

  • I suspect that letting the h pawn go was the big mistake here. Radjabov proving that even in rapid games sound positional play can quickly rip apart the material balance

  • 6:52 for pizza guy

  • inspiring stuff by GMHikaru...

  • This was uploaded on my birthday :D

  • 3:15 why doesn't f4 immediately do the job?

    • bc f4-Ng4; BxN-Qf4+

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same and didn't find comment except yours 💭

  • Why not just pawn to f4? Why did he have to push pawn to d6 first?

  • I think the pills in the series were benzodiazepines (anxiolytic), since they were Rx for h.s. In real life, taking a CNS depressant would serve as a serious handicap to cognition, since it interferes with short-term memory function and left-right hemispheric collaboration, necessary for processing and problem-solving. Evidently a medical practitioner was not consulted by the film makers. I know. I know. It's just a movie.

  • I fell for that Rook attacking Knight just to get checked and have it taken by my opponents Rook. #ChessleavesScars.

  • #suggestion Tony, I love your videos but wish you would be a little more discreet about who will win the game. You told us at 3:22 "it's game over." Takes all the fun out of it for me. I'm starting to turn off the volume. Other than that, love your videos. Best wishes from Los Angeles.

  • Now I want pizza. Shit!

  • #suggestion you need to look at nepomniachi aronian game 2! Crazy game!

  • "The most powerful weapon in chess is to have the next move" Me, in zugzwang every one in two games : Well yes but actually no

  • The subtitles on this are hilarious, Nepo was nipple (his whole name: Yony Pony), grunfeld was groomfield, even Anand's name was Shanatan or something.

  • love the vegas shirt!

  • Pizza OP!

  • Hey guys, can someone explain to me why you can't just go f4 without going d6 first? Isn't the knight trapped anyway?

  • Why does he do "sorry about that" in all his videos? Ia there an insider home going on?

  • Can we please have some more Barnes videos? What a legend

  • 13:48 really LMFAO

  • there wasn't a 'sorry about that' today. but great video. I'm wearing my Barnes shirt bought from Agad, by the way they look amazing.

  • A question for agadmators subscribers im curious since i cant really say. I've played 136 games on lichess and im 1316 rating. Do you consider that a beginner or intermediate player? I know its not a lot of games but thats just on lichess. I feel like im still a beginner and the format im talking about is 10+0

  • This really brings me joy! What a beautiful game by white

  • Can't you sack the rook on d5 to block white's rook?

  • Isn’t just possible to trap the knight one move before, playing f4 instead of d6?...

  • Last time agadmator showed a game Nepo played the Gruenfeld, Anand destroyed him in similar number of moves too... this shows that the effort put into world chess championship preparation is really huge

  • Magnus should not be allowed to play in all tournaments

  • What about black rook to D5 ?

  • Wow!

  • The only youtube channel that I'm not skipping ads

  • A knight and a dream

  • Hello Everyone!

  • *agadmator:* Maxine is the absolute best player of the Najdorf Sicilian in the world...[Nakamura] goes for the Trompowsky Attack. *Also agadmator:* 6:07 "For those of you who are new to chess"

  • It was in this position that I uploaded the video

  • Inhuman game

  • Do me vs my dad

  • "ko je to" HAHAHAHA

  • Is there free pizza? Just thought I'd throw this idea out there...

  • This was really crazy from Magnus

  • I hate erlinger i reakky hate him

  • Wow that's an amazing game especially 0-0-0 from Carlsen

  • Both players were extremely well prepared......but one of them was Magnus. Advantage White.